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April 08, 2020 | Dr. David Wilson

The most common question folks have as they look into getting a reversal is “What are the chances we will become the parents of a beautiful baby and be able to hold that child in our arms?”  That's why we do the reversals here at The Reversal Clinic. Fertility is the only reason we will do the reversals for patients.  

In this blog I will give you the scientific literature for expected outcomes and also patient outcomes here at The Reversal Clinic over the past fourteen years – the US’s largest experience. I’ll also give answers to some of the more frequent questions people raise about increasing their chances for pregnancy after reversal. 

The landmark study in the vasectomy reversal field is the Vasovasostomy Study Group Trial, the VVSG.  Dr Arnold Belker and others published this in the Journal of Urology in 1991. It was a five-center trial with five different expert micro surgeons performing the reversals over about a 10-year period. The study has been cited in the scientific literature almost 600 times, far more than any other study in the surgical or urological literature on vasectomy reversal. They looked at vasovasostomy outcomes in about 1,500 patients and looked at many, many different aspects and criteria and measurements around those reversals. They just put together a wonderful study.

The results of that study are still used by physicians today to give expected outcomes for vasectomy reversal, as stated in the recent 2014 article published in The Journal of Urology entitled “Outcomes after Vasovasostomy for Vasectomy Reversal: A Meta-Analysis and Review of the Literature.” This meta-analysis done by groups at Emory and Cornell stated very succinctly that the VVSG is still the landmark study. It is the benchmark for the field of vasectomy reversal, and it's still being used all over the country and internet today by physicians describing patient expectations prior to reversal. 

The definitions of the outcomes of reversal are very important, and the VVSG defined patency as the percentage of positive tests for sperm of the total number of tests obtained. It is a very important description of success after vasectomy that is based simply on test results as defined by the Vasovasostomy Study Group trial. It’s the percentage of positive tests out of the total tests received – the return of sperm for patients.
The other measurement or outcome in the trial was pregnancy. This was determined at a two-year follow-up period. It's a two-year pregnancy rate in the VVSG that excluded patients of couples who had been divorced, used contraception, or in which there was a female fertility issue. 

It's important to note that ‘success rates’ are being changed in recent years in reporting of statistics after reversal. Specifically, a newly defined ‘success rate’ is being used in some studies and practices by using combination of patency (test results only) and pregnancy. But in order for patients to be well-informed, the actual patency rate based solely on sperm test results should be the mark for the actual success of the procedure. Of course, the pregnancy rate is the desired outcome that we all hope for our patients.
If pregnancy data is inserted into some kind of a combined hybrid success rate, then the actual return of sperm rates for a practice or a study are inflated. So, there is much more integrity in using a true strict patency rate. That’s the rate the VVSG used, and that’s the rate that The Reversal Clinic has used over the past fourteen years to measure success of the surgery. 

The statisticians that reported the VVSG findings were able to clump or group patients in terms of outcome according to years from vasectomy. It has been shown by the VVSG and the recent meta-analysis of the world’s scientific literature that increasing years from vasectomy decreases outcomes for both patency and pregnancy.  So, the shorter the time since vasectomy, the better the outcomes.
The VVSG used four subgroups to report their results:  less than three years, three to eight years, nine to fourteen, and greater than fifteen years from vasectomy. 

Here I will describe the outcomes for both the VVSG and The Reversal Clinic (see table below.) 
The less than three-year category in the VVSG found that 97% of patients had a return to sperm with a 76% pregnancy rate. The Reversal Clinic’s experience is 96% for patency, or return of sperm, and 82% for pregnancy.  Again, that's for couples who have no female fertility issues. 

The next group for the VVSG was the 3-8-year category, and in that category 88% had return of sperm and 53% achieved pregnancy. We saw in The Reversal Clinic’s experience early on that the patients in this 3-8-year category were not homogeneous. In other words, the patients toward the end of this time period had different outcomes. So, we divided this group.  The Reversal Clinic reorganized this group into the 3-6 year and the 7-8-year categories. In the 3-6-year category, 91% had return of sperm in The Reversal Clinic’s experience and 74% have achieved pregnancy, again with no female fertility issues. In the 7 to 8-year category, 83% have had a return of sperm and 61% had pregnancies. So, you can see that that the outcomes taper off towards the end of this VVSG group, and we think it's very useful to patients to break these subgroups down so we have five subgroups where the VVSG has four in their outcome data. 

For the next category, the 9 to 14-year category, 79% in the VVSG had return of sperm, and they had a 44% pregnancy rate, again with no female fertility issues.  The Reversal Clinic had 75% with patency and 47% with pregnancy. 

In the greater than 15-year category, there were 71% with patency or return to sperm in the VVSG trial and 30% achieved pregnancy. 70% of patients had return of sperm in The Reversal Clinic’s experience and 45% in this category have a pregnancy. The 30% figure for the VVSG pregnancy rate I believe is not really reflective of the actual odds that these patients had in the VVSG. This group was very small in the VVSG, about 40 patients. We in The Reversal Clinic experience have a much larger group, well over a hundred patients, that gives us a better picture of what these patients can expect for outcomes.

OUTCOMES OF THE VVSG AND THE REVERSAL CLINIC       (Patency with Pregnancy in parentheses)

YEARS FROM VASECTOMY                                   VVSG                                       THE REVERSAL CLINIC

LESS THAN 3                                                     97 (76)                                                  96 (82)

3 – 8                                                                88 (53)
     3-6                                                                                                                         91 (74)

     7-8                                                                                                                         83 (61)

9 – 14                                                               79 (44)                                                 75 (47)   
15 OR GREATER                                                 71 (30)                                                 70 (45) 
It is important to note that the total number of patients (not shown in table) is greater in The Reversal Clinic’s experience. The VVSG’s patency data was obtained from the 1,000 patients that had semen analysis test results. There were about 2,500 patients’ test results received for The Reversal Clinic 14-year experience reflected in the above table. The pregnancy data in the VVSG was a result of about 800 patients they were able to follow for the two-year follow-up period in that landmark study versus about 3,300 patients for whom The Reversal Clinic had two-year pregnancy data.  

So, patency follow-up in The Reversal Clinic is about 2.5 times greater than the VVSG, and The Reversal Clinic has about four times the follow-up for pregnancy.  The discrepancy between the number of test results and pregnancy follow-up for The Reversal Clinic is likely due in large part to the fact that our patients often will not do the semen tests and just wait for pregnancy. Couples who conceive in the first few months after reversal will often never have a semen test performed because they feel they have the answer to the question of success of the procedure.

A few things to note about outcomes after reversal are, first of all, the literature experience in measuring time of conception for those couples who do conceive has been 11-12 months.  Only about 5% will conceive after two years, but we occasionally have couples report first time pregnancy a few years after surgery.  We also occasionally see patients conceive at first relations at two weeks after surgery.

Also, of note, in all studies and practices there is an observed low rate of ‘closing down’ of the repair.  This is seen when an initial positive test result is followed by zero counts on sperm testing.  This is known as ‘late failure’ and occurs in three to five percent of patients per year.  So, after five years, up to a quarter of patients with initial success may no longer have positive test results.

A common question concerns things to do to improve chances after reversal.  One of these areas of intervention is preoperative testing. A question comes up about anti-sperm antibody testing. The VVSG actually didn't look at this, but several other studies have and there's no information that would indicate that anti-sperm antibody testing before surgery would help at all with outcomes for patients. We believe strongly that anti-sperm antibodies have a very minimal role in fertility after reversal.

Also, we don’t recommend routine testing for women less than 40 with previous children.  But women over age 40 or those with no history of child bearing should contact their OB practice to ask about potential testing.

Vitamins and supplements often come up in terms of what can we do to improve  odds, and the fact is there are no scientific studies in reversal populations proving increase in fertility for supplements or vitamins. Now there is some information in the general population that may show benefit, but there's no science showing a particular regimen or collection, or vitamin or supplement will, in fact, improve chances of patency and pregnancy after vasectomy reversal.  However, if taken in the recommended amounts, it's very unlikely that these supplements will actually decrease outcomes.

There are some other treatments that are proposed to help odds.  You may have seen them on websites or discussed on forums. Namely, NSAIDs and also steroids. Unfortunately, there are no scientific studies showing benefit in reversal patients to improve outcomes. However, there are known deleterious side effects of both steroids and NSAIDS. So, we at The Reversal Clinic do not recommend these treatments, because, again, they haven't been proven. We take very seriously the admonition to first do no harm. So, we can't tell you that these regimens would be of help at all and they might be of harm if you suffer bad side effects from the medications.

The last topic I want to briefly touch on is things to avoid. Again, there's no scientific trials in the reversal population, but just from a commonsense point of view there are some different activities and habits that are known to decrease sperm counts.  These would include tobacco, daily alcohol consumption, and illicit drugs. These can all decrease sperm counts. These should be avoided if you want to be a daddy.  Hot tubs and saunas can also decrease counts and should be avoided.

Some prescription meds can also decrease sperm count. The main actor here is testosterone which will decrease sperm count.  If hormone replacement is needed for some purpose, then other agents can be used. You can talk to your primary care doctor or your reproductive endocrinologist if that’s necessary. You need to get off testosterone to improve your odds of conception.

Also, other possible causes of decreased sperm production with medications would include steroids, some heart medications, some high blood pressure medications, and some antibiotics. So again, you need to check with your primary care doctor to see if there are potential downsides to the medications you're on so you improve odds of pregnancy.

So, I think you can see from our data that's corroborated by the VVSG that you can expect a really good opportunity to grow your family after a simple vasovasostomy. The approach the VVSG took, a simple vas to vas reconnect or vasovasostomy, is the approach that The Reversal Clinic has taken. We believe this is the standard of care as discussed in another blog (Standard Care for Vasectomy Reversal.) You may want to take a look at that for more information, but we feel good that we're doing the best for patients and giving them really prime opportunities for childbearing.

You can actually confirm our outcome statistics by yourself.  I believe this is unique with The Reversal Clinic.  We have a referral list of hundreds and hundreds of patients who have agreed to speak with folks. If you go to the contact form and request a referral list, we will send your category of patients to call and visit about how they did after the reversal. 


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Dr. Wilson performed a vasectomy reversal in August 2014, we found out we were pregnant 6 weeks later. We just welcomed a healthy baby girl to our family 5/12/15! He is awesome! Thanks you Dr. Wilson for helping us to have our special blessing.

Shane & Stefani , Ca

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    We drove 5 hours from Missouri to reverse my husband's 17 year old vasectomy. We are forever thankful for Dr. Wilson's skill! We have been blessed with 3 babies, Gracelyn, Jase and Madison.

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    My husband had his reversal on June 28, 2019. No sperm were present at that time, but we had faith and hoped for the best especially after Dr. Wilson told us it that speed could take up to a year to return. We visited a fertility specialist in September of 2020 and they found sperm was present and we kept trying and praying. I got a positive pregnancy test in February 2021 and on our first OB visit- we found out we are pregnant with TWINS!!!! Our babies are due October 17, 2021 and we are completely overjoyed!

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    After the reversal in 2012 my husband and I finally welcomed our baby boy, Sutton in Sept 2020. He was born 13 weeks early and was an IUI success. Without the reversal this wouldn't have been possible! Sutton is still in the NICU growing and getting his lungs stronger but he has come so far and is a fighter! Please pray for Sutton and my family as its been a long 6 months and we just want our baby boy home!

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    My boyfriend and I have been together going on 11 years. We talked about having his vasectomy reversed for several years before finally just giving it a try. One morning I was checking the schedule and there must have been a cancellation because Dr Wilson had an opening for the same week! About 5 days later to be exact. So on 9/3/2020 we drove up from the Dallas area, met with Dr Wilson and had his surgery-17 years after his original vasectomy. Then we checked into a local hotel and rested for the evening before heading home the next day. He was supposed to get an analysis done after 1/4/21 but we never needed to! On 12/28/20, my 36th birthday, we got a positive pregnancy test!! We are now going on 14 weeks and everything looks great. Due 9/12/2021.

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    We visited Dr. Wilson in June 2020 to have my husbands reversal done. It had been about 12 years since his vasectomy. Dr Wilson was only able to reconnect 1 side due to the other being cut to close during the original procedure. We just found on Jan 8th that we are expecting. We are due Sept 12, 2021. We are very thankful and blessed that we found Dr Wilson.

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    My husband and I came to Dr. Wilson in Oklahoma in August 2019 and after only 3 months of trying we found out we were expecting! We just welcomed our sweet girl in October 2020. Dr. Wilson was so great to work with and we loved that he prayed with us before the procedure, so worth it!

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    This is an update from our initial success story that I had become pregnant less than 2 weeks after my husband’s reversal on 11-26-19, thirteen years after his vasectomy at the age of 42. Our beautiful baby girl Saylor was born on 8-29-20 just over 9 months from his surgery date. Amazing! Thank you so much Dr Wilson for helping us be able to have our miracle baby.

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    We had our reversal in March 2017, which was 3 years after hubby’s vasectomy, and it took us until Feb 2020 to get pregnant but we did, and with very healthy identical twins! Totally worth being patient for.

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    I had my vasectomy procedure in the fall of 2000, almost 20 years ago to the day I write this success story. On March 13, 2020 I had my reversal by Dr. Wilson. It is now October 18, 2020 and we are expecting June of 2021! God really does work miracles, and they are generally right in front of us all the time in our very existence. This is one of those miracles. I strayed from Gods path when I had the original procedure done, and now Dr. Wilson has helped me and my family back on the path to glorify God by bringing more children into the light of consciousness. Thank you Dr. Wilson for making me whole again, thank God for granting me the gift of fatherhood again, and thanks to my beautiful wife for making all of this come together. God is truly great!

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    This is an update to the review my husband and I left last year. We saw Dr. Wilson November 1st 2017 and were pregnant by August 2018. Our beautiful son was born the following April. We just had reversal baby #2, another boy, in August! We are so blessed to have met Dr. Wilson, as we went to places that wanted over $25K for their services. We got to pray and worship the Lord with him, all while in surgery. It was very routine and the post operation instructions were very detailed and to the point. I could go on and on...anyway, to Dr. Wilson, we love you and will send you pictures of the kiddos soon!

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    • Steven Barnes, Missouri

    After 14 years, I got my reversal done on 9/22/2017. Two and a half years, after the reversal, we had almost given up and were starting to talk about adoption. Found out we were pregnant on 12/30/2019, best New Years EVER! God answered our prayers and blessed us with a perfect little boy on 9/01/20. We can't thank Dr. Wilson enough.

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    I decided to have a reversal after 31 years May 2019 Dr Wilson was the cheapest and had some good reviews . I had swelling the first few months but after a while everything healed up . We are expecting our first child in March 2021 . He did ask us if we wanted to pray before the surgery we said yes and our prayers were answered 😀

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    Justin Jr. Born July 24th 2020 healthy baby boy thanks to doctor Wilson. Reversal done January 2018. Hubby had vasectomy 2009.

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    I am so thankful to be able to write this review! I remember coming to this website from a google search and praying and wondering if this was meant to be for us. After having our last child our children were 5, 3 & a newborn we decided we were done and had more than felt we could handle. So I scheduled my husband's vasectomy with little hesitation when our youngest was 4 months old in 2012. Fast forward a few years later my heart had changed. After several years of discussion and prayer we started the research and found Dr. Wilson. We scheduled our appointment and a few months later received our opportunity to go to Oklahoma. Dr. Wilson preformed the reversal on Feb 14, 2019 and we were able to get pregnant the very next month in March, however we had 2 chemical pregnancies back to back and weren't able to have a viable pregnancy until May 2019. We welcomed our little boy Jan 28, 2020. We could not be more thankful for Dr. Wilson and for his low cost as that was a major factor in why we were able to have the reversal done. Dr. Wilson is a man of God and we enjoyed our conversation with him and his story.

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    We cannot thank Dr. Wilson enough! My husband's vasectomy was 17 years old at the time of reversal. We are very blessed to have two reversal babies because of him!

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    • John cowles, VA

    My husband and I decided on a vasectomy 7 years ago when my youngest was still in my belly. 5 years later the regret started... we ended up deciding on a reversal through the reversal clinic! 5 months after the reversal and here I am, 5 weeks pregnant! Thanks to Dr. Wilson!

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    My husband had a reversal done by Dr. Wilson August 29th 2019. We chose to go with Dr. Wilson because of all of the great reviews and the low cost. We were able to conceive a child just a few weeks post-op in September. I just gave birth to our second son at the beginning of July and we are planning to have more children in the near future. Dr. Wilson was very nice, informative and encouraging. We cannot recommend him enough!

    • Mark Benson, CA

    On October 2nd 2019, which was 7.5 years after my vasectomy, I came to the Reversal Clinic for treatment. The procedure was no big deal - no worse than the vasectomy. My wife and I then got a positive pregnancy test on December 29th. Unfortunately this first pregnancy did not last long - only about 9 days and then a miscarriage. Thankfully my wife became pregnant again in April 2020 and the pregnancy is looking good and healthy at 13 weeks. Thank you Dr. Wilson!

    • Erin Smith, Oklahoma

    My husband and I have 2 biological children 10 and 8. After our second child, I got very sick. We decided to have a vasectomy as it wasn’t safe for us to become pregnant again. 6 years later we decided we wanted another baby. We tried to adopt for 2 years but we were never a chosen family because we already had 2 biological children in the home and, as we found out, birth mothers tend to pick homes with no other children or only 1 other child. I met with a specialist who thought with extreme caution, it might be safe for me to carry another baby. We contacted Dr. Wilson and set up an appointment. He was able to reverse my husband’s 8 year old vasectomy in mid December 2019. Unfortunately, he was only able to save 1 tube because of the type of vasectomy my husband previously had. He told us we had about a 50% chance. I guess that was all we needed. 6 months later we were pregnant. I’m 11 weeks now and everything looks perfect. Thank you Dr. Wilson for doing such an amazing job, even with 1 tube!

    • Diana Nunez-Rojas , Colorado

    My husband reversal was on May 28, 2020. After 7years of vasectomy. Yesterday June 23, 2020 we have our first pregnancy test positive.! We are so happy. We got pregnant in our first month after reversal. Can you believe it. Our two big kids are so excited too. This is a real dream come true for our family. Thanks Dr Wilson, God continue blessing your life, hands and profession.

    • Melissa Knight, Nebraska

    My husband had a vasectomy and the surgeon told us after the procedure that he wasn't sure he cut the correct tube on one side. So my husband underwent another vasectomy that same year, but the surgeon insisted on redoing both sides. We regretted it almost immediately but weren't sure, given the scar tissue and amount of vas removed since there had been two prior vasectomies, if a reversal was even possible. But after praying for direction for 5 years, we decided to try. Dr. Wilson said put our minds at ease and said he had encountered similar situations before. We got pregnant about a year and half later, but lost the baby to miscarriage. Given my age and health history (hypothyroidism and MTHFR), I am not too surprised. But I am eternally grateful to Dr. Wilson for helping us conceive our third child. Even though we won't meet that child in this lifetime, he or she is waiting for us in Heaven and a life exists and gets to enjoy Jesus for all of eternity that would not have otherwise.

    • Keith , Kansas

    We had the reversal March 16, 2018. We had a healthy baby boy October 24, 2019. Wanted to send to you to add to your success statistics.

    • Thea Saunders, GA

    We had our reversal Feb of last year, as of June 1st 2020, we have added the baby we’d been praying for, taking our family of 4 to a family of 5 and I can’t express how happy I am and grateful to the Reversal Clinic for their part in making that happen, for being affordable and professional. Thank you and god bless!

    • Sarah Gray, MA

    Reporting a pregnancy only four months post surgery!! We haven’t even had a chance to arrange a semen analysis, this happened so quickly. Thank you so much!

    • Eric Freihage, Iowa

    I got the reversal done in May and by June my wife was already pregnant!! I was fixed for 6 years, we thought it would take longer to get pregnant but it didn’t! Thank you, we now have added a little girl to our family!

    • Joe W., Nevada

    I had my reversal procedure done in March 2018 after having a vasectomy in 2012. After experiencing the heartbreak of 2 miscarriages, my wife and I are celebrating the recent birth of our baby boy (May 2020). We are so thankful for Dr. Wilson.

    • Christopher Gainey, Louisiana

    My husband had his vasectomy 16 years prior to us looking into a reversal. When we started our journey for the reversal process, we were amazed at how costly it could be. We were then informed about Dr. Wilson and his clinic in Oklahoma. By the grace of God and Dr. Wilson’s steady hands the reversal was successful. The procedure was done in December of 2017 and we got pregnant in December of 2018. Our beautiful baby boy is now 8 months old and he is perfect! Thank you! Chris and Jessica

    • Rosalinda Ly, California

    My husband had his vasectomy done in February 2017 and reversed it in December of 2018 we got pregnant in July of 2019 and unfortunately miscarried and we are happy to say we are now 8 weeks pregnant and Baby Ly is Due January 2021. Thank you Dr Wilson. Your faith and your practice gave us the gift of adding to our family❤️🙏🏽

    • Quinn Norwood, MO

    We are 6 weeks pregnant! It’s been 10 months since our reversal ... we are so thankful to dr David . Because of him and the reversal clinic we are having a baby of our own in less than a year ! Thank you thank you thank !

    • Brittany Myers , Mississippi

    Dr. Wilson performed a reversal on my husband in June 2017. It had been 7 years since his vasectomy. We were pregnant by early August and I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in April 2018. We are now 8 months pregnant (again) - this time with identical TWINS! Thank you, Dr. Wilson. We cannot repay you for the precious gifts you have helped us to conceive. We’re forever thankful!

    • Blane, Georgia

    I had my reversal 5 years ago. My wife got pregnant 2 months after the surgery but unfortunately miscarried. We now have amazing 3 year old twin boys. We can’t thank you enough!

    • Nathan Bower, OH

    My wife and I started this journey almost a year and a half ago. I was 4 years post vasectomy. We had to wait almost 6 months for the procedure. My wife was pregnant 2 months later and today she just delivered our beautiful son. Dr. Wilson was wonderful. Extremely professional and clearly experienced. Procedure was as described. We are so grateful for our little miracle.

    • Danielle , New hampshire

    My DH had a vasectomy almost four years old when we saw Dr. Wilson for his reversal. The surgery was performed in December of 2018 and July of 2019 we conceived our son. Our healthy baby boy was born in April 6th 2020. Thanks to Dr. Wilson we were able to complete our family!

    • Matt Wyson, Utah

    Dr Wilson performed my reversal about 3 years ago. My wife came to the USA in June of 2019. Two months later she was pregnant. My beautiful baby girl was born yesterday. Thank you The Reversal Clinic and Dr Wilson! I had to fly from my state of Utah to Oklahoma to have the procedure done but I still saved a lot of money. It was also a painless experience. Dr Wilson is extremely experienced at this procedure.

    • Dawn, Maine

    My husband had a vasectomy 13 yrs prior to our journey of looking into a reversal. As we looked the cost seemed to be against us, but God was for us. My husband's reversal was in October 2019 at age 43. The recovery was a couple of weeks, and our expectations were hopeful but not sure of the outcome, as I was 38. The surgery took maybe two hours. David was kind and thorough. By February 2020, to my surprise I was pregnant. We were shocked, literally only months had passed. David's work was successful and God has surely blessed us. Thank You!! Dawn and Josh

    • Kaitlyn McDonough, Maine

    My husband went in for his reversal on February 20th 2019. It had been over 9 years since his vasectomy. We did not have high hopes but wanted to attempt to have our own baby naturally before we began looking into other methods of becoming parents together. Just five months later we were pregnant. We welcomed our daughter on Saturday! We can’t thank The Reversal Clinic enough for this opportunity. We would recommend the Reversal Clinic to anyone interested in a reversal.

    • Willie and Latashia Posey, Tennessee

    My husband and I were married for 3 years with a blended family of three teenage boys when we made the decision to reverse his vasectomy. My husband underwent his vasectomy with his first wife in 2006. So after 11 years of being “fixed,” he agreed to have a baby! In 2017, we flew to the Rhode Island office and Dr. Keith Baldwin performed the surgery! HE WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND WAS A TRUE BLESSING FROM GOD! He performed the surgery on April 26th and my husband had sperm present by the end of August 2017. It took us a year to get pregnant (Sept 2018), but unfortunately we suffered a miscarriage at 7 weeks. We tried again as soon as possible and were pregnant by Jan. 2019. We are happy to announce that we had a perfectly beautiful baby girl on October 9th 2019! BEST DECISION WE EVER MADE!

    • Shaye Kochenderfer, Indiana

    My husband had his reversal in October of 2019 after 6 years. We drove from Indiana to Oklahoma to have the procedure done. Dr. Wilson was great! He’s very knowledgeable and good at what he does. We are expecting our first baby together in October of 2020. So thankful we chose him to help us with this journey.

    • Marc W Durham, WA

    I had a vasectomy in 2003 after the birth of my son. My brother recommended Dr. Wilson after he successfully had a reversal. In 2018 I underwent surgery to reverse by Dr. Wilson. I didn't have too much hope after 15 years that the operation would be successful. Currently my wife is 4 months pregnant with a boy. We are so excited and very grateful for the services Dr. Wilson provides.

    • John Krol, Colorado

    My wife and I went to Dr Wilson about 9 years after my vasectomy. We are thankful we did! Since the procedure we have welcomed a baby girl (Olivia) and a baby boy (Lucas).

    • H. Budd, Me

    Had vasectomy for 8 years. After remarrying, my wife and I really wanted more children. Had reversal surgery on 2/21/19. We found out we were pregnant on 7/16/19 and had a beautiful little girl on 3/18/20. God is good, and Dr. Wilson is doing His work. Thank you Dr Wilson!!!

    • Bob, NY

    My wife and I came to your clinic in March of 2016. We were getting married that May, I was 42 and she was 38, second marriage for both of us. We wanted to have a child together. We had so much hope Dr. Wilson would be able to help us. We had a vasectomy reversal which was successful and then proceeded to struggle with infertility, likely due to our age. In 2019 we finally learned my wife was pregnant, and in May of 2019 we had our wonderful, sweet, little Baby James. We like to share our story to show other couples that it is possible, even after a vasectomy reversal and with advanced age. We would love to post a picture to help others share in our joy. Thank you so much to Dr. Wilson and your team for making this possible. Our dream has come true.

    • Craig Sutheimer, Maryland

    Craig had a vasectomy done after the birth of our first daughter in 2014. After 4 years of discussion, we decided that we werent done having children yet, and Victoria was born only 15 months after Dr. Wilson performed the reversal!

    • Karon Garman, Washington

    Dr. Wilson did it! Our vasectomy was just over 9 years old in 2018. We knew it wouldn't be immediately, but just under 2 years later, we got our big fat positive test!!! Our VR baby is due November 2020!!!

    • Carrie and Christopher Baker, Alabama

    Vasectomy was done 8 years ago. Had reversal done December 4th, 2019. Found out we were pregnant February 2020. Due September 2020!

    • Justin Cherry, Nebraska

    We had reversal done in Jan 2017 after a 9 year vasectomy. We got pregnant in November 2019 and our little boy is now due July 2020. We just had our 20 week anatomy scan and all is perfect with baby! We are so great full for Dr Wilson and definitely recommend him to anyone!!!

    • Amber Ethridge, MS

    My husband had vasectomy in 2009. We went in for reversal in Jan 17 and found out we were expecting in July! Our baby boy just turned 2 and we are expecting again!!!!!! We are so grateful for Dr. Wilson. We tell people all the time what an amazing experience it was!

    • Arrin Meyers , Oregon

    After having a reversal for over 9 years we decided few years ago to use Dr. Wilson to do a reversal. This December 2019 we Welcome to our son to our family! We are beyond blessed and eternal grateful for the skills and blessing.

    • Kasey Cook, Maine

    In 2007 my husband had a vasectomy after our 3rd son was born. About a year after we started to regret that decision. Problem was cost of a reversal, so we decided to give up on the idea of a reversal. Until 2014 when we started talking about what if we found an affordable doctor. That's when we began our search. We found the Reversal Clinic in Oklahoma. So very affordable! Skeptic, but we made the appointment. April 2014 came and we were on our way from Maine to Oklahoma. Beautiful, clean clinic..we felt comfortable about our decision. My husband results were excellent. It did take us Five years to conceive..due to some issues on my end..but we are now holding our handsome baby boy born on February 23rd 2020. We feel so blessed.

    • Kelly , MA

    My husband had a vasectomy 3 months after our youngest was born, 3.5 years later we had a change of heart and wanted to add to our family. Dr Wilson did the reversal at the Rhode Island clinic in February of 2019, I was pregnant November of 2019 and we are welcoming a baby girl in August 2020. Our family is so grateful for this blessing!

    • Johnny Martinez , Iowa

    I had a vasectomy back in 2003. On February 15, 2019 at the age of 41 I had a reversal by Dr. Wilson. One month later my fiancee was pregnant...sadly she lost the baby after 10 weeks. One month later we conceived and now have a beautiful girl born March 3, 2020.

    • Zak Price, Virginia

    After having 5 children, we decided to have a vasectomy immediately after our daughter was born. However, it wasn't too long afterwards that we realized we acted without thinking, and knew we wanted to have another baby. With Dr. Wilson's help, I had my reversal 15 months after my initial vasectomy, and the VERY next month we were pregnant! On January 13th 2020 we had our sixth child, only 10 months after seeing Dr. Wilson. He's a miracle worker. Thank you for giving us one of our greatest blessings!

    • Kiley Moore, Washington

    My husband had a vasectomy done in his previous marriage. I knew I wanted a child so we did some research and found Dr. Wilson. He has the reversal done in April of 2019 and less than two months later I found out I was pregnant. I am due in two weeks. We are very excited and thankful to be welcoming a healthy baby girl. Thank you!

    • Mark Williams, AZ

    I had a vasectomy after having five daughters. Five years later at 46 I remarried and we decided on a reversal to have one child together. The procedure was done in January and before I was able to send in my test to see if it had worked my wife was pregnant! She delivered a beautiful and much love baby BOY in December 😯😁 Thank you so much!!!

    • Alexandra Piedoux, Rhode Island

    My husband had his vasectomy reversal performed by Dr. Wilson in 2018. A year later, we started trying to conceive and I got pregnant immediately! I’m 8 months pregnant with a baby girl and we can’t thank Dr. Wilson enough :)

    • Jamie and Brandon, NM

    We had a beautiful baby girl named Shay in September of 2019 all thanks to Dr. David Wilson. He is an amazing man of God and has enriched our lives more than he could know. My husbands vasectomy was almost 15 years prior to reversal surgery. If you're looking for the best Dr. around with a relaxing surgical setting please go see Dr. Wilson!! Thank you Dr. Wilson and may God continue to work through you!

    • Dustin Ames, Missouri

    I had my reversal done on 3-9-2016. It had been almost 10 years since my vasectomy. I had remarried and my wife and I desperately wanted to have children together and raise a family. We had a beautiful son in 2018, and he is now 18 months old. My wife and I are expecting twin boys! She is due March 29th 2020. We are so thankful and beyond blessed. We highly recommend using the reversal clinic and Dr. Wilson! It was such a personal experience and we felt very comfortable with the procedure.

    • Chad Ainsworth, Oklahoma

    My husband had his reversal August 2018, he had his vasectomy approx 14 years prior after his youngest son was born (with ex wife). In early June 2019 we found out we were expecting! Our Daughter is due January 26, 2020, however, we are being induced today( 1/20/20 by choice). If it wasn’t for Dr. Wilson I would not be a mom right now. Thank you so much for this gift!

    • Kelly, Oh

    This comment is probably long over due but we visited Dr Wilson in January 2013 and by August... we found out we were pregnant! We had a healthy baby boy in April of 2014! He’s now 5 and recently started kindergarten! Couldn’t be happier or more grateful for Dr Wilson!

    • Tyler, ND

    Nine months after the reversal we were pregnant. Our little boy is a blessing! Thank you, Dr Wilson!

    • Gregory Santos , GA

    Thank you so much to Dr. David Wilson. My wife and I were able to conceive within only one year from the time of my reversal. We are truly blessed.

    • Keith Spellmeier , Kansas

    We had the reversal March 2018. The Vasectomy was six years out. We waited a few months to ttc. Conceived on 2nd cycle! Our baby boy was born October 24, 2019. Very grateful for Dr. Wilson!

    • Daniel and Melissa Krapf , New Hampshire

    We are due to have our baby girl, January 16, 2020 , we had our reversal May 26, 2016. So thankful for Dr. Wilson and his ministry.

    • Jessica , California

    My husband had his reversal on 11/26/19, 13 years post vasectomy. We are a blended family and each have children but wanted one of our own. To our surprise (and utter shock) just shy of 2 weeks later we conceived on the first try! I will be 6 weeks pregnant on Sunday- baby is due 8/31/20!! We can’t believe it happened so fast especially given the time between surgeries and my age (37) but God had a plan. Thank you Dr Wilson for a miracle!

    • Chris Galey, Alabama

    Within a year of having my vasectomy, my wife and I both decided we had made a big mistake. We both became depressed about it without telling the other for some months. Finally, we started talking about it, and decided to do some research. It was extremely disheartening to find out that a reversal was not covered by insurance, and the cost seemed so far out of reach when speaking to various urologists about having a reversal. A short time later, we discovered The Reversal Clinic online. We read so many amazing reviews, and decided to give it a shot. I set up the appointment online; and luckily, we didn't have to wait very long before it was time for my family and I to pack our bags, and drive from Birmingham, AL to Fort Gibson, OK! Two months after Dr. Wilson performed my reversal, my wife became pregnant with our 3rd child. She was born in November of 2018. Now my wife and I are expecting baby number 4 in July! We HIGHLY recommend The Reversal Clinic!!! Dr. Wilson is a godsend!!!

    • Dennis, Canada

    On Friday December 13th, 2019 our daughter was born. This miracle is all thanks to God, who put Dr Wilson in our lives. What appeared to be final, was undone after 10 years of my vasectomy. People who ask are amazed and astonished. Thank you Dr. Wilson.

    • Shannon , CA

    This email is lonnnnnggggg overdue. My name is Shannon and I want to thank Dr. Wilson from the bottom of my heart for helping me and my husband. My husband had his vasectomy reversal on Jan 15th 2018. He had a vasectomy for about 9 plus years prior so we were concerned that it wouldn't be successful. On top of that I was 40 years old and he was 46. Neither one of us had ever had a child before so we didn't know how fertile we were to begin with. There were a lot of unknowns and the statistics were not on our side. But we decided to take a leap of faith and get the procedure done. Thankfully it was successful and we conceived naturally around the end of October 2018. Our beautiful son was born in August 2019 and he is the joy of our livers. Dr. Wilson, thank you so very much for all of your help. And thank you for your powerful prayer over my husband before you began the procedure!! Blessings to you!

    • Anthony harris, North Carolina

    After almost 8 year post vasectomy I had my reversal 8/29/19. We are excited to announce We are expecting in the summer of 2020. My wife and I would like to thank dr. Wilson

    • Erica, Kansas

    We have 6 children. After my third child, my husband had a vasectomy and 5 years post vasectomy we visited Dr. Wilson for the reversal. We now have 3 reversal babies! We are so thankful for the work of Dr. Wilson and the of course the Lord because without them we wouldn’t have our little ones!

    • Greg and Autumn S., TX

    We are 11 years post vasectomy, reversal in March of this year. We just found out that we are six weeks pregnant. Thanks Dr. Wilson.

    • The Havertape Family, California

    My husband had his reversal almost seven years ago. Before his vasectomy we had three beautiful children. Now after his reversal we are waiting for our eighth child this coming February. We are blessed and so grateful for Dr. Wilson and that the Lord saw fit to give us more children.

    • Laura GUIDRY , MO

    2 years after our reversal and we are pregnant ! 10 weeks along so far. We are so thankful, due May 2020

    • Laura and Robert Shelton, Louisiana

    Husband had reversal done in October 2017 after having vasectomy for 9 years. We found out on July 8th 2019 we are expecting a baby girl! Dr. Wilson has been given such a talent by the Lord that he can perform these miracles. He made all of our dreams come true. Thank you Dr. Wilson! Can’t wait to post pics of our baby girl. 💕

    • Jessica Grace , New Hampshire

    My boyfriend had is vasectomy for 6 years .. we went in to get it reversed and within 8 months we were pregnant 💙💜 now we have our sweet baby boy !! Thank you so much Dr Wilson .... you will never know how much you helped us !!!!

    • Julio Lopez , CA

    I had vasectomy since 2009, I got married again in 2016 it was sad for me the idea not to have a baby with my wife, I did my research,it was really expensive in California,until I found dr Wilson,I was scare about the surgery and with a lot of doubts , we took the decision and travel to Oklahoma and meet dr Wilson’s clinic in October 2017 , so it was a blessing when she got pregnant in June 2018,our daughter born in March 20,2019 it’s a beautiful girl with mom smile and big chicks. Thanks the Lord and thanks dr Wilson

    • Julio Lopez , CA

    I had vasectomy since 2009, I got married again in 2016 it was sad for me the idea not to have a baby with my wife, I did my research,it was really expensive in California,until I found dr Wilson,I was scare about the surgery and with a lot of doubts , we took the decision and travel to Oklahoma and meet dr Wilson’s clinic in October 2017 , so it was a blessing when she got pregnant in June 2018,our daughter born in March 20,2019 it’s a beautiful girl with mom smile and big chicks. Thanks the Lord and thanks dr Wilson

    • Jamie Fultz, Maine

    My husband had his reversal done in October 2018, 5 years after his vasectomy. A year later we just found out we are expecting! Thank you Dr. Wilson!

    • Kristin Lockwood , TN

    Hey Dr Wilson, Just wanted to let you know we are pregnant! You did my husbands reversal in July of last year. Thank you so much!!

    • Rachael and Jeremy Rath, Florida

    Vasectomy was done in 2008, reversal was Feb 2018! We were pregnant 4.5 months later. She was a born March 20th 2019.

    • Kelly Rice, NY

    We are pregnant!!! We are shocked to find out we actually conceived less than two weeks after the reversal!! Praising the Lord and thank you Dr. Wilson for your ministry!!

    • Jonathan And Jodey Greco, Louisiana

    I had my original Vasectomy in November of 2007 after my son was born. My wife and I visited Dr. Wilson in August of 2018, almost 11 years after my original vasectomy, to get my reversal done. At the time of the surgery Dr. Wilson didn’t see any sperm present and gave us a 60% chance of return. My wife and I tried for 6 cycles to get pregnant and finally were successful. We found out on Valentines Day of 2019 that we were expecting. Our daughters due date was October 26th, 2019. She arrived 4 weeks early on September 29th, 2019. Dr. Wilson is a great doctor and is very precise in what he does. We highly recommend him to anybody who is looking to add little miracles to their family.

    • Jennifer , New Mexico

    We had our reversal done in February of 2018. Dr Wilson could only give us a 60% chance of the reversal working. After a year and a half of praying and trying, we are now expecting our little baby in May of 2020. We are thankful that God led us to Dr Wilson, that he was so in sync with our faith, and that God has blessed us.

    • Adam perez, Colorado

    Had my vasectomy reverses in June of 2018 and my wife got pregnant in November of the same year. My son was born July 31, 2019

    • Allyson Elrod, NV

    Dear Sir, In March of 2018 we visited your clinic and we were the first vasectomy you saw that was "worse" than others and my husband was only able to have a partial reversal. Despite that, and the 7 years that had passed since his original vasectomy, we were pregnant by October 2018. On Thanksgiving day I miscarried at 6 weeks pregnant. We were crushed and did not think we could continue on the roller coaster of anticipation and loss. Shockingly, on Christmas day, we found out we were pregnant again. Our daughter, Phoebe Annemarie, who is now 7 weeks old, is truly a miracle. Thank you so much for everything you did for our family. It was at times a sad and stressful experience, but God's timing is perfect and we love our 5th little bundle of joy immensely. Thank you, Allyson Elrod

    • Matt Wyson, Utah

    WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!! YAY!!!!

    • Christina, Michigan

    My husband had his reversal in September of 2017. In January of 2018 we did an analysis as directed and we were told that while they could see live sperm many were deformed and that his count was not high enough. My husband had religiously taken mobility boost, count boost, and fertility boost suppliments. We were told that our only option would be IVF. At that time IVF was not financially an option, but with some research we were hopeful that in time his count would improve. In June of 2018 we found that we were expecting! On February 4, 2019 we welcomed to the world a healthy little (4lb 13oz) baby boy! I can not tell you how amazing it is to know that the Rhode Island reversal clinic and Dr. Baldwin are the reason we have been so very blessed. Thank you is just not enough! I should note that my husbands vasectomy was at 9 years. We would be happy to share a photo with you if you'd like!

    • Jamie, Missouri

    My husband got his reversal done March 2017 and we actively tried and had given up hope that the surgery worked after almost 2 years. We had decided to focus on the children we had already been blessed with. Then we get the surprise of our lives right after the new year! We welcomed our little boy at the end of August 2019! We are so very grateful for Dr. Wilson. This baby boy has changed our lives forever! Thank you!!

    • Jamie, Missouri

    My husband got his reversal done March 2017 and we actively tried and had given up hope that the surgery worked after almost 2 years. We had decided to focus on the children we had already been blessed with. Then we get the surprise of our lives right after the new year! We welcomed our little boy at the end of August 2019! We are so very grateful for Dr. Wilson. This baby boy has changed our lives forever! Thank you!!

    • Donald moore, Florida

    I had my reversal September 2017 and after 3 months my wife got pregnant and she gave birth October 2018..thank you Dr. Wilson and God Bless you and More success story.

    • Sean , Michigan

    When got the surgery in June in October they said my sperm count was super low then before I knew it my wife and I Conceived on Christmas Eve! We are so happy! Our baby girl is a week old now!!!!! We are so in love thank u soooooooooo much Dr.Wilson for helping us with this blessing

    • Adam Castile, Oregon

    I had my reversal on 7/20/2018. I was 13 years post vasectomy. On August 5th 2019 we welcomed our daughter into the world.

    • Ally Page, Spain

    We went to Dr Wilson in August of 2017, 7 years after my husband had his vasectomy. My husband is Spanish (I’m American) and we were told by multiple doctors in Spain that reversals don’t exist and it won’t work but for 3x the price of Dr Wilson they’d be more than willing to “try it out”... it took a little convincing to get my husband to go to the US to do it Incase of any complications and having to do such a long trip and what not, but he finally gave in And we’re both SO SO happy we did. For less than the price we were quoted in Spain, we were able to both fly round trip to the US, drive to OK, rent an Airbnb near the clinic for 5 days to a week, have another 2 week road trip around the US, but best of all have the best doctor for this procedure work on him. In May of 2018, I got pregnant but soon lost it; however, I’m now 36 weeks pregnant with our baby girl who should be blessing us any day now. Whenever asked about our story we are sure to tell EVERYONE that if you have the time, GO TO DR WILSON, it is soo worth it in the long run if this is what you truly want!

    • Richard Amanda Tuscany, Idaho

    My husband had a vasectomy when we conceived our youngest daughter in 2009. After 2 years of talk and prayer we came to the decision to fly from Boise, ID to see Dr. Wilson in Oklahoma for a reversal in May of 2016. The procedure was quick, we truly enjoyed going through the whole bit together (as much as a wife could go through this I guess) Dr. Wilson walked us through everything and was very thorough. My husband said it was less painful than the original vasectomy itself. We tried for 2 years and 2 months before we conceived in July of 2019. Our sweet new addition was due April 18th of 2019 and made HIS debut 6 weeks early in March of 2019. We are so grateful to Dr. Wilson for the gift he has given us. God is working through him and we can never say thank you enough ❤

    • Jasen Cortright, FL

    Had my reversal surgery. In 2017 and this year 2019. Me and my wife gave birth to a healthy little girl.... Thank you

    • Bert Perea , ALBUQUERQUE NM

    November 2018 I had a reversal. Now in August we found out my wife Alicia is pregnant with twins..., We can’t be any happier. Well worth the trip. Thank you Dr Wilson for giving us the blessings.. Bert Perea

    • Scott and Kimberly Robles, Ohio

    A year ago today 8/15/18 we visited Dr. Wilson and we just had baby Dominic on 8/1/19. We got pregnant earlier than even expected, but were hoping to as soon as possible. We couldn’t be happier!

    • Derek and Tiana Meyer, La

    We had a reversal in 2010 and now have 2 more arrows in hand. Thank you Dr Wilson for helping us expand our tent.

    • Jamie Javorsky, Oh

    We had the reversal done June 2018, we got pregnant in November 2018 and just welcomed our baby boy August 5th 2019! Thank you so much for making this possible for us. We are truly blessed to have found Dr. Wilson!

    • Ashley Fain, Texas

    Wanted to share that we had our reversal done in April of 2017 and on August 12th of 2019 we are expecting our little girl! It had been about 9 years since his vasectomy following his divorce. We got married 5 yrs later and eventually decided to do the reversal! We were both really shocked that it worked and couldn't be happier! So glad that we are able to add to our family! Thank you so much!

    • Traci, MI

    My fiancé had a vasectomy for 4/5 years when we saw dr.wilson. We got pregnant 4 months after the surgery! We are so thankful!

    • Chayse Frye, Iowa

    We couldn't be happier!!! Dr. Wood did my reversal on 7/5/2017. On 7/7/2018, we found out we were expecting. We are now the proud parents of a beautiful 5 month old baby girl named Posy. We also learned a few weeks ago that we are expecting again. Thank you so much! To any guys out there considering a reversal with The Reversal Clinic....I know what many of you are thinking because I was extremely skeptical going into and after my reversal. I felt like there was very little chance that this was real given the gigantic reduction in price from my local doctors and hospitals. The Reversal Clinic is absolutely for real. My surgery appointment itself was excellent. We were treated very well and everyone was professional and accommodating. I am in my forties (45 next month) and it had been 6 years since my vasectomy. If it worked this well for me, it can work for you. Thank you for everything to the staff. You all have given us a happier life!!!

    • Courtney M, Texas

    My husband was about 5 years post vasectomy when he had his reversal done by Dr. Wilson in 2013. It was successful but I ended up having some infertility issues myself. After trying for years, we were shocked to find out in January 2018 that I was pregnant! We now have a handsome little boy! Thank you Dr. Wilson!!!!!

    • DJ, ON

    My wife is currently 4 months now. We drove to Rhode Island for the procedure. The doctor was very comforting and he even prayed with me beforehand. I can't thank Dr. Wilson enough and we'll see what we have in December.

    • Breanna L., Kansas

    Dr. Wilson, My husband had his surgery with you on December 17, 2018, exactly seven months ago today! He was 11 years out from his vasectomy and we thought our chances of conceiving were very low. To our great surprise, we conceived our first month of trying! As if that wasn't a big enough surprise, our son was born on 6/26/2019 at just 25 weeks gestation. I went into extremely early labor because of a placental abruption (very uncommon, and not the side effect of a vasectomy reversal, of course). Our son is now three weeks old and is doing very well in the NICU. I can't believe I'm a mom! I never thought I'd be able to be a parent and now I have a perfect little boy. Thank you so much for helping us make that happen! Your practice is nothing short of a miracle.

    • James Pulley, Missouri

    I had my vasectomy in 2007 after conceiving a son with my sons mother. When my wife Brittany and I became engaged in 2015 we decided we wanted to have a child of our own but knew that I would have to find a doctor that would perform my reversal. Even then we knew that after so long of having my vasectomy our chances of conceiving would drop drastically. After doing a lot of research we came across Dr. Wilson and the reversal clinic and after Brittany and I prayed about it we decided we wanted to move forward with the procedure. We scheduled the appointment and I made the drive from Topeka, Ks to Dr. Wilson’s Oklahoma office on October 31st, 2016 where he performed the surgery. My wife and I began actively trying for a baby after the healing process was complete and my wife quickly became discouraged because we just wasn’t getting pregnant. But God kept telling us “in his timing”. We are so blessed and ecstatic to say that after 27 1/2 months of trying to conceive, the Lord blessed us in February 2019 and my wife is currently almost 6 months pregnant with our little girl Paisley. We are set to meet our Daughter in the last part of October or the first part of November. Never give up hope. God has a plan. God bless!!

    • Bryon Owens, Illinois

    Amber and I got married a little over two years ago in 2017. I already had three awesome kids of my own and had a vasectomy in 2011 as I thought I was done having kids. She, on the other hand, didn't have any kids of her own. As we were dating, she asked about kids as we became more serious in our relationship. I love being a dad and was all in for another child if God would allow us to conceive. After reading and praying about a reversal, we chose to drive nine hours to the Reversal Clinic in Fort Gibson, OK in 2017. We felt good about our decision after reading about the success stories, the experience of the doctors and the low cost. The procedure itself was very smooth and relatively painless compared to a vasectomy. We felt at ease as the doctor prayed with us before and after surgery. The recovery was similar to a vasectomy as I went back to work after the weekend. Six months after the reversal, we found out we were pregnant! At the time, I was 40 years old and Amber was 38, so we understood the possibility of children wasn't a sure thing. On September 21st, 2018 we were blessed with a baby girl, Izzie Bess Owens!! She's honestly the best baby ever as she loves everyone, especially her three older siblings. She slept so good at night that we found out earlier this year that we were pregnant again due November 6th, 2019! Amber is 20 weeks into the pregnancy and doing great. Our close friends and family tell us we sure got our money's worth with the reversal! Thank you so much for what you do. You truly changed our lives!! - Bryon and Amber Owens

    • Raiderjoe Garcia, CA

    Thanks to Dr. Wilson, we have a beautiful little girl Janelle Jocelyn Garcia was conceived on my older daughter birthday March 12th 2019, 21 years difference

    • Terence, AZ

    I had my reversal after 7 years. Dr. Wilson is an excellent surgeon! He had a moving sincere prayer together with us before the surgery and we really felt that his hand is led by Our Lord. We conceived in 18 months after the reversal and had our wonderful baby boy on Mother’s Day May 12, 2019. We were very blessed with Dr. Wilson who gave us a chance to become parents again! Thank you Dr. Wilson and God bless you!

    • Jeff Fenoseff, Michigan

    Our second reversal baby, Benjamin, was recently born. We are so thankful for him and cannot believe he would not have been here if not for the reversal!

    • Heather and Howard Bradford , MI

    Dr. Wilson does not have to provide this service at the low cost. He is doing it for God! We where so blessed by him! 2011 we had the reversal and 2 years later I was pregnant at age 41. Our daughter was born healthy and no complications. She is turning 5 this year! God is so good!! Thank you Dr. Wilson!!

    • Megan melton, North carolina

    Larry and I drove from North Carolina to Oklahoma in June 2017 for a reversal and being down for 8 years. I got to sit in on the surgery. We found out I was pregnant at the end of July and had a beautiful baby boy April of 2018! May of 2019 I went to get my birth control checked to get told I am pregnant again! I am currently 9 weeks! I have to say they are amazing doctors and I am so glad we found them!

    • Lori, PA

    My husband had a reversal just under three years since his vasectomy. At the time of the procedure he was not given a good prognosis due to the condition of the sperm. However, a year later (at 40 years old) I was surprised with a positive pregnancy test which unfortunately ended in a miscarriage. A few months later I became pregnant again and today we are happy to announce that I am 24 weeks pregnant with our baby girl. We couldn't be happier!

    • Damian Kimberly de Beaubien, California

    I had my vasectomy reversal in 2014. It took me a couple years working on my diet & getting healthier, my wife is now 12 weeks pregnant. Thanks to Doctor Wilson. It was a very good experience. His pricing is very fair, and I was able to schedule in advance, get the surgery and go back to work within days. His clinic is very peaceful & nice. He is very good Doctor.

    • Micheal McGinnis, Michigan

    In 2011, I decided with my wife that after 2 boys, we were happy and didn't want anymore children. As the years passed, we felt like our family wasn't finished. We researched vasectomy reversal and were discouraged by the cost of it. In the summer of 2014, my wife found Dr. David Wilson. I was very hesitant at first, to me this was a very big deal and I was very sceptical of a Dr that did this for such a low cost. But I prayed and I did my research, Dr. David Wilson did my reversal in Aug 2014. I'm not going to lie, it was a bit painful. More so than my previous vasectomy. But it brought us our daughter who was born in Dec 2015 and it also removed a side effect of my vasectomy which caused me pain multiple days each month from dead sperm. I would highly recommend Dr. David Wilson to anyone regretting their decision. I have a beautiful daughter to thank for his work. Thanks you David Wilson!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

    • Matthew S, NEVADA

    We were blessed to find Dr. Wilson after seeing another specialist in LA that wanted well over $12,000 for a reversal. Had the procedure done November 1, 2017, and we were pregnant by July 2018! Our precious baby boy was born on April 15th, 2019, and we couldn’t be more excited! Dr. Wilson prayed over us before and during surgery and it was pleasant to talk Jesus with him. Downtime was minimal. Doctor, thank you SO much!

    • Jackson, WA

    What an amazing Dr. I'm sure God himself guides Dr. Wilson hands as he preform these surgeries. I was once married and had the discussion that we would never have anymore kids, so I ran to my local PCP to get cut. Fast forward 10 years and I became a divorcee thinking the next woman I meet will have kids already or not want them. Well that didn't happen. I found my now wife who wanted kids but waited for the right man to come along and that was me. I told her I had a vasectomy 10 years prior to our relationship and my chances of having kids are 0%, until I found Dr. Wilson. I had the surgery and we even waited a year after to even try. My wife stopped her contraception and we were pregnant 2 weeks later which happened to be our wedding day! Our very handsome son is now 2 months and as healthy as he can be. Thank you Dr. Wilson, you literally allowed me to give life again after 10 years! Good luck to you all and God Bless You!

    • Robert Citkovic, Colorado

    We welcomed our baby girl today. Thanks to Dr Wilson! I was 9 years post vasectomy when he did the reversal. So thankful and happy with the results.


    Dr Wilson, Sorry Sorry I'm just writing until today to THANK YOU for the magnificent procedure you performed to my Husband on August 17, 2016. After almost 8 years that he had a vasectomy surgery and after 2 years of looking for a reversal to start our family we found your practice and Thank GOD and you there is another healthy and beautiful baby girl in this world: Our RITA MARIA was born on December 8th of 2017 and we definitively are trying to have more babies. Words could never express the gratitude we have to you. You truly are a blessing from above. May GOD bless you forever! With out deepest respect and admiration, Jesus & Alma Rodriguez, Texas, USA.

    • Henry Taylor , TX

    Dr Wilson is good at what he does. I Had a vasectomy in 2011. After getting divorced and remarried my wife wanted a child together. I saw Dr. Wilson for my reversal in March 2018. May of 2018 my wife found out she was pregnant. Our son Armani Oliver Taylor was Born January 16, 2019. I'm truly grateful for the blessing we have received and highly recommend Dr. Wilson.

    • Mariana Frisan, CA

    I'm here to say that miracles do happen from God and with great help from Dr. Wilson. My husband had his vasectomy done already 15 years. We each had a child from prior relationship but no children together and really wanted a child together, honestly coming into this regardless of all the odds against us due to length of time and our ages, he was 50 and I in my mid 30's but I still had great faith. Procedure was done on March 2017 and by December 2017 I was already pregnant but found out officially by mid January a few days prior to my birthday so it was the greatest gift ever to see the positive pregnancy test. It is now April 2019 as I am writing this and we have our healthy baby boy, he is now 7 months old and such a joy to have a baby in the house again as my other son is 12 and his daughters are in their 20's already. He has 2 daughters so this is his first baby boy and a true blessing for both of us. I can't thank Dr. Wilson and God enough. He is truly a man of God with a great talent. I love how he prays before each procedure. So if you are in a similar situation where your partner has had vasectomy done for many years already don't lose hope, trust in God and in Dr. Wilson.

    • Jason Wallace , Alaska

    We’re delighted to announce the birth of our boy, Elijah, March 31st, 2019. I had the procedure in 2009. Thank You!

    • Matthew and Brittany Schmid, Nevada

    We are so excited to say that Matt’s reversal that Dr. Wilson performed November 1 2017 was successful our son Alexander Matthew was born on Monday April 15. Very healthy and absolutely perfect. Thank you Dr for our amazing blessed son. He truly is a gift from god Thank you for praying over us as well. Matthew snd Brittany Schmid

    • Bo sargent , New Hampshire

    We are happy to announce we are pregnant and due in October !! After having the reversal last June !!! We are over the moon right now !! Thank you so much for changing our lives :)

    • Robert and Jerusha Seal, ND

    Our journey started back in 2010 when I fell in love with my husband who had been previously married and had a vasectomy about 8yrs before and had no biological children of his own. We knew we wanted a family and my husband found Dr Wilson online and set up an appt in the spring of 2013 right after our wedding. We had his sperm tested when Dr Wilson instructed and we were told that we would not be able to conceive naturally. That's when we stopped trying and low and behold within a few months we were pregnant with our daughter who was born May of 2014. She was quickly followed by boy/girl twins in June of 2015 and our final addition came in December of 2017. None of this would have been possible without Dr Wilson

    • Matthew Scalise , California

    I had my reversal done at the Rhode Island clinic in January of 2018, and my wife was pregnant by July Of the same year. We welcomed our son this March.

    • Randall, FL

    Dr. Wilson is truly amazing. The tedious work he does all through a microscope, is unbelievable. He has made it possible to give people a second chance and at a reasonable price. Had a vasectomy in Nov 2016, had it reversed with Dr. Wilson in December 2018, and my wife found out she was pregnant April 2019! Every step throughout the online process was smooth and the procedure wasn’t too painful. If you are thinking about getting a reversal, I highly recommend Dr. Wilson.

    • jose manso, Florida

    Happy to announce our little girl is 2 months old after having reversal in april 2017 and loosing our first pregnancy in march 2018

    • Clint, OK

    I do not do may reviews, but The Reversal Clinic made it possible for us to have our baby boy. I got my vasectomy back in 1996 after having two great daughters. I remarried and my wife did not have any children, so in 2016, she finally talked me into starting over. After researching, we decided on the Reversal Clinic. This is a little different than your traditional medical transaction. Dr Wilson is not your guy if you want multiple consultations and if you need a lot of hands on attention. We had made our decision. Make an appointment, show up, pray, procedure and go home. The communication is not great but you can trust that once you show up for your appointment, you are in great hands. With 20 + years post vasectomy, i was a little nervous about it, but the procedure went very smooth, Dr Wilson talks you through what is going on, at one point he took a sample and told us that everything looked positive and finished up. I was very comfortable throughout the process. 18 months post surgery, my wife got pregnant (we were not desperately trying) and now we have a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

    • David, FLORIDA

    We traveled to Oklahoma from Florida in 2015 to have a reversal after almost 9 years. Our beautiful 10lb baby girl was born on St. Patrick's Day March 17, 2019. Our little lucky charm is a true miracle and blessing! Thank you Dr. Wilson!

    • Donald, florida

    we had the reversal done and 3 months later my wife was pregnant what a blessing thank you Dr Wilson for all that you do !!

    • Donald, florida

    we had the reversal done and 3 months later my wife was pregnant what a blessing thank you Dr Wilson for all that you do !!

    • Charles wilson, CA/WA

    Baby jacob CLARK Wilson is here born 4/52019 at 7:48 am Spokane WA

    • Ashleigh Peruzzi, CO

    My husband had his vasectomy reversed by Dr. Wilson in September of 2017, our son is now 6 months old! We got pregnant 5 months after his surgery and had our son a little over a year after he had the procedure done. Thank you Dr. Wilson I cannot fathom life without this baby you made possible!

    • Juliet Henson, Oklahoma

    My husband had the reversal done on May 1st, 2013. He was just a couple months shy of 9 years post-vasectomy. Our first son together was born on May 3rd, 2015. He was followed by another son in September 2016... And another in October 2018! Thank you, Dr. Wilson.

    • Theresa and Sebastian Christopher , Virginia

    My Husband and I visited Dr. Wilson in May 3, 2018. My husband had a vacecotomy for 3 years. July 3rd we had a positive pregnancy test less than 2 months after the reversal. Our little man was born March 4, 2019. We are so incredibly blessed! Thank you Dr. Wilson for making our family complete!

    • Brad and Kim Savage, Tennessee

    We are pleased to announce that we had our 3rd reversal baby (6th child) September of last year, 2018! :) I was almost 44 when he was born. Our experience after the reversal (in 2009) was that it took 6 months for us to get pregnant. After that 1st reversal baby was born we had 5 miscarriages and then our 2nd was born 4 years apart from the last baby. Now our 3rd reversal baby is here, also 4 years apart from the last baby (and 6 weeks after our first grandchild was born!). We are thankful to the Lord for Dr. Wilson's ministry! Thank you Dr. Wilson. :)

    • Megan Downs, Kansas

    Reversal was 2/5/19.... positive test 3/1/19! Thank you so much Dr Wilson

    • Beth Drivas, Wisconsin

    Happy to report baby girl Perla was born on February 22nd, 2019 Reversal surgery was March 16th, 2018 (8 years since vasectomy) Thank you Dr. Wilson!!

    • Todd, Ca

    I had the reversal done at the end of November and my wife became pregnant in January. Our newest addition is due 9-29-19. The procedure went smoothly. I even dozed off for a little bit. Afterwards, it was a little more uncomfortable than having the vasectomy but nothing too bad. after three days I rode in a car for 300 miles and I had no issues driving over 2500 miles about a week after the procedure. Dr Wilson is truly a blessing.

    • Shane , AR

    Dr. Wilson performed my vasectomy reversal on 9/11/2018 after over 15 years since my vasectomy. We had tried IUI's with donors for 2 years because we were skeptical a reversal would work since so many years have passed since my vasectomy. After 2 years and several thousand dollars trying other fertility methods we decided to try the reversal. It was our last option before trying an IVF. We arrived at the office on 9/11/18 and found the facilities to be very nice. The procedure went well and I started the recovery process. The recovery was a little tougher than I expected and took about until early November for me to feel back to 100%. I had my semen analysis done in January and had excellent results. We are currently 7 weeks pregnant and so excited and very grateful. I wish we would have done this 2 years earlier. Thank you Dr. Wilson for making our dreams for another child possible. Shane & Rachel

    • Shane and Crystal, Oregon

    We are so pleased to announce that only 6 months after my husband's reversal I am pregnant! We are another amazing success story for Dr Wilson!!

    • Daniel Tong, WA

    I had my reversal done by Dr. Wood in 2017 and I am very happy to say that as of 02/08/19 we have a little boy now with us. Dr. Wood was extremely pleasant and I appreciated just how thorough he was with explaining what was happening and also how funny and insightful he was. I am not usually a talker but I felt comfortable talking with him throughout the entire procedure. I know he is no longer in this office but I wanted to make sure it was known that his reversal worked and that because of it we have a beautiful little boy.

    • Briana Hoy, South Carolina

    I am so grateful for Dr Wilson! He was able to give me and my husband a wonderful baby boy. He had his vasectomy almost 14 years before his reversal, a month in a half later we were pregnant with our baby boy Collin. Couldn’t be any happier with the work dr Wilson did! He was wonderful, answered all of our question thoroughly and was nice and professional to! We traveled over 14 hours to get the procedure done

    • Carissa and George, TX

    Five and a half years ago my husband and I decided he get a vasectomy after our 3rd child. It was the worst decision we ever made. When we realized we both wanted another baby it seemed like an impossible dream to me. I knew reversals were extremely expensive and on top of that, to find someone with outstanding skill who could perform the procedure. After a month of research, we found Dr. Wilson. Not only does he offer his work at an affordable price but he has the experience and expertise we were looking for. George had his reversal March 12, 2018 and I was pregnant by May. My sweet baby girl was born February 5, 2019. We are so grateful to God for this enormous blessing and for the divine work of Dr. Wilson. This is truly amazing!

    • Brackston Amanda Combs, IL

    We went to Doctor Wilson in May 2018. We were able to go from deposit to appointment in 3 weeks! We snagged a cancellation appointment and we were so estatic. Brackston had his Vasectomy in Oct 2015. Dr. Wilson was truly wonderful. We truly appreciated that the waiting room was comfortable and There was wholesome movies that our 3 children (ages 10-4) enjoyed and were able to be entertained during the procedure. He did a great job at explaining everything and was willing to answer any questions we had. We are so thankful that Brackston’s procedure was a success and we found out we are expecting our 1st Reversal Baby due Sept 2019!

    • Shauna Hesse, IA

    My husband had his vastectomy reversal in May of 2018 and we became pregnant in my first cycle. We just welcomed our first baby together this month, in February 2019. He’s a big, healthy baby boy! We are so blessed! Thank you so much Dr Wilson!

    • Nikki Bromley, MA

    We had a reversal with Dr Wilson in April 2018 in his Rhode Island office after a vasectomy of eight years prior. We went into the process hopeful for a pregnancy and understanding that it may take some time or may not happen at all. We were incredibly surprised when we found out we were pregnant the month of May 2018! Our beautiful daughter was born January 9th 2019. Thank you Dr. Wilson!

    • Ana Rhoden , FL

    We flew all the way from Florida in September of 2016 for my husbands reversal with Dr. Wilson. Dr. Wilson was absolutely fantastic. Thanks to his affordable price we were able to achieve having a shot at making our family complete. He was able to reverse my husbands 5 year vasectomy and we had live sperm. After 2 years of trying to conceive (there were issues on my end that we had to deal with), we are super proud, excited and beyond blessed to share that we are expecting our baby girl in April! We are forever grateful to Dr. Wilson for making our family complete! We will be sharing pictures after her arrival <3

    • Jeff Patterson, OR

    We are praising God for Dr. Wilson's ministry! Nine years after our first two children (and a vasectomy) we sensed God urging us to get a reversal and have more children. We were discouraged to find the cost around $8K and hear that success rates were low due to the length of time and our age (nearing 40). We were so blessed by Dr Wilson. He prayed with us and we were so full of joy and hope during the procedure. To our amazement, I got pregnant 3 weeks later! Sadly, we lost two babies due to miscarriage, but then went on to have a beautiful baby boy, Justice Scott, 7/21/18. He is the sweetest little boy, and we are praising God for His faithfulness, and for Dr. Wilson's ministry. I'd love to send a picture. Thank you so much! Jeff & Kari Patterson

    • jesse jordan, MICHIGAN

    I had my reversal in August of 2015, my vasectomy was October of 2010, our son was born 1/13/19 thank you very much Dr Wilson

    • Elisa Tindle, Missouri

    My husband Michael and I just came to visit you for the procedure end of August and of course the procedure went great! Michael's Vasectomy was over 15 years old! I am pleased to announce that not even 4 months later we are pregnant! We didn't even have time to get the seman analysis. I will update with baby pictures when the time comes! All the glory goes to God! Thank you Lord for guiding Dr.Wilsons hands during surgery! And thank you Lord for blessing us as we grow our family!

    • Tonia Currier, NY

    One year to the day of our VR with Dr. Baldwin we are Pregnant!!!

    • Bobby and Magen, Louisiana

    My husband had his vasectomy almost 9 years when we decided to have it reversed with Dr. Wilson in December of 2016. Not even 2 months later we were pregnant and since then have welcomed 3 reversal babies into our family. We can not thank Dr. Wilson enough. If it wasn’t for his surgery being so affordable we would have never been able to go through with a reversal and grow our family!!

    • Jorge Silva , california

    Thank you Dr. Wilson. I had children from a previous marriage and had a vasectomy done 13 years ago and me a my wife wanted to have a child (her first). Being 47 i was really skeptical this would even be attainable. After some research i found the odds to be stacked against me and the cost of a reversal astronomical! A friend had heard of The reversal Clinic from his brother in law and and told me about it and how it was affordable. We did some research and contacted the clinic. Dr. Wilson contacted us shortly after that and seemed very positive about our chances. Dr Wilson explained himself very well and his instructions were precise and clear. We decided to go for it and flew out to Oklahoma. When we arrived at the clinic I was nervous and very worried that this may not even work and let my wife down. Dr. Wilson was professional and explained every step very well and remained positive even after he acknowledge that the statistics were not in my favor. The procedure went well and we headed out to the hotel. that same day we actually attended a Medieval Fair near by (attend if you can it was pretty great). We flew out the next day and I was back at work by the fourth day. Dr. Wilson worked his magic on my wife just gave birth to our beautiful baby girl on Dec 6th! If you had a vasectomy and life has changed and you come to this road where you may think its impossible....have faith and call Dr. Wilson at the reversal clinic. Thank you Dr. Wilson

    • Travis and Janette , Missouri

    Travis and I have grown children already from previous marriages, and after 8 years of being together, we wanted to have one of our own! He is 42, and I am 37 years of age. Travis had gotten a Visectomy over 15 years ago, so It was impossible to even think of having a baby. Until we found Dr. David Wilson. This amazingly, talented man was not only affordable, but he is the Rea Deal! We set up the appointment online and paid the down payment. Our appointment wasn't scheduled until about 13 weeks from then. I checked my email here and there and made sure to look out for Dr. Wilsons emails. The time came for the appointment, and we were both excited and nervous. When we arrived at Dr. Wilsons facility in Oaklahoma, It was very quiet and clean. No body was there except another patient Dr. Wilson was working on. His secretary knew who we were and we waited patiently. I already did most of my research online about micro visectomy, so I didnt have a whole lot of questions for him. We listened as Dr Wilson explained the procedure. He was very kind and thourough with what he was going to do and what to expect afterwards. He is also a passionate man of God, as are we, which made us feel even more at ease. I stayed in the waiting room while Dr. Wilson worked on Travis. I could have went in, but I didnt want to distract them, so I waited in the waiting room. The procedure took no more than a few hours, and I didn't hear a peep the whole time! When they were finished, Dr. Wilson signed a bible for me that he had available in his office. And we all had a brief discussion about God and life. He wanted to keep in touch and make sure we were doing good. He also said after 4 months we could send in a semen sample and check the count. We went to our hotel close by and Travis rested for a couple days before we went back home. Travis was only able to rest for about 5 days, before he had to go back to work. His job would not give him time to rest at all. But eventually he was completely healed, with some slight soreness, but that was because of work. He had gotten the Visectomy Reversal in August of 2018, And I am extremely, amazingly excited to say, that I am pregnate in December of 2018!!! Its only been about 4 months since the procedure!!!!!! Wow! Dr. Wilson is an expert at what he does. We cant thank Dr. Wilson enough! And to make it affordable for any couple is astounding! A visectomy reversal seems as if only the Rich can afford to have a baby. That is clearly not the case, thanks to Dr. Wilson. Thank you from Travis and Janette!!! We will update baby picrures when the time comes! xoxo 💘

    • Josh and Billie Shifflett, MD

    God bless you Dr.Wilson.You are truly nothing short of amazing!I am so greatful I stumbled across your web page.Endless searching for the right doc led us to you.Me and my husband are truly greatful for what you have done for us.We couldnt thank you enough.I am happy to say that after only two cycles after surgery we are expecting!Josh had his vesectomy surgery 10 yrs ago.We both agreed we made this decision kinda young and even though we have children we both really yearned to add to our family. So we searched and found Dr Wilson.We went in to this with kinda low expectations and still in a bit of disbelief.I know that it dosent always happen this soon for everyone but we are proof.This can work.Me and my husband are over the moon about it.So excited for this new chapter in our lives.I would recommend Dr.Wilson to anyone who found themselves in a similar situation.

    • Terry Nichols, Oklahoma

    I had a vasectomy back in 2009. Dr. Wilson preformed a reversal on August 1, 2017 my wife and I are expecting our baby boy Tayden due 1/23/2019 .... I just want to say thank you Dr. Wilson for this beautiful gift that my wife and are about to receive. May God keep blessing you and your hands Dr. “God bless you....

    • Joshua, Ks

    Eight and a half years after my vasectomy, I had my reversal in January of 2016. Although it took a little longer than we would have liked, my wife and I welcomed a baby girl into our family in October of 2018. Thanks Dr. Wilson.

    • Charles and Mindy Wilson, WA

    My wife and I wanted to habe one more child. We went to Dr. Wilson from california about 4 yrs ago got the reversal done. We moved to Washington 2 yrs ago and just found out 5 months ago we found out she was pregnant ...... It's a boy ....thank you Doc Wilson

    • JW and Corrie, Oklahoma

    My husband had a reversal 11/2016, 7 years after his vasectomy. We had our baby girl 10/12/2018!! A blessing from God!

    • Brandon and Alaina Johnson, Oklahoma

    Five years after my husband had his vasectomy, we got his reversal. Three years after the reversal we now have a wonderful, healthy baby boy! Thank you so much!!

    • Branden, Idaho

    In June 2018 my wife and I sought the services of Dr. Wilson. It had been over 9 years since my vasectomy. I was divorced in 2015 and God brought me a new amazing woman. My wife had never had children of her own and we were lucky to find the Reversal Clinic. My wife is now ten weeks pregnant and we heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time last Tuesday.

    • Chasity Wright , Oklahoma

    My husband and I had his reversal back in April 2018. He had only had his vasectomy for 3 years. We both had children from previous marriages when we were younger. We knew over time we wanted to have a child of our own together. I researched and researched and came across Dr. Wilson. He had the best price, it wasn’t even comparable to any other places and the reviews were promising. We had our reversal in April and found out in September we were pregnant!! Thank you Dr.Wilson you changed our lives for the better!!

    • Joseph S, Florida

    My wife and I wanted to have children. Unfortunately I had a vasectomy 8 years earlier before meeting her. The cost everywhere we looked was prohibitive and the success rates were quite low. Dr Wilson was very affordable and the answer to our prayers. It did take three years but we did become pregnant. I am looking at my wonderful wife holding our perfect baby girl. We are so blessed. Thank you Dr Wilson.

    • Meagen Malotte, Arkansas

    My husband had a vesectomy for 5 years until Dr. Wilson reversed it. I got pregnant with my son three months later. He is now 2 and a half and we thank God for him everyday! So grateful for a near by, affordable and excellent option to make that dream come true!

    • Donald moore, Florida

    Well it’s been a little over a year since my reversal and happy to announce the birth of our son (John-Mario) we have to thank God and Dr Wilson for a job well done thanks for all you do !!!

    • Sara Turner, Texas

    Dr. Wilson performed my husbands reversal on 9/28 and we just found out this morning we are expecting !! We got pregnant the very first cycle ! Thank you !!

    • Damian Hurge, Maryland

    Dr. Wilson performed my vasectomy on August 25, 2015, it’s now October 25, 2018 our daughter is 3 weeks old. Thank you Dr. Wilson for helping my family dreams to come through.

    • Sharae Wong, Hawaii

    My husband and I had both been previously married. We each were blessed with 3 children but really wanted to have a baby together. During his first marriage, he chose to have a vasectomy done. When we found Dr. Wilson, it had been so long that we weren’t sure if we would be a good candidate. After speaking with the office of Dr. Wilson, we understood the success rates and went ahead with making the appointment. We flew to Oklahoma and on June 29, 2017, my husband underwent the vasectomy reversal, after his original vasectomy 13 years prior. Dr. Wilson did a great job and made the experience pleasant. His office was very nice and clean. October 2017, his sperm was tested to get a better idea on the success of the surgery. We were given fairly good results. We found out January 5, 2018 that we were officially expecting. 6 weeks ago we welcomed a beautiful baby girl! She is absolutely perfect!! We can’t thank Dr. Wilson!

    • Travis Shirley, Tennessee

    Dr. Wilson performed my surgery in January of 2018 and I never did do a specimen test to see if the operation had been a success, but didn’t matter anyway because we found out we are phasing a baby 9 months later. I am amazed because it had been 30 years since my original vasectomy was done. Great job Dr. Wilson, you have made us very happy.

    • Cindy Irvin, OK

    My husband and I came to see Dr. Wilson in December 2016. It had been almost four years since my husband’s vasectomy, but after our daughter had been praying for a baby brother for over a year we decided maybe we should try to give her a sibling. After 17 months of not getting pregnant we decided maybe it wasn’t in the cards and it was time to start looking into adoption. In June 2018 our family had a lot going on with a military move and planning a vacation. To our surprise we found out we were expecting while on vacation! We’re now 16 weeks pregnant with our little nugget and happy to say our daughter is over the moon excited to be a big sister!

    • Elizabeth, IL

    When My husband and I met, he had 4 children and I had 2 from prior marriages. I strongly felt I was supposed to have more children, but David had already had a vasectomy. He said he was willing to have it reversed, but as we looked into the cost involved, we quickly grew discouraged because we knew we couldn't afford $10-20K. Then we found the Reversal Clinic. We had our reversal done in September 2016. Dr. Wilson prayed with us and we were so blessed by his care and love. I conceived right away. Unfortunately, we had a miscarriage, which is something I had a prior history of as well. After just one more period, though--we conceived again! We welcomed baby Charlotte Joy into our family (#7!) on October 2, 2017. She is the answer to many prayers. We are forever grateful to Dr. Wilson for helping us bring our precious Joy into the world!

    • Eric S., Georgia

    Dr. Wilson performed my reversal on September 8, 2017, a little less than three years after my vasectomy. My wife was pregnant one month later, during her very first cycle on our very first try. The pregnancy was trouble-free and our son was born healthy and on-schedule on June 21, 2018. I never submitted my sperm for analysis because the immediate results spoke for themselves. The procedure itself was nearly painless. Everything about the process, from scheduling to payment to the operation itself, was simple and well-explained. Very atypical of most medical procedures and facilities these days, in my opinion. I highly recommend Dr. Wilson and his practice. The price is the best in the nation and the doctor himself is highly skilled and committed to his work.

    • Kevin Green , Maryland

    I want to thank the The Reversal Clinic team and Dr. Keith Baldwin, for allowing me to be a father again. My Fiancé is 6 weeks and 4days pregnant. I’m truly blessed and just thankful for the successful surgery. Surgery date was October 2017! Took 9 months for a positive pregnancy test !

    • Larri Bostic , Georgia

    I would like to thank everyone involved in making our story a success. After 2 years post vasectomy, we decided we wanted to expand our family. We visited the clinic and were expecting within the next 4 months! We now have a healthy 7 month old baby girl and couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much Dr. Wilson, you are the best!

    • Jesse Russell, Ohio

    We came to Dr. Wilson because he specialized on Reversals only. I had my Vasectomy 15 years ago. I am 46 years old and i worried about being to old and the Vasectomy I had done being to long ago. He was beyond amazing! When we left he did a quick test to see if there was any activity. There was not. He then performed an addition procedure and warned us that there was still a possibility it wouldn't work given the amount of time that had passed. Over a year had gone by and with our busy schedules we did not follow up and no testing. One day, out of the blue, my wife stared having the symptoms. 9 months later, we couldn't be happier. We have a brand new beautiful baby boy that is beyond perfect in every way. Dr. Wilson is a miracle worker and we are forever grateful for him and his practice.

    • ivan, WA

    After 10 years decided to do reversal , six month later and year later an buetiful girl. what a blessing.. Thank you

    • Ryan, CO

    Had my reversal by Dr Wilson in 2012, almost 10 years post vasectomy. 2 years after my reversal, I was ready to give up when my daughter finally arrived. A year later we had my second daughter. Next month, my son will arrive. Dr Wilson and the fair price he charges was a blessing to my family. Would definitely recommend.

    • Kenny and Ashley, Oklahoma

    8 years post vasectomy (which he got from his previous marriage), we chose to try for a child of our own. I was told by many doctors I would never be able to have children due to previous surgeries and procedures I had done from woman issues I had in the past; however, I still wanted to try so I didn’t regret not trying everything I could to make it happen. I had hoped it would be successful. After doing much research, we found Dr. Wilson and decided to give it a shot. It also was convenient he was located in Oklahoma and hubby could recover at home so for my birthday that year (Jan 2016), we went ahead and put down a deposit for the procedure. His reversal was scheduled for June (5 month waiting list) so we knew Dr. Wilson must have been pretty awesome and worth the wait. His procedure and recovery went well. Fast forward to June of 2017 (exactly 1 year later) and we got our first positive pregnancy test. Feb 8, 2018, I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl and could not be more grateful for Dr. Wilson’s work. It would not have been possible without him.

    • Martin and Sabrina J, Virginia

    As I sit here looking at my newborn son I wanted to take a minute to thank Doctor Wilson. Without his amazing work this would not have been possible for us. He’s the real deal. I was 17 years post vasectomy when I had my appointment with Doctor Wilson at his Rhode Island clinic. The procedure was relatively painless, and we returned home the next day. 4 months later we conceived and 39 weeks after we brought home our beautiful baby boy. Thank you and may God Bless you and your work Doctor Wilson.

    • Amber Mitchell, KY

    This place is amazing! Dr. Wilson is a God send. The price is beyond reasonable compared to the average cost anywhere else. Most reversals are atleast $7,000. I researched like a mad woman to find someone who was not only exceptional and experienced, but also someone who didn't charge an arm and a leg. The hubs had been around 5 or 6 years out from vasectomy. We had the reversal done in early 2016 and near the end of 2017 we were pregnant! Go to Dr. Wilson! We traveled from Lexington, KY! No regrets! We had our 9lb 3oz chunker boy May 26 2018.

    • Brittany, NY

    My fiancé had a reversal done in January of 2017 after having a vasectomy almost 10 years before. We are now expecting our little girl in October. Thank you Dr. Baldwin and The Reversal Clinic for our little miracle.

    • Katie, MI

    My husband had a reversal done end of may 2017. It is now July 1st 2018 and I'm pregnant! It took a little while, but we'd never have gotten pregnant at all if we hadn't had the reversal done by Dr Baldwin in Rhode Island. We prayed and God had found a way for us to get in touch with you and had given us a second chance! Thanks for choosing this mission to help families grow affordably!

    • Sarah Bernier , VA

    We had our reversal completed by Dr Wilson. It took some patience but we welcomed a baby girl to our family. (7 years post reversal)

    • Nick and Kelly, Pennsylvania

    My husband had a vasectomy before we had met due to personal reasons. He had two girls already and I had one girl. After we got married we decided we wanted another. It took us 2 years of research when we finally decided on The Reversal Clinic. We were 9 years out from the initial surgery at this point. 7 months after the surgery we got our positive! Our fourth girl will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. She is an amazing addition and we are truly blessed and forever grateful to be able to have our miracle baby.

    • John, Idaho

    The Mrs and I decided to have children realizing that at our 40's and 7 years post vasectomy the challenges could be very real. After seeing the testimony of so many of Dr Wilson's patients and his record for success we chose to have him do my reversal on 06/19/2017. The experience was very pleasant and professional with no more discomfort after the surgery than the vasectomy. Our worries were high as Dr Wilson said I was only producing on one side but 3 months later we conceived our daughter. She was born healthy on her due date 05/30/2018. Thanks so much again and again Dr Wilson...

    • Cristina Ghinga , MO

    Amaris Joy ❤️ Our little rainbow baby was born after 2 miscarriages. My husband had his reversal in Nov 2016 (his vasectomy was 4 years prior). I got pregnant 2 months later but had a miscarriage (followed by another MC a few months later). In September 2017 we conceived our baby girl and she was born on June 6, 2018. We couldn’t be any happier! We were extremely pleased with Dr. Wilson. He was thorough and professional. He prayed with us before he began and explained everything in detail. We feel so blessed! We highly recommend Dr. Wilson to anyone seeking a reversal!

    • Harold Straugh, Indiana

    Wife gave birth to our first Oliver Dean Straugh

    • Jarrod Hesse, Iowa

    I had my vasectomy reversal with you on May 16, 2018. I know I broke the “rules” by resuming intimacy with my wife sooner than recommended. However, as of June 3rd we have a positive pregnancy test, verified with her OB! Thank you so much Dr. Wilson!

    • Betsy , North Carolina

    My husband had a vasectomy in 2013 after our second son was born. In 2016, we realized our family was not complete. He had the reversal done in January 2017. On Mother's Day, we had a positive pregnancy test. Unfortunately we experienced a chemical pregnancy but 2 months later we got another positive +! I gave birth to our beautiful daughter in March. We and her two adoring older brothers are incredibly grateful to Dr. Wilson for making our dreams a reality.

    • Deb, NH

    My husband and I had a wonderful visit and procedure with Dr. Baldwin in the Connecticut office. He was extremely kind and talked us through the entire process. I was able to stay with my husband during the procedure and was made to feel very comfortable. The procedure was fairly quick, and was an easier recovery than the vacetomy for my husband. We actually laughed and joked around during the procedure, talked about our family, homeschool, and our faith in Christ. It was an amazing experience and we are so thankful that God made a way for us to have this done. We did experience 3 miscarriages (post Vacetomy Reversal) before we conceived our baby girl that we have today. But glory be to God, 1 year later, after continually trying, we conceived again, and the pregnancy lasted full term. We are so proud and happy to announce that we have now delivered a healthy baby girl 8lbs-4oz, this pass February 13, 2018, and she is such a joy and blessing to have. We are so thankful to Dr. Wilson in listening to the Lord in having this practice and giving families a second chance at having children. He provides this amazing gift to us at an affordable price; which is a blessing in itself, and was an answer to our prayers. We are also so thankful to Dr. Baldwin in accepting us in the CT office, which was not only convenient for us, but was very clean, and welcoming. Dr. Baldwin did such an amazing job, and made us feel so comfortable through the process. He educated us on how things would go, guided us through the process, and explained the aftercare very well to us. He allowed us the opportunity to have children again, after we made the mistake to take matters into our own hands to have a vacetomy 2 years prior. We now have 10 beautiful children on earth, 6 boys and 4 girls. Our 10th child is our post VR/Rainbow baby, and such a blessing and answer to prayer. Thank you greatly to The Reversal Clinic, and Dr. Wilson who has provided a place and opportunity for families to continue growing. Thank you to Dr. Baldwin in doing the actual procedure, and making us feel so at ease through it all. We would also most importantly thank God for providing us with life again within the womb and blessing me with such a beautiful family, and a beautiful and healthy baby girl. We thank Him for providing the funds for us to have the procedure done, for allowing the procedure to go safe and smooth, and for touching the hearts of these wonderful dear doctors in proving their time and services. God is the giver of life and salvation And we are forever thankful and grateful towards Him! Thank you again Dr. Wilson and Dr. Baldwin for all that you both have done in providing families a second chance at having families. May the Lord continue to Bless you both as you continue to follow His lead! I would highly recommend The Reversal Clinic to have a VR, and both Dr. Baldwin and Dr. Wilson.

    • Cody Malboeuf, Arizona

    I had a vasectomy in 2014. My wife and I decided to have more children so I had a reversal in May of 2016. August of 2016 she found out she was pregnant and delivered a healthy boy in April of 2017. Now in June of 2018 she has found out another baby is due in February of 2019. We are very happy we found The Reversal Clinic!

    • Laura Skelton, VA

    After having 2 children we though we were done having kids. I spent most of my pregnancies sick and did not want to go through that again. Four months after my husband had a vasectomy we found out we were pregnant but lost that baby. It was then I knew the choice we had made was wrong. It was several years of praying and then my husband not only saw the mistake we made, the repentance needed but then a feeling of being stuck. Then we found Dr. Wilson, he truly was an answer to prayer. During the procedure my husband was given a 65% chance that this would work within a year or so. Well when God is doing something who can stop him. THE VERY NEXT month we were pregnant. Since my husband's reversal we have been pregnant 5 times. Two of those babies went to be with the God in Heaven however we have 3 that are here. They are 6, 3, and 1. As of right now we have 5 children happily playing outback and I couldn't be more greatful.

    • Bryn Gelinas, Ontario, Canada

    We travelled 10 hours to have Dr. Baldwin complete my husband’s reversal. My husband was approx. 5 years out from his vasectomy and of course we had our doubts/concerns. The entire process was wonderful from start to finish, and we were out at ease the moment we walked through the doors of the clinic. I am happy to say that we are expecting a child in September of this year, only a little over a year after having the reversal completed. We are so thankful for all The Reversal Clinic did for us!!!

    • Scott family , NC

    It was seven years after my husband got his vesectomy that we decided we wanted a least one more child. Our youngest was 7 and the only boy. With much consideration and planning we decided to take the long journey from North Carolina to Oklahoma for the reversal in Mach of 2017. After 3 months we got pregnant with just what we prayed for. I remember telling my husband on the way home that it would be awesome if we had another set of twins because I wanted to go out with a bang lol. I am happy to announce we have two identical boys to add to our family which makes it even for us (3 girls ) and (3 boys.) Although the boys came two months early they are doing well and is now 2 months old. They were born on March 8, 2018 which happens to be my dads birthday. This was our first time having premature babies as our other set of identical twin girls was close to full term. The boys was good weights so they didn’t stay in the NICU long despite their early arrival. God couldn’t have blessed us any better and I am so thankful that doctor Wilson made us feel like we knew him forever. He took the time out before the procedure to pray with us and that meant a lot. He asked that the Lord bless us and that his will be done. It was so powerful and guess what...Gods will was done in our lives. We now have at home our children ages ranging 18, 11, 11, 7, 2months & 2months. Our faith has been made stronger on this journey. To God be the glory!

    • Tonie King, Oklahoma

    My husband had a vasectomy in 2006. Deep down we knew we wanted one more child. His reversal was in 2016. The whole experience was pleasant from beginning to end (well for me it was!). I'm writing this while our one month old daughter is sleeping on my lap!

    • Alycia, Florida

    After 15 years of marriage and three children, we were feeling like somebody was still missing from our family. My husband had a reversal in April 2016, five years after his vasectomy. I got pregnant three months later only to have a miscarriage, but another three months later I got pregnant with our son Arthur. He was born in July 2017, and we are all delighted with our little addition. Thank you, Dr. Wilson!

    • Mark Thornburg, Texas

    I had my reversal in April 2016. Two months later my wife discovered that she was pregnant. We now have a 13 month old boy named Declan Mateo Thornburg. Thanks

    • Christina and Bryan, Texas

    We got married at 20 and had 2 girls pretty quick. When they were grade school age. I went to school and started working. Then around 30 my hubby wanted a boy. So we got pregnant and had a boy. 2 yrs later we got pregnancy with a girl! Thought we were done. So at the end of pregnancy we got vasectomy. Well very end of pregnancy I lost her to placenta abruption full term. I learned that you are truly blessed if you can have kids and they are healthy. You don’t have to have a plan in life bc it will not be in your control or your timing ever! After some time of healing I felt it to have another. Just to feel that joy again and some healing. So we saw this Dr. he had good reputation and stories. And was cheap! The office visit was very quiet and relaxing. He talks to you very calmly. It was pretty quick. So after 2 and half years after vasectomy in October, we got reversal done. By May I was pregnant with a boy! Healthy and wonderful! He is now 4 mths old. So very thankful we did this procedure!

    • Lee and Bethanie Feliciano, TN

    There are no words to describe our gratefulness to God for using Dr. Wilson in the writing of "our story." In 2012, when our 4th child was 2, we were going through many challanges with one of our children. It was during that time of crisis that we made the decision to get a vasectomy. Within a few weeks, I knew we had made a very regretful decision. After 4 years of praying, my husband came to me and shared that he was convicted about our decision. Fast forward- and the reversal happened in April of 2016, I got pregnant 9 weeks later at age 39 and lost that baby. After grieving that very difficult loss and God healing all of our hearts very quickly....I got pregnant again 3 months later at 40 and had an amazing homebirth welcoming our daughter Evita Rose( means- giver of life). We are forever changed by this redemption story. Dr. Wilson- You are such a gift to so many lives. Thank you.

    • Mark Guzinski, Colorado

    After 10+ years since I had a vasectomy, I visited Dr. Wilson for reversal surgery. After the second visit in the summer of 2014, life got in the way and I did not retest until 2016. After consulting with a fertility doctor for my wife, we became pregnant and my daughter was born on 4/9/18. Thank you for your help and blessing! Mark, Colorado

    • Elliot Bagley , Washington

    This January 22nd my wife gave birth to a healthy, happy, and amazing baby boy! The surgery went great and worked within a few months. Thanks Dr Wilson!

    • Ellie Domes, Oklahoma

    My husband had his reversal done in August 2015 after 4 years of having a vasectomy. I got pregnant with our third child 2 months later!! We didn’t even have to wait to have the sperm tested!! We are so grateful! Lucy joined us in June 2016 and we are now pregnant with number 4! Thank you so much Dr. Wilson!

    • Dana, AZ

    Dr. Wilson has blessed us with a family. My husband and I had no children when we opted for a vasectomy, but soon realized we'd made a big mistake. We decided we did want a family after all, and had it reversed 1 year later. My husband flew across the country to go to Dr. Wilson, and we found out we were expecting a baby within a few months of the reversal. My son is now 2 years old and we're having our daughter this year! We got the family we were meant to have, and feel incredibly blessed by this miracle.

    • Niki Powell, Oklahoma

    We had our reversal done in November of 2017. Almost 9 years post vasectomy. Dr. Wilson was only able to repair one side, but we still had hope even though the odds were somewhat against us it seemed. We found out one week ago today that we are expecting baby #3 in December. Praising God!! and truly thankful for the work that Dr. Wilson does!

    • Sheldon Andreas, Alberta

    Thank you so much, Dr. Wilson! It's been 7 years since the reversal. We thought that the Lord had not allowed us success. But today, my wife is officially two months pregnant. I had this reversal done more than five years after my vasectomy. Again, so thankful for you and your work.

    • Mary L., NC

    After having 2 sons within a year and a half, we thought we were done having children. But time went by and we realized we had made a mistake having a vasectomy. We were very fortunate to find Dr. Wilson. We have been blessed with 2 daughters since the reversal. Thank you, Dr. Wilson!

    • Kelly , Illinois

    Thank you Dr. Wilson! My husband had a vasectomy in 2012. It was reversed in 2013. There were some complications, but Dr. Wilson was very honest and so caring. Surgery was a success! Due to tubal issues with me, we had to do IVF, but it was a much easier process with my husband in full working order. I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with our miracle baby boy!

    • Molly M, California

    My partner had a vasectomy sometime in 2008, and we got together in 2010. We decided to try for a baby and made an appointment with Dr. David 2/23/16 (my partner was 50). We were pregnant by October 2016 and our beautiful baby girl is eight months old, happy and healthy. It was an interesting experience, but we are very grateful. Thank you, Dr. David!

    • Jamie Deguzman, FL

    Hi guys! I would have had my husband write our success story, but I figured my description would be more detailed. My husband has four sons from a previous marriage (from 9+ years ago). We got married October 16, 2016 and we knew for sure we wanted to grow our family. I have had zero “biological kids”. My husband had his vasectomy for NINE years. Dr Wilson was the most affordable option for us and had wonderful success rates. We decided we would go for it. At first, we thought it was a little sketchy that it was so cheap and we couldn’t really get in touch with anyone on the phone except for the people that told us how to pay and book appts online (if I remember correctly). Anyway, obviously everything was legit. The day that we got the Reversal, the doctor saw sperm on both sides (can’t remember rather heads, tails, or both) and gave us a 87% chance of success rate that the sperm would return in ejaculation (lack of better term). At 6 months post op we did the Sperm analysis and sure enough, his sperm count is normal!! The only thing is that he had a high liquefaction time. But, fast forward to ten cycles after the Reversal I am PREGNANT!!! 4 weeks and 6 days to be exact. My husband’s Reversal was April 11th and my BFP was Feb 23, 2018. (a week before my husband’s birthday!) We are so blessed and so excited, thank you dr Wilson for the affordable price that has been WELL WORTH IT so expand our family! We will be sending pictures when the baby arrives! EDD November 5th. (The day before my birthday!) Also, Dr Wilson is a very religious man and prays with his patients and their wife before surgery. Nothing could make you feel safer and in better hands. Sorry for the long post, I just wanted everyone to know what I was hoping to find while reading success stories!!!!

    • Donald moore, Florida

    Had a vasectomy in 2007 and got remarried 2011 we wanted to have a child Contacted Dr Wilson and had a reversal September 25 2017 and happy to report we are pregnant as of today 2/25/2018 thank you Dr Wilson God Bless you !!!

    • Peter Jokinen, WI

    6 years after my V, we decided we would like another child. At the age of 37 I had Dr Wilson perform a reversal. (2013). We tried for the first 2 years and couldn’t get pregnant, and then, 4 years after my trip to OKLAHOMA, we were blessed with a pregnancy, and just two weeks ago my wife gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Thank you DR Wilson!!

    • Jeremy and Amari Canafax, Texas

    Jeremy had his vesectomy 6 years before we visited Dr. Wilson in March of 2016. We prayed and prayed and one year later we got the news we would be expecting a baby January 2018. Ruby June was born 1-4-18. We can’t say thank you enough.

    • Joseph brosset , Louisiana

    I had a vasectomy back in 2007 after having my daughter. Well I got remarried and my wife and I wanted another. So in October 2017, Dr. Wilson performed the procedure.. I was nerveous after reading blogs and reviews of the success rate .. But in Jan 2018, we found out that we are going to have baby!!! So happy and thankful that the procedure went will and worked!!! Thank you Dr. Wilson, but truly thank God for allowing us to bring a baby into this world!!

    • Randy Shannon and Becky Millikan, Illinois

    When we met, Randy had three children of his own from a previous marriage and had a vasectomy. We fell in love and I was ok with not having children. As time went on, I changed my mind and was longing to be a mother and have children of my own. We looked into our options , and we came across the Reversal Clinic. I was hesitant for a long time. As more time went on, Randy knew it was weighing on me. He scheduled the surgery and surprised me for my birthday. We traveled to Tulsa, from central Illinois in August 2016. At the time it had been 13 years post vasectomy. We knew our chances were low, but had high hopes and gave it to God. God answered our prayers - We found out we were pregnant in May 2017. Our beautiful, healthy baby girl was born on January 23rd. Thank you Dr. Wilson and Dr Wood.

    • Paul Gill, Kansas

    We had our reversal done on September 1st, 2016 and welcomed our fourth daughter on October 27, 2017! The procedure went incredibly well and recovery was fast. We didn't expect to get pregnant as fast as we did. What a blessing your ministry is and we couldn't imagine our lives without our Beatrix Rose!

    • Thomas Cox, Kampala, Uganda, Africa

    It had been almost 14 years since having the vasectomy. Dr. Wilson was very honest and open about the percentages of success. He went through all the legal jargon explaining everything he was going to do and what could go wrong just like you would expect. And than he asked me if he could pray. It was October of 2015 when I flew to Oklahoma to have the procedure done. Waited a couple of weeks before flying back home to Kampala. God is Great and in December, just 2 months later, my wife was pregnant. Unfortunately, we lost that pregnancy in February of 2016. Our hearts were broken, but yet we had hope. God is Great! The procedure had worked. In June my wife became pregnant again and on February 1st, 2017 she gave birth to a very healthy, although premature, baby boy. We are so thankful!!!

    • Dominique , pennsylvania

    We came to dr wilson July 17,2017. Just in time for the holidays we found out we are expecting , we now know a little girl.. she is due 3 weeks after our 1 year date that we came to the clinic! thank you dr wilson!

    • Jose Manso, Fl

    We went to ob dr today for confirmation we are pregnant and due sept 22 thank you so much

    • Chris Miller, Maryland

    Short version: Vasectomy done in 2010. Divorced, wife really wanted a child. Visited the Rhode Island office summer of 2016. I now have a beautiful 13 year old daughter, and a 2 month old son. I love both kids more than life itself, but it's definitely time to get snipped again.

    • Mariana Frisan, California

    Mine is truly a miracle that couldn't have been possible without God and Dr. Wilson. I have a 10yr old son from a prior relationship and my husband 2 daughters in their 20's from a previous marriage but none together. We were all the way in the low percentage pregnancy rate because my husband has had his vasectomy for 15 years but Dr. Wilson was great and gave us hope. We couldn't afford IVF and decided let's just do the reversal and then we leave it in God's hands. We are from CA and flew over there. The procedure was done on March 2017 and less than a year later now January 2018 I got my BFP (big fat positive) pregnancy test and due in Sept 2018!! I am over the moon. Words cannot express my joy. It is still early on but I have full faith in the Lord that if He allowed this then it was for a reason and all will be well. So please take it from me never lose hope. God's timing is always right and thank you for people like Dr. Wilson put on this world by God. May the Lord keep blessing him in bringing such happiness to peoples lives.

    • Liz Mutter, North Carolina

    We just wanted to share with you that we now have a beautiful 3.5 month baby girl. We feel so blessed to have found you and refer to her as our little miracle baby. My husband had his VR on 10/7/16, approximately 8 1/2 years post-vasectomy. We found out the end of January that we were expecting after just 3 cycles and our daughter was born on 9/28/17, just under a year from the initial procedure. Thank you so much for giving us a family.


    We traveled to Oklahoma in 2008, it had been almost 8-9 years since my husbands vasectomy. Dr. Wilson was wonderful. When he did the analysis under the microscope in the office, there weren't any sperm on one side and only heads on the other, but we didn't even have to submit a specimen for followup analysis b/c we were pregnant within 3 weeks of the procedure. Peyton will be 9 in February of 2018 and she is a blessing. Thank you so much.

    • Jake Mazzullo , California

    Dr. Wilson set a prayer with me before touching any of his Instruments. Now we have a beautiful baby girl. Thank you Dr. Wilson

    • Phil and Lori Brown, IL

    Hello Doc. I'm a bit overdue for sending this to you, the last month has been a bit crazy! We've been through quite the journey in the last year. In December of 2016 we drove from Illinois to your clinic. Many months before that, my wife felt a calling to have another child. At first I thought she was crazy, especially since I had a vasectomy around 2011. However, she had spent many hours communicating with other mothers on forums and was led to your clinic. She filled me in on all the details and urged her sincerity in the desire. As I was growing in my newfound faith I started to understand this was potentially part of surrendurring my will to follow Christ. That led us to you. I remember some of the things you told me about learning how to understand and hear the will of of God. I am thankful for what you shared. Immediately after the vasectomy, my wife became axnious and was afraid the reversal wasn't going to be a success the first time around because I developed a hematoma. However, I believe The LORD used this to grow our faith and even our relationship. In the process of trying to have a baby, we learned to focus more on loving each other first and letting God pull the strings with conception. Needless to say and shortly after that committment, she surprised me with the announcement of her pregnancy in March, 2017. It was a funny story because she wrote me a card that said, "Ready to get fat with me?" and had with it a few candy bars. I didn't even get it at first, but once I did I was filled with happiness. We are so thankful for everything you did for us. My wife gave birth to our daughter, Charis Lorraine Brown on December 3rd, 2017. Just under a year after the revearsal. God is great. And I am so thankful for being led to your clinic. My other daughter was overwhelmed with happiness to have a sister. Our family has grown thanks to your mission and practice. We would love to send you some photos. May God bless you and your clinic, sir. Happy New Year. Phil Brown

    • Cheyenne Curtiss , FL

    For 5 years I searched dr David Wilson and researched everything I could about him and vasectomy reversal . Where I lived vasectomy reversals were around $10,00 and up. We talked about getting a reversal for many years and my husband and I made a bet . If I could find him the car of his dreams (a 5.0 convertible mustang gt foxbody 87-92 stick shift ) yeah I know a long list ! That he would get the reversal . In 2015 I spent 3 months searching for this car , at This point my husband had a vasectomy for 17 years . So looking at the odds we were already unfavorable. But I eventually found the car , and we set a date with Dr.Wilson. As the day approached and my husband and I drove across many states we finally arrived to the day in the office for the reversal. The dr told us our odds and we continued with the surgery at that point we were made aware that my husband could go amputant due to one of his testicles being damaged . But we continued the surgery in hope all would go well . 8 months later I became pregnant which ended in a missed miscarriage. And a year to that date I became pregnant again which ended in a BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY . 17 years later after vasectomy with a vasectomy reversal my husband was able to procreate !!! Our baby was born 12.25.17 and we couldn’t be happier with the results of Dr.David Wilson for making a dream come true .

    • Tracy Rinehart, Mississippi

    We had our reversal done in December of 2015 and were very pleased with Dr. Wilson and the procedure. Seven months later we received the much longed for positive pregnancy test. Our sweet baby boy was born April 1, 2017.

    • Stephen Chandler, OR

    Well, Dr. Wilson said expect 4 months before pregnancy and gave me an 85% chance and my wife is 5 months pregnant! We will send a baby photo at the beginning of April. I refer all my friends to the reversal clinic. Please tell him thank you for us. It was ~13 years from vasectomy and I never thought I would be able to have children again and Dr. Wilson's hands made it possible again.

    • Jose A. Garcia, FL

    We had our reversal back in April 2012. We got pregnant in October and gave birth to Adrian on June 16 , 2013. Dr Wilson is truly gifted, guided by the hand of god. I thank god everyday that we decided to go see him . His mission has blessed so many and we are beyond grateful . Praise be to God , and Dr Wilson.

    • Britta Herrick, WI

    When my husband and I first met we knew we wanted to start a family of our own. My husband was 4 years post vasectomy when he had the reversal in April of 2017. We started trying in mid July and conceived in early September. Dr. Wilson was a wonderful Dr. And I highly recommend him. The office was very comforting and the surgical suite was extremely clean and professional. He prayed with us prior the surgery and hummed Christian hymes throughout the procedure. My husband said the pain was very minimal and overall the whole procedure went very smoothly. Dr. Wilson does talk fast but he's willing to go over anything that was said or answer any questions.

    • Lindbergh Alonzo, CA

    In Aug of 2015, I came to Dr. Wilson to have my reversal surgery after having a vasectomy for 4 years. In Jan. 2016, we found out that my wife was pregnant with a little girl, but in Jul. of 2016 my wife went into premature labor and our precious daughter didn't make it due to prematurity. Not to be brought down, my wife and I continued to try for another baby and in Jan. 2017 we were blessed with the wonderful news that my wife was pregnant again. My wife went into premature labor and our Son was born at 23 weeks. It was a giant rollercoaster having a child in the NICU, but going to the hospital everyday to be with him and praying everyday made a huge difference. I am pleased to say that our son, Ethan, is a very healthy 4 month old. God Bless you Dr. Wilson, you truly do God's work!

    • Jeremy and Lynsey Graham, TN

    My husband had his reversal in February 2016 and by July 2016 we were expecting! Our beautiful healthy baby girl was born In March 2017! We highly recommend Dr David. He was great and made this possible for our family by keeping costs low.

    • Lauren and Lance Young, Iowa

    When my husband and I found out we were not able to afford a reversal, we were crushed. We prayed for many months for a solution and that's when we found out about Dr.Wilson. His reasonable rates and experience are what led us to drive 7 hours for the reversal in May 2017. My husband was 7 1/2 years post vasectomy at the time. We were shocked to find out we were pregnant 3 months after the procedure. We simply cannot thank Dr.Wilson enough for running his business with integrity and helping us grow our family.

    • Ryan Stutzman, Virginia

    Dr. Wilson, You performed my reversal on October 15, 2012 in your clinic. Before I left, you instructed me to get tested after I got back home to Virginia to see if the surgery was a success. I did not follow your instructions. Part of the reason is because the process of getting tested made me uncomfortable. But the bigger reason was because I really felt like I wanted to leave it in God's hands. I just felt that if it was HIS will that we get pregnant, He could make that happen. Well, time passed. And then more time. After a couple years of no conceiving, my wife and I believed that the surgery was not successful and we were not meant to conceive. However, God has proven once again that He has a sense of humor. FIVE YEARS after you performed the procedure, we are happy to tell you that we are now 11 weeks pregnant! God works in HIS time, not ours. Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for your part in this miracle!

    • Jenifer, Pennsylvania

    My husband and I flew from PA in August of 2016 to get a reverse vasectomy from Dr. Wilson. We regretted our choice to have a vasectomy early in marriage and were praying and hoping that it could be reversed affordably. Dr. Wilson is highly skilled, and a good man to offer this service for the cost he does. We received our second chance through his work. Our daughter was born 11-30-17. We are blessed, thank you so much Dr. Wilson!

    • Laron Avant, Georgia

    Had reversal done by Dr. Wilson after 10 years of having vasectomy done. After my procedure 3 months later we were pregnant and we have a one year old daughter and my wife is 7 months pregnant with another girl. Thanks doc

    • Eric Kelly , PA

    Thank you for everything! Patrick Anthony Kelly was born on 11/7/17, and my reversal was done on 12/16/16. He is perfect and our family is now complete!

    • Nicole, Oklahoma

    I would like to thank you for performing the reversal for my husband and I. He had the reversal in 2016. We had been trying to conceive right at a years time when I went to the doctor to see if anything was wrong on my end. Unfortunately I ended up having to have a Total Hysterectomy and BSO due to several reasons. You were great though and highly recommend you to anyone that has asked about a reversal

    • Tara and Nick , TN

    We are so thankful that God helped us find Dr Wilson. My husband had his vasectomy in February 2012 and had the reversal done 5 years later on June 23, 2017. We found out we are expecting on October 8,2018. We had prayed for so long to be able to afford the reversal and we finally found Dr. Wilson. God has truly blessed him with a great gift and we are so glad that Dr. Wilson has allowed the Lord to use him in this way. Dr. Wilson was so polite and professional and I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to have a reversal done.

    • Harold Straugh, Indiana

    We are proud to announce that after 3 yrs, we found out my wife is 4 weeks pregnant, just in time for our 3 year anniversary. Thank you Dr. Wilson you truly are a blessing

    • Amanda Layman, Michigan

    My husband had his reversal with Dr. Wilson last September (2016). In January, we discovered we were pregnant and the reversal was a sucess! We welcomed Isaiah on October 11, 2017! We are so grateful for Dr. Wilson’s expertise and knowledge on reversals. We will always be grateful for his affordable prices and his Christian background that led us to our beautiful miracle baby! Thank you so much, Dr. Wilson for making this miracle come true via the reversal! We especially appreciate his belief that it is in God’s hands and his prayers before the surgery. Thank you, Dr. Wilson! The Layman Family

    • Sean Smith, Nebraska

    If you're wondering if this is possible, it really is. My wife and I had decided to have a reversal for a couple of reasons, after 6+ years of deciding we were done having children, and much deliberation, we both agreed to try for one more as well as I had post-vasectomy pain ever since I had the procedure. We took a leap of faith and booked with Dr. Wilson in January 2013. The procedure with Dr. Wilson was flawless, and relieved my vasectomy pain I had endured for years, as well as restoring my fertility. It did take a while, not quite 2 years for my wife to conceive in October 2015, and in June of 2016 she gave birth to our third son Ryan. Between Dr. Wilson's faith and skill, we were blessed with a wonderful new son in our family. He's real, it works and highly recommended...

    • Lisa and Ben H, Michigan

    My husband and I live in Michigan and researched several doctors that could perform a reversal. Dr. Wilson was by far the most qualified and affordable. We were nervous because his cost was so much more affordable than doctors in Michigan (between $5,000-$10.000), but decided the best decision for our family was to make the drive to Oklahoma. Dr. Wilson has a few bad reviews, but don't let those scare you away. His office was very clean and inviting. He was also very friendly and welcoming. We never felt uncomfortable. The part that was hardest for my husband was the initial numbing, which I was not allowed to be present for. Ben said that it was pretty painful, but not unbearable. However, this is all a consequence of the extremely low costs. For Ben, the little bit of extra pain was worth the financial relief and the experience of Dr. Wilson. After the initial numbing, Ben couldn't feel anything and I was able to sit in the room with Ben during the rest of the procedure. I want to say it took 1.5-2 hours total. We stayed the next day for Ben to recover, then left Sunday to head home. Ben and I got married in June and tried to conceive in August. We got pregnant on the first try! We are due May 28th. Thank you Dr. Wilson for making it possible for us to expand our family. We HIGHLY recommend Dr. Wilson.

    • Audrey Meek , Kentucky

    My husband had a vasectomy over 15 years ago, he had it reversed July 6th 2016. On January 10th 2017 we found out that thanks to Dr. Wilson and by the grace of God we were expecting our little blessing. We welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world September 19th 2017.

    • Joe F., Texas

    We are so happy to add our success story! Dr. Wilson is amazing. 6 years after my vasectomy, I had an reversal. Just 6 months after the reversal, we were pregnant!! A healthy baby boy was born in July. Thank you so much Dr. Wilson for giving my family this wonderful blessing.

    • Nathan, Denise Draper, Washington

    Thank you Doctor Wilson! From the moment we arrived at your office we felt 'at ease.' This is such an important ministry for so many couples. We area happy to announce that only three months after the reversal we conceived and have been blessed with a baby boy! We are letting God plan our family from here on out!

    • Jeremy Morris, Tennessee

    I had my vasectomy in 2012. Then in 2016, my wife and I decided we wanted a reversal, so we did lots of research before finding Dr. Wilson. We made an appointment with him and drove 9 hours from Tennessee to see him. I had my reversal done in August of 2016, then found out my wife was pregnant in February of 2017! We just had our baby boy, Huxton, on October 1st, 2017! We had a great experience with Dr. Wilson and are so thankful for his service and giving us the chance to have our sweet baby boy. We would recommend him to anyone!

    • Miguel Rivera, Pensylvania

    Thank you Dr. Wilson. After having my reversal in 2015, we opted to wait for a year to try to have a baby. a had a second analysis done prior to trying and it came back with normal levels. We began trying to get pregnant in October of 2016 and conceived in November of 2017. Our daughter was born August 31,2017. Again want we to say thank you for what you do.

    • Shelly Beil, Ohio

    We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Wilson! We drove 14 hours from Ohio and had the procedure done!! Only 8 moths later, we conceived!! It had been 3 years since my husbands reversal when he had it reversed. Highly Highly recommend!

    • Tim Wiley, AZ

    I had a vasectomy on 9/11/2009 and got it reversed by Dr. Wilson on 8/28/2015. Nine months later my wife became pregnant. On February 9th, 2017 we welcomed twin baby boys, Henry and Hudson! Very grateful to Dr. Wilson for his low cost reversals!

    • Sarah Wynn, Oklahoma

    A couple years ago my husband, Sean, and I felt that we were meant to have more children. We prayed for God to guide us. We researched and found Dr. Wilson's website. My husband had his reversal on July 9, 2016, just 3 months shy of being 4 years post vasectomy. During the procedure, Dr. Wilson informed us that he had only a 70% chance of return to patency. We were hopeful in spite of our odds being lower than we'd hoped. We found out on September 30th we were pregnant, just 2 1/2 months after the reversal! Sadly, that pregnancy ended in miscarriage mid October. On December 19th we discovered we were pregnant again, and our rainbow baby was born on August 24th, 2017. Our sweet little Hadlie was born just a little over a year after my husband's reversal. We are so grateful to Dr. Wilson! Without his clinic we would never have been able to afford a reversal.

    • Michelle, Ok

    So thankful for Dr. Wilson. We thought we were done having babies so we rushed into a vasectomy. Two years later I knew I wasn't done having babies. After many months of thought we went for the reversal, we were able to get in within 13days and had the procedure June 22, 2017. We were successful the second cycle conceiving! Baby is due April 26, 2018! Thank you Dr. Wilson!

    • Keith Pearson, Texas

    I had a vasectomy performed on me at the end of 2015. My wife and I changed our minds about a year and a half later and decided that we wanted more children. I opted for a vasectomy reversal and had been hoping for a good chance of success since my vasectomy was less than 2 years prior. So this past May I drove up to Oklahoma. Dr. Wilson did a marvelous job on my reversal. There were no complications following the procedure and nothing to worry about. My wife and I started trying for another child about 2 weeks after the surgery and a week or two after that she got pregnant. We're thrilled!

    • Mig Girard, MA

    After 2 years post vasectomy, and 2 beautiful boys, we decided that we still wanted to add to our family. My husband had his reversal done Nov. 2016 and 2 months later, January 2017, we found out we were expecting our miracle baby! Here we are now at 36 weeks of pregnancy and out boys will be welcoming their little sister in just 4 short weeks! Thank you Dr. Wilson, we are so happy we came to the Reversal Clinic! God bless!

    • Tiffany, North Carolina

    My husband had his reversal done in May of this year 2017 and it's only August and we are expecting. It's been 7 years post vasectomy. I pray this encourages & gives hope to other couples who are trying to conceive. I pray that your life will be filled with great joy of hearing the news that you too will be expecting soon! Thank you Dr.Wilson for answering the call that God has placed on your life... more updates soon to come

    • Courtney Fontaine, B.C. Canada

    I had my reversal in June 2015 after six years post vasectomy. After 3 months post reversal we received the news that is was a success and would be welcoming our fourth child! On May 23, 2016 our son Dominic was born (our first boy) after 3 daughters. He is now a happy and healthy one year old and cannot thank Dr.Wilson enough!

    • Megan Johnson, Texas

    We are so thankful God led us to you, Dr. Wilson! You are such a blessing. My husband Mike's reversal was done in September 2016 and 3 weeks after the surgery we conceived. Our sweet baby girl Austyn is now 2 months old and we can't imagine life without her. Thank you again for what you do!

    • Jessica Booth, Kentucky

    My husband had his reversal in october 2016 after nearly 9 years post vasectomy. Happy to report the very first time we tried we were successful. Our daughter, Korbyn was born 7/15/17!. we cant thank the reversal clinic enough!

    • Mary Hirsch, Ohio

    My husband, Paul, and I came to Dr. Wilson in June 2013 for a reversal. We became pregnant with our first reversal baby in May of 2014! Our little girl, Emerson, was born in February 2015. We became pregnant with our 2nd reversal baby in February 2016, but lost the baby at 6 weeks (April 10th). We became pregnant with reversal baby number 3 in July (2016), and he was born on April 10th (a year after we lost our previous baby). Tobias is our last child (3 kids before vasectomy, 2 children here after reversal), and he was born with a severe and rare heart defect. He will have his first open heart surgery in about 2 months. We wouldn't have it any other way with our family. We are blessed that we were given our two reversal babies, and we are grateful to Dr. Wilson for helping with that. Best decision we ever made. Thank you! 😍

    • Derek Tippins , Georgia

    We had my husbands reversal done in December of 2015! Today we had our sweet baby girl! She was a healthy 8lbs1oz and is doing wonderful!!!

    • Brooke, Michigan

    We just had our 5th reversal baby in June. A total of 11 children. 8 here with us 3 in heaven waiting for us.

    • James Bailey, California

    Thank You Dr. Wilson! Our healthy, perfect baby girl is now one week old. I had my reversal in March or April 2016. We were pregnant by October. Our daughter Juna was born at home on July 26, 2017. She was 7lb 15oz. I am 47 years old and had my reversal three years after the vasectomy. To those men who are on the fence, or nervous, I want to let you know that it was worth it 100%. The only pain I felt was the first injection of local anesthetic. Of course, there is the the soreness afterward, but for me, that was very manageable. Dr. Wilson put me at ease when I came to the clinic. His experience and mission shone through in everything, from the cleanliness and order of his clinic, to the focused and professional demeanor with which he performed the procedure. While the local motel options didn't quite meet my standards, I found a lovely place to stay only 35 minutes away at the Sequoyah State Park lodge. It was well worth it. All the Best, James Bailey Ojai, CA

    • Jeremy Rice, FL

    Just wanted to update you. After a 10 year vasectomy reversal from Dr. Wilson, and being in our 40's we had a son we named Valor. He's on your wall dated 10/25/16. Well we just found out we are expecting again. The chances of conception after having a vasectomy for 10+ years was iffy at best. Having it happen twice is incredible. Thanks for all you do, we are very excited.

    • Brad and Kim Savage, Tennessee

    My husband had his reversal in 2009. 6 months later we were expecting our 4th child! He was born July 2010. In the years following we had 5 heartbreaking miscarriages. Then the Lord blessed us in 2014 with a baby girl. :) We are so grateful for Dr. Wilson's ministry! What answered prayer to see the clinic is still thriving and growing larger! Wonderful!

    • Jeff, Arkansas

    When my wife and I decided to check into a vasectomy the rates were insane! We then found Dr.Wilson while googling about it all. We did research on this clinic for several months before we decided to make an appointment. I had my vasectomy for almost almost 8 years before getting it reversed in January 2017. We are pleased to announce that our little miracle baby will be here December 2017. It happened a lot faster than what we expected and honestly my wife was thinking it wouldn't work. God is so good and Dr.Wilson did an awesome job! The clinic is so nice and clean. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone!

    • Nick and Ashley Nulph, Ok

    We had our reversal done in September 2016, 7 years after the original vasectomy. A short 3 months later we got a wonderful Christmas present with the news that my wife was pregnant! Here in about a month we will be adding a baby boy to our family and we are very thankful for Dr. Wilson's great work!

    • Jesse and Amanda Moore, KS

    Vasectomy March 11th, 2011. Reversal on March 24th, 2017 with Dr. Nathan Wood. In just under 4 months & we just found out we are pregnant! Just started trying this last 2 cycles & haven't even done analysis yet. We're ecstatic!! Thank you so much & blessings to you, Dr. Wood!!! 😁😁😁😁

    • Cash Hannah, Tn.

    My wife and I lost a daughter in 2011 due to a rare form of dwarfism and in my pain and anger I had a vasectomy in 2012. It was the worst mistake of my life and I had regretted that decision from the moment I did it. Five years later, on May 8th, 2017, I walked into Dr. Wilson's office and by God's grace and provision, Dr. Wilson performed the reversal. PRAISE GOD!!!! It worked!!!! We became pregnant in June. THE FOLLOWING MONTH!!! We continue to pray and praise God for this blessing and encourage anyone to contact Dr. Wilson's office that would like to have the same opportunity. He is professional, honest, and courteous. Thank you SO MUCH Dr. Wilson for doing what the Lord has led you to do. May God bless you and every patient that comes through you office. Cash Hannah (423)-836-8290 Tennessee

    • Michelle Kirkpatrick, CO

    I can't thank you enough for your work on my husband, Josh! He had the procedure in January 2016 and we just welcomed a beautiful baby girl on June 17, 2017. Although Josh had a vasectomy for over 5 years, we were able to get pregnant the first month we tried (Sept 2017). Thank you for allowing God to use you as an answer to our prayers!

    • Gina holliday, Georgia

    Confirmed pregnancy today. Reversal was November 23, 2016. Super excited!

    • Karli, Nevada

    My husband had his vasectomy reversal March 07th, 2017. It had been 11 years from his original vasectomy. Dr Wilson had found sperm on the right side and tails on the left. Giving us 80% patency. My husband had developed an orange size hematoma shortly afterward. We were concerned that it would affect our chances of getting pregnant. Praise be to God though because on June 16th, 2017 I got a big fat positive!!! (We haven't even had our 4 month check up for the semen analysis) My husband and I are overjoyed and cannot wait for this little one to arrive. Dr. Wilson is a blessing! Thank you Dr. Wilson!!!

    • Chris Lewellen, arkansas

    We had our reversal done two years ago and our son, Ty, will turn 10 months old on July 6th. We are so happy and blessed! Thank you

    • Robert Myers, CA

    I had my reversal in May of 2016. That was seven years after my vasectomy. Four months later a baby was on the way. Our little angle was born on June 7, 2016 at 8lbs 9oz. The whole experience with Dr. Wilson was great an I highly recommend his service for anyone wanting a reliable doctor.

    • Robert Meeks, Arkansas but procedure performed in Oklahoma

    We had our vasectomy reversal done March 9, 2017. My husband had his original vasectomy 18 year prior to the reversal. We just found out we are pregnant on June 21st 2017. We are so happy. Thank you Reversal Clinic for making our dreams come true.

    • Randi and Justin Phillips , SC

    We're pregnant! We are thrilled to announce that we are expecting only nine months after the reversal. My husband had his original vasectomy three years ago, and the reversal in August of 2016. We already have been blessed with five children on earth and one in heaven. Now, we are excited to see what God does through this reversal. Thanks to Dr. Wilson who was patient and kind to us during the entire process. We are thankful. With admiration, Justin and Randi Phillips Honea Path, SC

    • Chris, Nc

    July 7, 2015 reversal after 16 years July 17, 2016 BFP March 16, 2017 our not so little miracle was born at 38 weeks weighing 8lbs 9.7 oz and 21 inch long

    • Christina Evans, PA

    We had our reversal in September, we began trying in December and we are now expecting our baby on Christmas! Dr. Baldwin made us feel so comfortable despite the nervousness my husband (and I) were feeling. He even took time to pray with us prior to the surgery which honestly made this event so much more meaningful. I felt like my husband was in amazing hands, his recovery was very very quick. We couldn't be happier or more grateful with the outcome. We are blessed to have had such an amazing experience thanks to Dr. Baldwin!

    • Korey and Ronisha Coppage, LA

    My wife and I were trying to have a child for sometime but we couldn't because of my vasectomy that I had for about 7 years prior, we were looking during the fall of 2010 for place to get a vasectomy reversal and we found Dr. David Wilson's information on the blessed arrows website. We made an appointment in December 2010 and had the reversal done without any complications we got pregnant immediately there after and had a child that was born that next September 2011. Dr. David really believes in what he is doing restoring people to child bearing status again, as a matter of fact it was really comforting that he took time out to pray with us before the procedure. It's little things like that that made the trip from Louisiana to Oklahoma well worth it. Finding such a committed professional at the price that we did was a Godsend. And now over five years later we have had our second child after having the reversal done thank you Dr. David Wilson. Love Ronisha and Korey Coppage P.S. And Thank You from Deacon (5 years old) And Dylan Coppage (2 weeks old) Our Blessed Arrows

    • Dustin, Vancouver, BC Canada

    I had my reversal surgery with Dr Wilson in Nov 2016, after having had my vasectomy just over 8 years. We were very pleased with Dr Wilson, his services was great we always felt like we were in good hands. We came all the way from Vancouver Canada, and we are so glad that we did because we are found out that we are expecting, Due Jan 2018! We held off trying for 3 months and got pregnant after 2 months of trying. I would recommend him to anyone who is wanting to get a reversal surgery done.

    • Erin, South Carolina

    My husband had his reversal surgery 1/13/2015 I remember because we were so excited and I also began my cycle that day. It had been 5 years since his vasectomy. I didn't get another period...Our healthy baby girl was born 11/27/2015. We also had a perfect baby boy 1/30/2017. Thank you so very much Dr. Wilson!!! I have recommended you to other people I know who wanted a reversal, my cousin and his wife, thanks to you they now have a beautiful baby boy! I couldn't be happier with the results!

    • Roy Ellis, OR

    We had a reversal by Dr. Wilson in September 2016 and on Mothers Day, 2017 we got a positive pregnancy test. We don't know the gender yet but, with 10 daughters already, the OB says it's a good bet it will probably be another girl. The procedure itself was a pleasant surprise. The original vasectomy was quite painful and the recovery long and difficult. Dr. Wilson's reversal, on the other hand, was virtually pain free and the recovery very quick.

    • Andrew and Heather Steele, TN

    My husband had his reversal in 2015, May I believe after 8 years from his vasectomy. We chose not to do the analysis, or track my ovulation, temp. medications, IVF, etc. I have stage 4 endometriosis and only 1 ovary/fallopian tube left. So, we had hope but knew our odds. To our complete surprise in October 2016, we had a positive pregnancy test-due June 9! We couldnt be more excited and have Dr. Wilson to thank!

    • Mark Barnes, Las Vegas

    Had my vasectomy over 15 years ago. Got on the Calendar and was expecting to have surgery sometime in March of 2016. I slot opened up. We were so excited and nervous. Flew out to Oklahoma with my fiancé and had my reversal was performed in the morning December 12, 2015. June 2016 she got pregnant. February 24, 2017 - we are excite to say we have a beautiful baby girl. Our whole family loves her. I did recommend to a friend - they are having their baby soon. We are so blessed. Thank you Dr. Wilson.

    • Terry Combs, New York

    I had my reversal on 08/05/2015, my wife and our other children welcomed our new family blessing home on 11/05/2017... Our bouncing baby boy Zacharias is truly a blessing... Thank you Dr. Wilson!!!

    • Cody and Christy Kohler, KS

    My husband had his reversal on February 10, 2015. Dr. Wilson was wonderful and the reversal was a success! Much to our surprise, on June 10, 2015 we had a positive pregnancy test. We didn't even have time to do the analysis. On January 27, 2016 our beautiful baby girl, Harper, was born. Thank you Dr. Wilson for giving us the opportunity to complete our family!

    • Larry, Washington

    I had my reversal surgery with Dr David in Feb 2015, after having had my vasectomy just over 7 years earlier. I am super pleased with Dr David, his services and a successful surgery and we received the news in May of 2015 that my wife was pregnant. Can't say enough good things about the whole process and about Dr David and we are extremely grateful for him for allowing us to have our wonderful son now. I would recommend him to anyone who is wanting to get a reversal surgery done.

    • Chris Winn, OK

    It had been over 5 years since my vasectomy. I remarried and we wanted another kid. My wife and I ran into a couple at Safari Joe's who had been to the Reversal Clinic and were in the process of trying. They highly recommended Dr. Wilson and described the experience. We made our appointment in September 2015 and just gave birth to a healthy little girl, March 2017. Thanks so much Dr. Wilson!!

    • Danielle, NV

    My husband Rich and I flew from Nevada to Oklahoma in January of 2016 because we were so impressed with the success rates of Dr. Wilson. Dr. Wilson performed by husbands reversal on the 29th of January and on July 28th I found out we were expecting. On April 6th 2017 we welcomed our son Liam into this world. Many thanks to Dr. Wilson for our amazing beautiful little boy.

    • Bethany and Joe M, Kentucky

    My husband had his reversal with Dr. Wilson May 2015 following a vasectomy in May 2009. The surgery was a success and he has had perfect analysis since! We're pleased to announce that we are expecting our first reversal baby in December 2017. We couldn't be happier and although All thanks to God, this never could have been possible if we hadn't seen Dr. W. Thank you for making our dreams a reality!

    • Alex Cifelli, New Jersey

    My husband Alex had his reversal done in July 2016 after 7 years and we became pregnant in November 2016 and i am due July 25, 2017. We just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Baldwin for his great work! When the baby comes we will send pictures to follow. Thank you. Sincerely, Tricia

    • Scott, Pennsylvania

    Made the appointmet in November and had the procedure done on December 9th. Dr. Baldwin went over everything with my wife and I and performed the procedure in 2 hours. My wife and I found out she was pregnant on February 24 and due this October. Would highly recommend Dr. Baldwin if you are thinking of this procedure.

    • Jennifer Adams, Oklahoma

    Dr. Wilson did my husband procedure on 2008 his vasectomy was well over 20 years old after a few miscarriage's we happily announce we are 15 weeks pregnant with a baby girl! Dr. Wilson is a huge blessing to our family, highly recommend.

    • James and Eve Ray, TX

    My husband had his vasectomy in 2010. We went to see Dr. Wilson in July 2016 but couldn't "officially" start trying until December 2016. It took us 4 months to get pregnant. We are expecting our precious bundle December 2017. Thank God for Dr. Wilson for helping our dream come true.

    • Matt Morton, Alabama

    My wife and I felt we rushed into the decision for a vasectomy right after our third child was born. After much prayer and discussion, we contacted Dr. Wilson. We had the reversal in January of 2015. The process was quick and relatively painless. Although it took us almost two years to conceive, we are now expecting another child in October. We are so thankful that Dr. Wilson helped make this a possibility. We truly are blessed!

    • James Rolan, Washington

    I would highly recommend Dr. Wilson to anyone considering having a reversal done. While researching potential doctors, one name kept being mentioned over and over...Dr. Wilson. So after reading the reviews and praying about it, we made the appointment for July 23rd, 2016 to reverse my vasectomy after 9 years. Prior to the procedure, Dr. Wilson was kind, caring and fully explained the procedure before asking if we could say a prayer together for the Good Lord to guide his hands during the procedure. After a few months of trying to get pregnant, we began to lose hope a little thinking that it just wasn't in our cards to conceive another child given our ages (38, 39). But all things are in the Lord's time and he knew exactly when we were ready. We are so excited to announce that we are pregnant. After 2 pregnancy tests and blood work, we are confirmed around 7 weeks and my wife is due in Nov 2017. Thank you for everything and we will continue to tell others about your amazing gift that the Lord has blessed upon you!

    • Thomas Beckner, California

    I highly recommend Dr. Wilson! He is truly helping out families across the country. Wherever you are he is worth traveling for. Our beautiful daughter was born February 17,2017. It is because of his help not only his with skill, but kindness, and willingness to help families with a reasonable fee. Our family has grown and we are now complete because of his help! Thank you for everything.

    • Christina Nevills, Oklahoma

    My husband had a vasectomy in December 2015, one month before our 4th child was born. We felt done! However, we didnt dicuss in length about the vasectomt but figured we would be fine with it. A couple of months later we began discussing a reversal & after much thought & prayer opened our family to God & His planning. Dr. Wilson helped make this happen for us. We got the reversal in April of 2016 & are happy to announce that 11 months later we are due with baby #5 in November 2017. Thank you for what you do & praying with us & being a man of God who does a wonderful job.

    • Randall Farmer, KY

    We had the reversal done in June 2015. We were holding off on trying until my wife was closer to being finished with school. We decided in Nov of 2015 to start trying the next month. When the next month came, we were already pregnant. We hadn't even had the analysis yet. We now have a beautiful 7 month old baby girl!

    • Brittany Hord, GA

    Dr. Wilson performed a reversal for my husband in March 2015, 3 years after this vasectomy. We welcomed our baby girl in December 2016. Thank you Dr. Wilson!!!

    • Lindsay, Washington

    We had our reversal in 2010, (8 years out from the vasectomy) we were pregnant about a year later! We are incredibly greatful for Dr.Wislon and his AFFORDABLE vasectomy reversal; otherwise parenthood would not have been an option for us. Thank you!!

    • Robinsons, NV

    Dr. Wood was caring, funny and so talented. My husband had his reversal Dec. 6th 2016, and only 3 weeks later I got pregnant- talk about perfect timing. I am so glad we trusted this very important surgery with Dr. wood and the clinic. They are experts!

    • Michael Donaldson, California

    I am happy to report I got my Positive pregnancy test on 2/22/17. Michael Donaldson reversal surgery was with Dr. WILSON ON 11/18/16. Our EDD is November 8, 2017. Thank you Dr. Wilson.

    • Migdeliz Girard, MA

    We went to Dr. Wilson after reading numerous reviews from different forums that recommended him. My husband had a vasectomy after we had our second son in 2015. We knew shortly after that we were not done having children. We went to Dr. Wilson on November of 2016 and just 2 months later, we are expecting our miracle baby! I am extremely pleased with how quick we were able to conceive and so excited about our new baby joining our family.

    • Rob, Alaska

    Best Valentines Day gift ever, positive pregnancy test! I had my vasectomy in May 2009, and Dr Wilson performed the reversal September of 2016. We are so excited and can't thank Dr Wilson enough for what he provides. Our best wishes to those of you still in the process. For those of you contemplating Dr Wilson and his clinic- trust his expertise and what he has done for so many couples. He does so many reversals, it can feel like the speed at which the instructions etc. are a bit fast, but we actually appreciated the quickness and efficiency of the experience. He prays with you if you wish, and I feel this gesture is just one example that he cares about each case he receives. Additionally, I received a follow up call months later just to see how things were going and if I had any questions. Thank you Dr Wilson.

    • Natalie Simons, Ohio

    We had four boys and thought we were done having children. My husband had a vasectomy in 2013 and 2 years later as I was on my way to Washington D.C. for the March for Life the Lord questioned me.. if you are truly pro-life, than why are you not open to life in your own marriage? That was January 22,2016. The Lord led me to Dr. David Wilson's clinic and my husband had his reversal on 4/1/16. We found out we were pregnant on 10/30/16 and were completely shocked and overwhelmed. We found out today that our 4 boys will be welcoming a little sister in June 2017. Thanks be to God and thank you to Dr. Wilson for listening to the Lord and following your calling. This journey has not only strengthened our marriage, but also our faith!

    • Casey and Breanna Patterson, Tennessee

    My husband had a vasectomy in 2008 after having two boys. In June of 2015 we got his vasectomy reversed by Dr. Wilson. After trying for one year and 6 months we are finally 6 weeks pregnant!! In December we were told by a fertility specialist that we would not concieve on our own and we would have to have IUI due to my husband getting 81% sperm antibodies from the reversal. Apparently the antibodies are a common thing after reversals. We got pregnant all on our own and we can't thank God enough for this amazing opportunity to have another child.

    • Jesse Giles, Pennsylvania

    My story starts back in January of 2007. My wife at the time and I were blessed with a daughter and son at a young age. Thing with having a young mind is sometimes making choices that one may regret. My mind was set on having a vasectomy. I felt at the time I had the "perfect" family and that nothing would change. Well a lot had changed and nine years later I'm in a relationship with a different wonderful woman who has dreams of having more children. When we met she had just had her son a month prior. The father backed out of the relationship with the news of her pregnancy and she was left to deal with things on her own and her parents did all they could. I've been really depressed knowing I couldn't have more children and that my insurance wouldn't cover the costs of a reversal. Then I seen the light at the end of the tunnel when I seen Dr. Keith's practice in Rhode Island at a very reasonable cost. I have taken on the role as father to her little miracle which why I say this is because she has had many pregnancy complications. I love him like my own but I know we both want more children to love. We discussed and agreed on setting an appointment with Dr. Keith. I had doubts in the back of my head on the procedure working since it had been so long but we put our faith in God and the doctor. Dr. Keith performed the reversal on September 30 2016 which was a little more difficult than usual and took a little longer because the practitioner who performed my vasectomy removed a Fairly large section of the tubes. Two days ago on January 25 2017 my now fiancé took two pregnancy test and we are expecting!!! This has definitely given me a new lease on life and much more love in my heart! We are definitely keeping the pregnancy monitored with the high risk doctor and went in for our first appointment the next day to get things rolling. Prayers that God watches out for us and everything goes as smooth as possible. We can never thank you enough Dr. Keith.

    • Cristina Ghinga , MO

    Today we found out that the Lord answered our prayers! I got a positive pregnancy test and I am so grateful and humbled that He heard my cry! My husband had his vasectomy in Sept 2012 right before my 3rd was born. After a couple years I knew I wanted more. So did my husband. God had completely changed our hearts regarding children. We found out of Dr. Wilson through a friend on social media. God opened ALL the doors and my husband had the reversal Nov 2016. It is now Jan 24, 2017 (only 2 months later!) and I tested positive! Glory to God. And thank the Lord for Dr.Wilson and his ministry at The Clinic! He was patient, calm and spent time in prayer with us before the surgery.....God's presence was felt indeed. Thank you Dr.Wilson for submitting to the Lord in this calling! We are forever grateful.

    • Amanda P, Mi

    Today we got the most beautiful gift! A positive pregnancy test! My husband's reversal was 7 months ago tomorrow. He was 4.5 years post vasectomy when we traveled to Oklahoma. We had had 5 children veryyy close together and thought we were done having babies. We regretted it almost immediately. We were thrilled to find Dr. Wilson online. Even more so after one of my husbands employees successfully conceived her daughter after her husband had a reversal with Dr. Wilson. He is obviously a very gifted surgeon and we are so very thankfully for him following the Lord's direction in this amazing ministry. Praying our little one grows healthy and strong and we get meet him or her this fall! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Dr. Wilson!

    • MAGEN AND BOBBY, Louisiana


    • Jesse Sturgess, SC

    We had our reversal 5/9/2015 and our precious baby boy was born 10/4/2016. Thank you so much Dr. Wilson! Please tell me how I can send you a picture!

    • Timothy LaCourse, Oklahoma

    It had been 7 (2005) years since I had my vasectomy. My wife and I both wanted children and so we found Dr. Wilson's clinic online and close by. Was a little hesitant because the cost was so low compared to other offices I had contacted about the reversal. We took the risk and could not be more pleased with the results. I had my reversal in May, by August my wife was pregnant, but not just pregnant, pregnant with twins! Our twins girls were born early, but you can't even tell now. That was in 2014. In 2016 we welcomed our 3 child with a boy! Couldn't be happier with the results!

    • Eric Kelleher, UT

    I had a vasectomy in 2006 after being blessed with 2 amazing kids with my first marriage. After a divorce and being married again in 2013 my wife desperately wanted another child. We went back and forth whether or not we wanted to go through with a vasectomy reversal and after years of thought we decided we would like to give it a try. We found Dr. Wilson through a friend who heard of him from a friend of a friend. After deciding this was what we wanted we flew from Utah to Oklahoma in February 2015. My wife got her positive pregnancy test in September 2015. Our baby girl was born May 2016 and we couldn't be anymore grateful for Dr. Wilson and making this possible for us after 8 years post vasectomy. We always felt that after that many years the odds were against us and it was not in our cards but Dr. Wilson made this possible for us. Thank you Dr. Wilson from the bottom of our hearts for making this possible.

    • David E, CA

    My husband had his vasectomy done March of 2011. He got his reversal June 2016. We didn't start trying to get pregnant until September because we wanted to try to aim for a summer baby. Well thanks to Dr. Wilson we are now pregnant and due end of July 2017. We couldn't be happier and excited. Thank you Dr Wilson, we will forever be greatful!

    • Michael Travis, CALIFORNIA

    My vasectomy was about 10 years old which is at the higher end of the time window for reversal so I knew I was taking a gamble with the procedure. The gamble paid off two-fold with a pair a twin girls. Blair and Mackenzie would like to thank you, Dr. Wilson, for you incredible skill during the procedure but they can't talk yet. Mike and Alicia, California

    • Emily M., Maine & NH

    My husband and I traveled out to OK in April 2016 for the reversal procedure. My husband had a vasectomy after his 3rd child around 2009. We were married on 12/22/11, and I wanted a child. We got the appointment, bought plane tickets, hotel, rental car. Had the procedure on a Monday 4/11/16. In August, my husband had his sperm checked, and he was all set. October we found out we were pregnant! We had our Beautiful Baby Boy Christian Alexander on 6/25/2016. 8lbs, 5oz, 21.5in long! He is our miracle baby! And he is the most beautiful thing in the world. He will be 6 months old on Christmas Day!

    • Ashley Harney , Al

    Just wanted to thank Dr.Wilson for the amazing job he preformed on my husband. He had his reversal 7-13-2016 and was given a 70% chance at convincing, well here we are 5 months after and 6 weeks pregnant! I am so glad God blessed us with a wonderful Dr and another chance. Words can't express how thankful we are to Dr.Wilson.

    • Jeff and Cassie Fenoseff, Michigan

    My husband had a reversal in June 2016 and I got pregnant 5 months later, even being over 40 years old! This ministry has been a true blessing to us and we would recommend that anyone in this situation prayerfully consider using The Reversal Clinic. Dr. Baldwin was amazing- very kind, going above and beyond to make it a positive experience for us. We are very grateful that we connected with Dr. Baldwin and pray that many others are able to have the same success that we have had!

    • Kady and Jeff Bowman, North Carolina

    My husband had his vasectomy done 2007 when he was previously married. We met and got married 2014 and we wanted a child together. We scheduled our appointment June 2nd 2016 with Dr. Baldwin in Rhode Island. The cost is unbeatable and unbelievable. Dr. Baldwin was AMAZING. He is kind, gentle, Patient, and works magic people. 6 months later we are proud to announce we are 7 weeks pregnant!!!! We couldn't think the reversal clinic enough for giving us the opportunity to have this done.

    • Mike and Megan Johnson , TX

    My husband had his reversal in mid September 2016, 3 years after his vasectomy. My first ovulation in October (approx. 3 weeks post surgery) I got pregnant!! What a blessing! We realize it doesn't happen this way for everyone but we are so grateful. Dr Wilson was wonderful. His prayer and guidance before the surgery was so sweet. My husband had an easy recovery with minimal pain. We are due with our sweet girl June 28, 2017. Will update with pics once she is here. Dr Wilson, you are truly a God send!

    • Joel and Olivia, Chicago, IL

    Dear Dr Wilson, it is with great excitement and joy that we are expecting our little girl to arrive in May 2017. We had our reversal in May 2014 (6 years after procedure). Dr Wilson was fantastic and we highly recommend him. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for giving us our miracle!

    • David and Amberlyn Carter, Georgia

    My husband had his vasectomy for 10 years and we really wanted a baby between us both! We had talked to other DRs and they said since it had been so long that is prolly wouldn't work and be a waste of money but my husband did some ressearch and foudn Dr. Wilson online and we contacted him and made the arrangements and went and had the reversal done in Nov 2013 i got pregnant in April 2015 and our Daughter Payton McKenzie Carter was born Jan2016. If it wasn't for Dr. Wilson we wouldn't have our precious babygirl that completes our family! He was well worth the travel just so we could have our baby! I have recommended him to several other people because he was great! Thanks again Dr. WIlson!! We are grateful for you!!

    • David Carrillo, california

    had my procedure done in late 2013 and Dr. Wilson was extremely professional and calm he had the whole process quick and relaxing. As far as if it work well took a little bit but we are expecting a baby boy February 2017 and I'm jumping with excitement. thank you Dr. Wilson you are the one person I'm most thankful for outside my wife and kids of course.

    • Matt and Erin, Kansas

    Matt had his reversal done in early February 2016 which was 3 years after his vasectomy. We found out we were pregnant only a few months after the procedure and are due with baby number 4 in early February 2017! Thank you to Dr. Wilson for making this possible for our family to add another blessing to it! We are very excited to meet our little one in just a few short months.

    • Frank Wilson, TX

    Hello Dr Wilson. I hope this email finds you well. It's with great excitement that we write sharing the wonderful news that we've had a beautiful baby boy 2 years post reversal! Malachi Shane was born 9/21/2016 7lbs-13oz and 21" long From the bottom of our hearts my wife Mallory and I thank you for making this birth possible! Truly, Frank Wilson and Family

    • Melissa and Terry Lemmons , Oklahoma

    Dr Wilson. I'd like to send you a picture of our miracle baby! VR was on 4/11/13, found out we were expecting on 2/7/2016. We had the most precious, absolutely perfect, beautiful baby boy on 10/10/2016. Thank you thank you thank you for everything you do! How can I send you a picture to show off my boy. His name is Braxton. Thanks again, Terry, Melissa, and Braxton Lemmons

    • Dawn Bennett, South Dakota

    My husband and I visited Dr. Wilson in October of 2015, almost 7 years after my husband's vasectomy, and had regretted it ever since. Dr. Wilson did a wonderful job, and his faith, skill, and knowledge made it possible for us to now be expecting baby #5! We are beyond blessed, and cannot wait to see if God has blessed us with a boy or girl! Thank you, Dr. Wilson, for devoting yourself to such a wonderful ministry!

    • Chris, OKLAHOMA

    Had a vasectomy in 2007, my wife wanted one more baby, we had 3 already but she always wanted 4 kids. Had the reversal done 4/4012, baby #4 came in 03/2013 and surprise baby #5 came in 05/2015. Dr Wilson is great and is very skilled in what he does Thank you

    • Tiffany Chacon, Colorado

    My husband Aaron and I visited Dr. Wilson in November 2015. It was 3 years after the vasectomy that we long regretted. Dr. Wilson was professional and kind during the visit and operation. One month later, we were expecting our third child. As the pregnancy progressed we were forever in love with our new baby and grateful to Dr. Wilson for the gift of our third daughter, Vivian Rose. Sadly, on 4/26/16 at 20 weeks our angel was born sleeping and we had to say goodbye. Our hearts were broken but again so thankful for the gift of our daughter. We later found out the cause was an un diagnosed blood clotting disorder that mom has and is now treated for. Fast forward to August 2016 and we received the great news that we are expecting baby #4. This time, we will be adding a baby brother to the family who is due almost 1 year to the day his big sister went to heaven. This love and excitement would have never happened without Dr. Wilsons life changing procedure and heart of gold to offer it at an affordable price. Thank you Dr. Wilson!

    • Richard Lopez, Illinois

    Had my vr done in January 2013 and had a positive in December 2013 but misscarried in January 2014. we now have a son born October 2016. I am am 46 year old type 1 diabetic father and wife is 40 years young...thank you dr wilson

    • Jeremy and Shannon Rice, Florida

    Just wanted to update you on our vasectomy reversal success. I had my vasectomy for 10 years before Dr. Wilson did my reversal. It did take 3 years after the reversal, but I'm happy to say at the age of 41 I'm a father again. We gave birth to our son Valor on October 19. Happy, healthy, 8lb-14oz. Thank you Dr. Wilson for all you do to make this possible for people. I had intended to attach a photo but I don't see how to do it. Let me know so I can put an addition on your wall of success stories.

    • Kristen and Michael Ladd, Tennessee

    My husband had got his vasectomy in July 2010 after he had three children. I only had one child. When we got married I told him I had always wanted two kids of my own. So we started searching reversal clinics. Everywhere in our area wanted around $10,000, then I found Dr. Gibson. We got on the waiting list in April and he had surgery on August 11, 2016. Today, October 19, 2016 (my son's 6th birthday) I got a BFP! Thank you Dr. Wilson for helping our dream come true!!!

    • Ryan and Sara , Minnesota

    My husband had his reversal in July 2014. He was 5 years out from his vasectomy. In April 2015 we were pregnant and now we have a beautiful baby boy. Dr. Wilson thank you so much for giving us our miracle!

    • leticia and frederick, illinois

    thank you, thank you, thank you. my miracle baby arrived. shes 9 months 3 weeks. loves food, cartoons and her fake cellphone. shes brought so much joy and laughter to my life and my husband life. Dr, you were truly God sent. i prayed for like 4 months and cried almost every night just praying for a miracle. im sorry i took long to write my family success story, but i always knew i would. i just had to. may the lord continue to guide you with your helping hand and bless you for having a compassionate heart and truely understanding families struggles emotionally and financially.

    • Ana Nelson , Washington

    We just wanted to thank DR Wilson for this gift, my husband had a vasectomy March 2012 and on March 7th 2016 (this year) we had it reversed. We're excited to share that we are expecting our miracle baby in April 2017. Thank you.

    • Tiffany and Ronnie Simons, Missouri

    We had our VR 10/6/14 we drive from Kansas City. We got our positive pregnancy test 6/10/16 and expecting our baby 2/16/17. Dr. Wilson is great answers your emails even after the surgery. Thank you so much for giving couples a chance to bring life into this world.

    • Roger and Christy Vansel, Missouri

    My husband had a vasectomy October 2006. Dr. Wilson did his reversal March 2010. We found out in April 2010 that I was expecting. Sarah was born December 2010. Since then we have had Jedidiah in 2013 and Ruth in 2015. We had 2 children prior to surgery. We look forward to more. I am thankful that Dr. Wilson offers the surgery at the price he does, otherwise it would have taken us longer to "fix" our mistake of the initial vasectomy.

    • Tom, KS

    It was more than seven years since I had my vasectomy. Five months after having the reversal, we were due to have another baby. Thank you Dr. Wilson!

    • Mark and Jennifer Thompson, South Carolina

    A CHANGE OF HEART... My husband had a vasectomy in September 2014 just 12 days after our 4th child was born. We didn't discuss it really but he felt we didn't "need" more children. I was so upset because I wasn't sure that I wanted to stop at 4. Yes we were already blessed beyond measure but I felt like God had more in store for our family. In March of 2016 my husband surprised me by saying that we should have another baby. I was so excited amd shocked but reality reminded me that we couldn't because of the vasectomy. He said we could look into reversals. I was truly in shock because this man did NOT want anymore children and I never imagined this conversation happening! Even for a week or two after this initial conversation I kept asking him was he sure and he absolutely was. We started researching and I called Dr after Dr to get quotes for this elective surgery and to our surprise it was going to be an astronomical expense. Anywhere between $6k and $15k in our state of SC and in NC too. The prices varied so much based on type of anesthesia/pain control and also the facilities used like medical office, surgery centers or in hospitals. I felt I knew we couldn't afford that and so I prayed and prayed and kept the search going. I finally found The Reversal Clinic website and was over the moon excited when I realized it was just $1800 for the surgery through them. At the time they only had the Oklahoma location open but were planning to open the Rhode Island location in May of 2016. This meant cheaper airfare by about half! With the $1800 surgery cost in mind, hotel plus airfare expenses... on Mother's Day 2016 we paid our deposit and set a date of June 17th for the surgery! Submitting that form and payment was one of the most exciting days of my life! Surreal doesn't even fit this. Dr Baldwin was amazing, he prayed with us before the surgery which completely put my heart to ease and affirmed that we made the right decision. The following day we flew back home. We knew that my first cycle after his reversal would be very early but we tried anyway!! On July 27th I took a test a few days before my cycle was even due because I just felt some special way! Low and behold I was PREGNANT!! It was a digital so I knew it was accurate. We are due April 8th 2017. Wow is all I can say. I give thanks and praise to God and of course to Dr Baldwin for his skilled hands and my loving husband for having the courage to go through this procedure! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE REVERSAL CLINIC. WE ARE BLESSED AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SHARE PICS OF OUR NEW ARRIVAL.

    • Ryan carter, Il

    I had my vasectomy done almost seven years ago back in 2009 after our daughter was born, we had agreed that two children was enough. For the last couple years I could really see that my wife had her heart set on another baby, she would just sit and cry because she knew it could never happen. We prayed and prayed that God would reverse it or find us someone that could. In August 2015, I started fasting certain meals, I started only drinking water, no soda or anything, just water. And I started researching for doctors and clinics that would be affordable and with excellent success ratings. I found dr Wilson's site and immediately signed up for the waiting list, but the soonest we could do was feb because we would have to wait for our tax return, so we waited. The last of November, something told us to check the waiting list, we did, there was an opening December 4th 2015. But we were still not there with the money, we went to church and talked to our pastor, and without a second thought, he loaned us the money, so we signed up for that appointment. We went to the appointment December 4 th 2016, I really liked how dr Wilson prayed before the surgery, I was more at ease. My wife was ovulating just a few days after surgery, and I was feeling pretty good, not too sore or anything, so we decided what the heck, let's see if surgery could work this fast, well.... It did!! Christmas 2015 we found out that my wife was pregnant! Our daughter was born August 4 2016, she was born a little early but doing great!! We are so thankful that God lead us to dr wilson's clinic and he was able to help me give my wife the desires of her heart!

    • Laura Laidley, AZ

    Thank you Dr. Wilson!!! It had been nine years since my husband's vasectomy. We were okay with never having any more children, but we really wanted to put our faith in God and trust Him to decide. After the reversal in April 2016, It was three months later and I was expecting. We have a beautiful three month old baby boy! Thank you and may God bless you for the work you do!

    • Josh Attaway, SC

    We had our precedure April 2015 we got pregnant in September. I'm holding my eight week old baby as I type this. We couldn't be happier.

    • Mark, Illinois

    I initially had my vasectomy in 2006 after my second child. Years went by and after a divorce I met someone who I want to share my life with and start a family, so in 2009 I decided to research reversal procedures and stumbled on Dr. Wilson's website. At first I was skeptical but I decide to go for it. I called, scheduled an appointment , and when the time came I packed up and headed off to get the procedure done. Dr. Wilson was genuine and professional. Fast forward to July 2016 my beautiful son was welcomed into this world. Many thanks to Dr. Wilson for his services.

    • Kimberly Williams, tennessee

    We had a vasectomy reversal 7 years after getting our vasectomy. I was 40 at the time of the reversal and our odds of conceiving were low. My husband had a perfect sperm count 3 months after Dr. Wilson preformed his reversal. Sixteen months later we were blessed with a healthy pregnancy! We have a beautiful baby boy!

    • Alan Green, Alabama

    In 2012 we were referred to Dr. Wilson from our dear friends and we are so exited and blessed to say that we have conceived not one but two children so far! We had a vasectomy after having two children but then we realized our mistake and how much of a blessing children truly are. Dr. Wilson lovingly performed the reversal and we are about to have our fourth child and don't ever plan to hinder the Lord in these amazing blessings. Thank you so much Dr. Wilson, you truly change lives!!

    • Juan and Dely, OH

    My husband had a reversal late June 2014 after 7 years with a vasectomy. Our son was born June 2, 2016. We are really happy and blessed we've got the opportunity to be parents for a second time after having a girl 10 years ago! Thanks.

    • Tammy and Carl Setterlund, North Dakota

    I got pregnant my first ovulation after the reversal (11-28-12) and we had a healthy girl on 9-20-13. Then I was on the pill until we decided to have another baby and I got pregnant again on my first ovulation!!! Now we are due 12-1-16 😊 Thank you so very much for these two miracles 😍

    • Logan O., Florida

    We traveled from Florida to see Dr. Wilson 3 years after our initial vasectomy. The procedure was on June 2nd and we got a positive pregnancy test July 23rd! It was an overall great experience. Can't wait to meet our little one next year!

    • Rachel Rinehart, MS

    My husband had his vasectomy in 2009. Dr. Wilson preformed the reversal in December of 2015. After just seven months we received a positive pregnancy test (7/25/16). We couldn't be more thankful for the procedure Dr. Wilson offers at a price so many can afford!

    • Krystina, Arkansas

    My husband had his reversal in December of 2014. We found out we were pregnant just 4 months later. We welcome our 4th child into the world, just 5 days shy of the one year anniversary of the procedure! Thank you, Dr. Wilson!! Joseph and Krystina Bigham

    • Mike, California

    Thank you Dr Wilson! You are truly amazing! Two months after the procedure my wife was pregnant. We now have a beautiful son thanks to you! You made our life complete. God bless Mike & Angie Galmez. 818 477 7028

    • Sean and Natalie Sheridan, FLORIDA

    My wife and I wanted a child together as we have children from previous marriages. It had been three years since my vasectomy. After researching Dr Wilson and reading testimonies, We decided to put down the deposit. I sold my truck to pay for the rest of the procedure and we grabbed an available date in January. We drove 17 hours to Oklahoma. The procedure was easy, Dr Wilson was wonderful, handled everything on his own, prayed with us before the procedure and it was done within two hours. I drove home the next day and followed his advice for aftercare. Fast forward to May and my wife and I found out we are expecting a baby in Jauary. Aside from the low cost compared to other clinics and doctors, Dr Wilson and the Reversal Clinic was a great experience. We are looking forward to posting our baby picture in the album when he or she is born. Thank you Dr Wilson

    • Shellie, Fl

    My husband travelled to Oklahoma 3 years after getting his vasectomy. We had checked into having the reversal done closer to our hometown but could not afford the $7500+ it would cost us. We got online and were blessed to have found Dr. Wilson. A little skeptical at first because of the amazing price, but after many prayers we knew the Lord was leading us to Dr. Wilson. The surgery was scheduled for September 30, 2015. At the time of surgery Dr. Wilson gave my husband an 87% chance of sperm returning. On October 24th, 2015 we found out that we were pregnant again! Our first son was born on June 28, 2016. Thank you Dr. Wilson for what you have done for our family!

    • Charles Passwater , Illinois

    We had a reversal done with Dr. David Wilson in May of 2015 six years after his vasectomy. We found out in June 2016 we are expecting. We are so excited!

    • Brandie, Montana

    My husband got a reversal in late March 2016, almost 3 years out from his vasectomy. We are currently 7 weeks along as of June 30, 2016. I couldn't be happier that we are expecting again!! Thank you so much Dr. Wilson in helping us with our dreams of having a larger family!

    • Doug and Kelsey, MI

    We made the trip to Oklahoma (from Michigan) in July of 2015 to have a reversal. Three months later we were surprised to learn we were expecting our third child. Annabel Jayne was born on June 13, 2016. Thank you!

    • Gary Gaylord, Ok

    Annabelle Grace Gaylord born June 20, 2016 5 years after procedure with Dr. Wilson at St. Francis in Tulsa. :) Healthy 7 lb 9 oz baby girl.

    • Sarah, Washington

    My husband had the procedure at the end of Jan. However due to a heavy workload and changes in our work schedules we didn't really get to try until April; and to our surprise by mid April we were pregnant! Thank you Dr. Wilson, coming to you was a blessing and we know the Lord brought us to you. God's blessings and thanks to Him!

    • Holly, Kansas

    My husband had his VR mid April 2016 and one month later, we conceived....We couldn't believe it happened our fist cycle of trying. Will update once our darling blessing has arrived! Thank you, Dr. Wilson! We are so grateful. God bless!

    • Jeremy Sturgill, Texas

    After conducting a vasectomy originally in Aug 2008 during a previous marriage it was time to have it reversed in my current marriage on Jul 31, 2014. Our story seems like a somewhat common one where vasectomy was conducted during one marriage and after a getting remarried it was time to start a new family with my new wife. On July 22, 2015 we conceived our baby boy and he was born on March 31, 2016. He is a perfect little angel and thank you so much Dr. Wilson for making this opportunity possible. God Bless you and we can never thank you enough.

    • Morgan, KS

    6 years ago my husband was DONE having children. The desire to have another child never went away for me, but I was happy with being a mom of older children and considered the baby years over. Even though I felt okay with how things were, I still prayed that if it was God's will, He would do a miracle and allow things to heal back together so we would conceive. The Lord worked in a way I hadn't expected- my husband had a complete change of heart and wanted to expand our family if we could afford it. I looked into reversals and found Dr. Wilson's name repeatedly recommended on the internet. After reading many many reviews, my husband was convinced that Dr. Wilson was the doctor for us. The price was perfect, but we also liked that Dr. Wilson had done so many reversals and so often- he seemed very experienced and that was a HUGE plus for us! We stepped out in faith and traveled to Oklahoma for the surgery. Even if I would never become pregnant, I felt that we had done the right thing in trusting the Lord and giving it over to Him. Just less than 6 weeks later I was pregnant! Our baby is now half a year old. He's our miracle baby and I can't imagine life without him. There is no doubt in my mind that God's hand was in the entire process and that the Reversal Clinic was exactly where we were supposed to go. Thank you Dr. Wilson for helping our family and so many others!

    • Craig And Amy Morgan , CA

    My wife and I have a blended family of 5 children. We have been married almost 6 years, together for 8. After countless discussions discussions about having a baby we finally decided to give it a try. Our desire to share this experience together outweighed anything else. At this point I was 8 1/2 years post vasectomy. We went into it knowing that the possibilities might not be in our favor. Dr. Wilson performed my reversal in January 2016. It was an immediate success. We are 10 weeks pregnant, expecting our new addition in December 2016. Thank you Dr. Wilson!!!

    • Michael and Brandy Newman, CT

    We had a change of heart 9 years after my husbands vasectomy. My husband had the reversal done by Dr. Wilson in September 2015 as a birthday gift to me. We are now expecting our miracle baby in December 2016. Thank you Dr. Wilson for helping us, and for giving God a little help in answering our prayers!

    • Ben Fisher, Florida

    I had a reversal in September 2015 and because we are missionaries I was grateful for Dr. Wilson's low cost. My wife found out last month we are expecting our baby in December of this year. We are grateful to God and Dr. Wilson for our newest blessing.

    • Matt, Tennessee

    I had a vasectomy in 2004 and the reversal in 2010. God asked us to wait a few years, but when he decided to give us the green light, we were blessed with healthy twin boys. Dustin and Gavin were born of Aug 1, 2015. Thank you Dr. Wilson.

    • Marnie, Illinois

    We had 4 children and had a vasectomy in 2006 than a reversal in 2010 feb. with dr. David wilson. Got pregnant 4 months later.Welcomed babies in March 2011,May 2012,April 2015 and april 2016 Thank you Dr. Wilson

    • mark north , vancouver

    I had my vasectomy 7 years ago..then i got a reversal done December 2015 and 3 months later we found out my wife is pregnant. We are both very happy to be adding a fourth child to our family! It was far cheaper for me to fly down from Canada to Dr Wilson than to get it done in canada. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a reversal. Thank you so much Dr Wilson.

    • Derek and Alexis Martzke, Ohio

    We just experienced the birth of our second child, a daughter this past March of 2016. Our son was born in 2011, we conceived one month after the reversal, which was 3 years after his vasectomy. We are still very thankful we were able to conceive more children!

    • Tristan Linke, Washington

    Thank you so much for your service Dr. Wilson! Our amazing gorgeous baby boy was born March 13th, 2016 and it wouldn't have happened without your help! I would recommend your service to ANYONE seeking reversal surgery. We can't thank you enough for your help in making our dreams come true so cost effectively. The procedure at home would have been $6,500! Even after the cost of air fare, a week in the hotel, rental car and a week's worth of food for my wife and I, we spent less than half of that!!!

    • Leslie Anderson , Texas

    My husband had a vasectomy in 2008 after having two children with his ex wife. I have none of my own and we both decided that we wanted to have children together. After searching online, I came across this website. The testimonies were very encouraging! Due to my husband's surgery being at the 8-year mark, we knew the success rate was a bit lower. I am happy to say that we conceived this February! We are expecting November 23, 2016. I went to my first doctor's appointment and everything is going great! Thank you Dr. Wilson for this blessing! We cannot wait to grow our family!


    My husband had a vasectomy in 2009 when he was with his ex and thought he was done having children. In 2015 since I have no children of my own; we decided to have his reversal done on Jan 28, 2015. We left with a 70% chance of being able to conceive. He was to get tested at the end of April 2015 to find out if we would be able to conceive or not. We ended up not needing to follow up with the testing at lab corp. because we got pregnant in mid march and I gave birth to our daughter 12-14-2015 less than a year after having the reversal done.

    • Jason Bish, NJ

    I got my reversal four years ago in September. Three weeks after surgery we conceived our daughter, Erin. One and a half years after she was born we conceived our son, Colton. We are beyond grateful for what Dr. Wilson was able to do for us. Without his knowledge and expertise we would not have been blessed with our two beautiful children. Thank you, Dr. Wilson for helping complete our family.

    • Ritchie Hilton, Wisconsin

    I had a vasectomy roughly 8 years ago when I was dating a woman that didn't want any more children. I was 50/50 on the subject, but decided to get "fixed" anyway. After several years, and meeting Valerie, who wanted kids, we decided to get my reversal done. Referred to Dr. Wilson by my girlfriends friend, we made the appt. on March 23rd, 2015. Long story short, me and Valerie welcomed or son, Andrew Allan into the world on March 26th, 2016, almost 1 year to the date of my reversal. Making the drive from Green Bay, WI to Oklahoma and Dr. Wilson's fee(Green Bay Urology wanted $10,000 up front...yikes!), it was more than worth the time and money for what Dr. Wilson has helped us create. Thank you thank you thank you!

    • Rebecca, Idaho

    After having 3 boys my husband insisted he was done having children and chose to have a vasectomy in 2009. Almost exactly 3 yrs later he saw Dr. Wilson to have a reversal done. We found out we were expecting almost exactly 1 month after the reversal in 2012. And we got pregnant again in 2014. Thank you Dr. Wilson! Our boys are all huge blessings! They fill our house with noise and our hearts with love

    • G and J, IL

    We have our miracle!!! The day before Thanksgiving 2015 we took a leap of faith and had a VR performed by Dr. Wilson. We drove 7 hours the night before, and after a night of restless sleep, arrived at Dr. Wilson's office for our 10am appointment. The office was immaculately clean, and Dr. Wilson made both of us both feel very comfortable during our entire appointment. After going over the procedure and answering any questions we had, Dr. Wilson said a beautiful prayer with us before taking G back to surgery. After G was prepped, we were able to be together during the whole procedure and G felt no pain during the surgery. Afterwards, we got to talk to Dr. Wilson about what he saw during surgery and ask any questions we had. Dr. Wilson saw whole sperm on one side and fluid on the other and gave us an 85% chance of patency. We were thrilled! Fast forward 4 months, and after a very early loss in January, we are now pregnant again and everything is going well! We will be welcoming our miracle at the beginning of December! We will forever be grateful for Dr. Wilson and his ministry. His skillful hands have helped make our dream of a child together come true! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Dr. Wilson!

    • Tori Sargent , MI

    We had a reversal done in September of this year...and 5 months later and we are expecting a baby this November we are so excited and greatful for Dr.Wilson!

    • Ed and Angela, New Hampshire

    We can't thank you enough for what you have done. I had my vasectomy reversal August 31 2015 and we are expecting October 7 2016. Once again thank you so much because without you and your prayers we may not have had the opportunity to raise a child together.

    • Chris and Jessica chinni, Florida

    Chris had a reversal with Dr Wilson 1/14/14. Since then we have conceived 4 times! Sadly two have ended in miscarriage, however we have a beautiful 1 yr old son and are pregnant now. The ob/gun feels this pregnancy should go to term. We had a vasectomy in February of 2008. At the procedure I couldn't stop crying. We already had 7 children, but I just didn't feel done. We where one of the "lucky" ones (at least in my opinion) that conceived right after the vasectomy. So fast forward 5 years and the swore had never left my heart. I cried weekly praying to God to fix what we had broken. While he didn't supernaturally fix my husband He did guide our steps to Dr Wilson and brought the funds to us miraculously. Praying for our little bean to stick this time and bring our earthly count to 10 (11 hopefully id love twins!) . If you are on the fence, just jump out in faith and know if you say yes to God, you will not regret it.

    • Jessica Lucous, Ohio

    We are due November 10th! Thank you Dr Wilson!

    • Robert Kelsey Mitchell, Iowa

    We can't say enough good things about Dr. Wilson and our experience! We had a vasectomy done after having 2 healthy children but were fairly young when we made that decision. We almost immediately regretted it! We eventually called several doctors in Iowa and were told the price for a reversal would be 8-12 grand. Our hearts sunk because we knew we wanted more children but would have to wait a few years before we could afford it. We did some research and found Dr. Wilson and immediately paid our deposit and waited to be scheduled. We had the surgery done on October 28TH, 2014 and found out we were expecting April 28th, 2015. We were blessed with a beautiful baby boy in December of 2015. Thank you so much Dr. Wilson for an amazing experience but most of all for our beautiful son!

    • Clayton Hotelling, Wisconsin

    I had a reversal about 4 yrs ago. We were very eager to get pregnant. We waited the right amount of time for things to heal. My wife got pregnant right away however due to low progesterone we lost the baby. 2 months after that we tried again and she conceived the first month but when tested they notice the low progesterone numbers were low so they gave a supplement which made it possible to carry our little one full term. 39 1/2 week. Praise god for Dr. Wilson following the call of God to help families reverse hasty decisions. God Bless without you we wouldn't have our now 2yr old little boy Jude Hotelling! God Bless Clayton Hotelling

    • Aaron Lee Schaffer, IN

    We had the reversal done in early June 2013 and had our beautiful baby girl Aunalie rose Schaffer on March 13 2014! The operation was smooth and there were no complications. Dr. Wilson was amazing and thanks to him we are now expecting our 2nd child together! Many thanks to Dr. Wilson and his ministry!

    • Kristian, Utah

    I had a vasectomy with my ex-wife. Life changes and I was remarried. My new wife and I wanted children so we researched the best VR doctors and Dr Wilson was it. We traveled to OK, loved our experience. It has been 8 years since the vasectomy. I had my reversal on Feb 22, 2013. We conceived on April 25, 2013. We beat the odds! We are so grateful for Dr Wilson!! We now have a healthy 2 year old running around.

    • Kristi, Missouri

    My husband & I decided after we had 2 daughters for him to go ahead and get a reversal. We were only in our early 20's at the time and didn't really think it through as well as we should have. A couple years after our younger daughter was born, I really was regretting him getting a reversal because I really had always hoped for a little boy. My husband did some research and found Dr. Wilson and honestly at first we thought it was too good to be true. We couldn't find a more affordable price, and not only that, he had awesome reviews. We ended up requesting an appointment and my husband was put on the waiting list and ended up getting his surgery just 2 months after we had initially signed up. (He got his surgery done February 17th, 2015.) Dr. Wilson was SO nice and very knowledgeable and I could honestly tell he felt this was his calling from God to be doing this. I ended up getting pregnant in May of 2015 and just gave birth to our long awaited son just a couple weeks ago! Without Dr. Wilson, there is no way we would have been able to afford to get this procedure done and have our beautiful baby boy. I am SO thankful for this doctor and appreciate him more than he could ever know! Our beautiful family is now complete.

    • Jeremy Rice, Florida

    I was a 10+ year vasectomy reversal patient. Dr. Wilson performed my surgery on 5/10/13. We just found out today that we are expecting. We had somewhat given up hope because it had been almost 3 years since the reversal but God is good and we are forever grateful to Dr. Wilson and this ministry he performs. Don't give up hope. God has a plan for you. Kind of funny that while we are only 39 and 40, there will be a 20 year age difference between our kids. We get the opportunity to basically be "new" parents again all over.

    • Renee Scott, Alaska

    We came to see Dr. Wilson from Alaska July 2014. Our son was born October 2015. We were scared to leave our little town and have such a "sensitive" surgery in a place we were so unfamiliar with a Dr. we have never met. However, we are certain God lead us to Dr. Wilson. He prayed with us prior to my husband's surgery and the entire event, felt very divine. Thank you Dr. Wilson, for helping us grow our family. Thank you for using your talents to further His kingdom.

    • Melissa Lemmons, Oklahoma

    My husband Terry Lemmons had his VR on April 11 2013. We found out on February 7 2016 that we are pregnant! We are due on October 8. Thank you Dr Wilson for everything you have done for us. I will update again after the baby comes! Thank you again, Melissa and Terry Lemmons

    • Michelle Perry, Utah

    We had a vasectomy done after our 6th baby was born and we were feeling overwhelmed. We had regret fairly quickly but didn't think there was anything we could do about it. After about 4 years I started praying everyday and looking at reversal doctors. When I found Dr Wilson, I felt like my prayers had been answered to find an option we could afford. A year later we were in the office having the procedure. We were 5 years post Vasectomy. The surgery went well, and recovery was quick and easy. 14 months later I finally got a positive pregnancy test! 8 months later our little girl was stillborn. We thank the Lord every single day that she is part of our family now, even if we don't get to hold her right now. We are hopeful we will be able to give her a few more siblings, but if not, we don't regret anything. Going through the surgery and all the waiting was worth it just to have our little Emerson. Thank you Dr. Wilson for helping us add to our family!!!! Our little girl is on our blog here

    • Jason Mcdonald, Neosho, Mo.

    I had my reversal on 8/24/2012. I had my vastectomy 8yrs prior. I came to Dr. Wilson with a dream of having a baby with my wife. It came true we got a positive pregnancy test on july 7th 2014. We had a healthy beautiful baby girl she has been a true blessing and it's all thanks to Dr. Wilson!!!

    • Spence Baumgardner, Tennessee

    Dr Wilson, Thank you very much for your services. I had a vasectomy 5 years before coming to your office from Knoxville, TN. Our appointment was on June 1, 2011, and on November 29, 2012 my wife and I welcomed Easton David into our family! We are very thankful for you, and your services. The process was very relaxing, painless, and most of all---SUCCESSFUL!

    • Katie Norton, TX

    When we had the reversal, we were living in FL. We have since moved. Anyway, we did not get pregnant in 2 years, but we did the month after the 2 years, with no interventions. We got pregnant again when that baby was 15 months old. We are so thankful to have our son and baby on the way. Our older children just adore their brother and are looking forward to meeting this baby as well.

    • Jason, KS

    Had my reversal in February 2013. After almost giving up hope, my wife and I finally conceived (naturally!) in December 2015 and are due September 2016. Thanks Dr. Wilson

    • Rob Tromp, Connecticut

    Our daughter Eloise was born on October. It had been over 20 years since my vasectomy, and we had scant hope, but Dr. Wilson came through for us. Best investment we ever made!

    • Wayne, Florida

    Procedure 8/6 and bfp in Jan. Due date Oct 3rd.

    • Dede Mariyah, New Jersey

    My husband had 1 year vasectomy before we had reversal surgery with dr Wilson. My husband wasn't sure about him and got scared, it may be a scam, how come is so cheap, when other Doctor charge from 6K - 8K. I told him I read a good reviews in the Internet about him, and he seems very legit, or else his practice must have been closed by government if it was a scam. After he met dr David Wilson in person and speak to himmy husband started to believe in him. He said his practice not just for business but for also serving God. We had reversal surgery on April 2014 and I got pregnant on April 2015, our beautiful daughter just born this January 2016. Thank you dr Wilson !

    • Michael, Idaho

    Hi we had our reversal done 04/17/15 an in August we found out it worked an arr having a little boy in the next couple months. I was so scared to have this done an trust someone so far away from home but Dr. Wilson was amazing an I would recommend him to anyone .

    • Jordan and Amanda Russel, Florida

    My reversal was a success! Vasectomy was in 4/2013. My reversal was 11/2014 and my wife was pregnant with a healthy beautiful baby boy by 1/2015. Procedure was similar to the original vasectomy. Dr. Wilson was great. Recovery was a few weeks back to normal. By day 3 I was moving around just not picking up heavy items. Well worth the trip to Oklahoma from Florida. Thanks for making our family whole dr. Wilson! !!! Highly recommended!!!

    • Niki Stilson, Michigan

    Had reversal November 20th, 2014 and had a positive pregnancy test on January 5th 2015. Beautiful baby girl Born on October 8th. Dr. Wilson acknowledges that God works through him because he himself is not capable of these great works on his own. A man of measure spiritually. A blessing to our family. 100% satisfactory regarding location, price, office and reversal.

    • Wilson Adaros, California

    I had a vasectomy during a previous marriage after having children and didn't think i would want to have any more children but God had other plans for me. After i met my current fiance I knew i wanted to give her children and have a family of our own but was worried that I couldn't ever have any more kids. It had been over 9 years and most places that i would call for information wouldn't really want to do the reversal after 9 years saying the chances were very small that it would be successful. After doing a great deal of research I found Dr. Wilson and he had done so many successful surgeries i was confident that he would be able to help us. We were able to travel from California to Oklahoma and stay for 4 days before we came back and it still ended up costing us thousands less than other places since Dr. Wilson does his surgeries without the high cost of general anesthesia. We had the surgery done in last year in March and my fiance was pregnant by early Dec! We are now 11 weeks pregnant and are expecting our little miracle in August 2016. Thank you Dr Wilson, you're a blessing.

    • THOMAS BECKNER, California

    I had my reversal done in July 2015, four years after my Vasectomy and I'm proud to say it worked. If all goes well our newest edition to the family will be here in October. I live in California and was a bit nervous about flying to a different state that I have never been to and have surgery performed. It was well worth the trip! My wife and I flew out and were laying our future in the hands of a man I have never met or spoken to. I will say that Dr. Wilson is an amazing human being for doing what he does and not just cause of his pricing. He truly believes and cares about what he does and he makes the entire experience worth it. It was quick, painless, and very comforting to have my wife sitting right next to me as he was performing the surgery. You feel like you walked into his home and not into a Dr's office. I would recommend him to anyone who is considering getting this procedure done. Dr. Wilson is worth the wait and the journey to get to him. Thank You Dr. Wilson for helping us and the many others out there. Keep doing what your doing!

    • Shirley Shaffery, New Jersey

    My husband and I visited Dr. Wilson on July 23, 2015. This was my husband's second reversal! The first one scarred over after the birth of our son. It took us a few years but I really wanted another child. I searched high and low and did a lot of research. We found Dr. Wilson and I wasn't sure because my husband had his VR in 2003. I prayed and cried and prayed again and decided to book with Dr. Wilson. I was a nervous wreck the day of surgery but Dr. W was very nice and answered all my questions. My husband was in and out in a lil over two hours. He was very sore and developed a hematoma but not because of Dr. W, my 7 yr old threw a football at my husband's right testicle 3 days post-op. I was devastated because I thought my son ruined the surgery....well I am very happy to say we got pregnant in October... Three months after surgery. We didn't try the first month so it only took two tries. Dr. Wilson is a very talented doctor. If it wasn't for him we wouldn't have been able to afford the surgery. I would recommend him to anyone. Our baby girl is due July 3, 2016! Thank you Dr. Wilson with all my heart!!!

    • Danielle, UT

    My husband\'s reversal was performed in September 2014, four years after his vasectomy. We found out we were pregnant on Thanksgiving morning 2014 (about the most appropriate day I can think of). Our baby girl was born in July 2015, and we are so grateful that we were blessed to find Dr Wilson so we could have her with us. Thank you so much!

    • Ashley Schlick, Fl

    We had our reversal done in June of 2014. My SO was 56 at the time his reversal was done and had his VS about a year prior. In Feb 2015 we found out we were pregnant and our baby girl blessing is due to join us in October ! Thank you Dr. Wilson for helping us and so many other !!

    • Daniel and Amanda, Iowa

    My wife and I want to thank God and Dr Wilson for our amazing little boy! We had the reversal done July 1, 2014 thirteen years after my vasectomy. There were only swimmers found on one side so we wondered if it would work. We soon found out a few months later in September 2014 we were pregnant! Our gift from God our son Ander was born June 19, 2015!

    • Krista Stephens , Arizona

    We had our vasectomy reversal done on 8/27/14. We got a positive pregnancy test the day we came home from our Christmas trip to Seattle! It was such a wonderful way to end the Christmas season! We welcomed our little girl Mila Rayne a week shy of my husbands year anniversary..8/20/15!! We couldn\'t be happier to have found Dr. Wilson and want to thank him for making this procedure so affordable!!!

    • Rachel Compton, Texas

    2 days before I had my 4th child in 2004, my husband had a Vasectomy. I was heart broken but let him make the decision. I prayed and prayed that God would take my desire to have more children away because it was too painful! A few years later my husband had a change of heart! In May 2007 we drove to Oklahoma for the reversal. Dr Wilson prayed with us before he began. 7 months later I had a positive pregnancy test! My 5th child was born in August of 2008!! My 6th born in January 2012 and happy to say my 7th was born in September 2014!! God has truly blessed us (and yes I\'d still have more if God gave us more!). Thank you Dr Wilson for all you do for God!

    • Mike and Rachael D, South Dakota

    We are so grateful to say that after having our reversal in December of 2013 followed by 2 early miscarriages, we are expecting a healthy baby in March of 2016. This would not have been possible without Dr. Wilson and his blessed ministry. We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and wish everyone the best.

    • Ashley T, Kansas

    We had a Vasectomy after our 3rd child in October 2012. We had the reversal done September 5, 2015. January 2nd, 2015 I took a HPT and was surprised to see 2 pink lines. Our son was born September 3rd, 2015. Without Dr. Wilson, we would not have our miracle, Baby #4 is perfect.

    • Paula H., Louisiana

    We are so excited to announce the happy news! We\'re pregnant! Our reversal procedure was performed on August 15, 2014 and we are expecting baby number 3 in April 2016! I had a positive pregnancy test on Aug 2, 2015. Almost a year after my husband\'s procedure. We are so thankful to Dr. Wilson for making our dreams of having one more baby a reality. Our family couldn\'t be more thrilled to meet our miracle baby this spring.

    • Nate and Jessica Goss, MI

    Jessica and I are so grateful for your clinic and the wonderful talent the Lord has blessed you with. I received my reversal the 3rd of July 2015 7 years after my vasectomy, and we have just been blessed to find out we are 6 weeks pregnant with a new chapter of our lives. Thank you again Dr. Wilson for the ease and comfort you showed my wife and I through the surgery. My odds were not the best but things worked out wonderfully and FAST. Well worth the travels from Michigan to your facility. You are very professional, polite, and making it affordable for those who wish to have a family.

    • David and Felicia, New Mexico

    My husband had a vasectomy in 2007 after our 4th child was born. We regretted our decision almost immediately. It took a few years but eventually we decided to make an appointment with Dr. Wilson for a reversal. We had a couple of friends who had already visited him. My husband had the reversal in September of 2012. We were not actively \"trying\" to get pregnant but we were blessed with a pregnancy in November 2014. The pregnancy went well and our healthy, gorgeous, and sweet baby girl was born into the world August 2015. W

    • Allison Cote, Florida

    7 years after his original vasectomy, my husband had his reversal in 2013. A year later I was pregnant with our beautiful daughter. She is now 5 months old and is absolute perfection! Without Dr. Wilson\'s affordable, and trustworthy care, we would not have our beautiful Luna!!

    • Geneva Burton, South Carolina

    We had the reversal done on March 31, 2014 and our son was born March 31, 2015. We conceived 3 months after the reversal! Thanks so much for your help Dr. Wilson!

    • James Merriner, ca

    My husband had his reversal in 2012. We started trying in 2013 after we got married and I got pregnant immediately. We are so thankful for Dr. Wilson for making it possible to have our bundle of joy. Our son means the world to us. We previously met with a local urologist and we were discouraged with his high cost ($10k) and limited experience. God heard our prayers and brought Dr. Wilson into our lives. We really appreciate how Dr. Wilson prayed for us prior to the surgery. We will be trying for our second next year. We highly recommend Dr. Wilson!

    • Carissa & Josh, CA

    We had our reversal done in September of 2009. Two months later I was pregnant! Olivia was born in July of 2010. In 2013 we had our second reversal baby Nathaniel! We are so thankful for Dr. Wilson and this wonderful ministry!

    • John and Amanda Stratton, Ohio

    We are expecting our 1st child, Feb 14th of 2015!!! A little Valentines Day Baby thanks to Dr Wilson!!!! After getting my Vasectomy during my 1st marriage, and then meeting my true Soul-Mate years after my Divorce, I never thought I\'d have kids again! My wife has never had children and the costs associated with a reversal in Ohio are close to 10k!!! To think that we couldn\'t affordably get pregnant was devastating!!! Then we ran across Dr Wilson!! \"Too good to be true?\" We thought! Dr Wilson is for real! I was 8yrs removed from my Vasectomy, and we did it!!! Couldn\'t be happier! And of course so thankful to Dr Wilson! He made our dreams come true!!!! God Bless you Dr Wilson!!!

    • Michael Norris, Kentucky

    My wife and i started about two years ago wanting to have a child before she hit the thirties. I had been \"snipped\" a few years prior to us meeting. I knew it was risky to have a reversal done but knew they did exist. We searched around where we live and all we received was 50/50 results and very high cost associated with the surgery. We looked everywhere and was losing hope until one day it was like God put us on Dr. Wilson\'s site. We read his reviews and looked at his success stories one night and decided that we wanted to give it a try. I must admit the cost had me a little worried because it was so low. We made many phone calls asking if there was any extra cost involved and the answer was always no. Needless to say with a cost like that and such HIGH demand his profession is he was booked for a few months. We waited until it was our turn. We rented a car and i drove myself nine hours to have surgery the next morning. Surgery went well the next morning and recovery that day (rest) was well needed. Dr. Wilson described the surgery very well. He was very descriptive and the best part of pre-surgery was the prayer he said. I believe Dr. Wilson is doing great work for God in the lives of many families and our family would like to personally thank him for all he has done for us.

    • Michelle White, MO

    My husband and I both had kids from previous relationships and decided we wanted one more but unfortunately he had had a vasectomy several years back (approximately 4 years). We scheduled our appointment with Dr. Wilson for September 8th, 2014. I ended up getting off of the pill the second week in December of 2014 and I had a positive pregnancy test on January 9th, 2015!! I am now 33 weeks pregnant with our baby girl and due September 20th, 2015! This procedure works! My husband and I cannot thank Dr. Wilson enough for this miracle and blessing he has given us.

    • Ralph and Kristie, NC

    After our 4th child, my husband had a vasectomy because we felt we were done having children. After some time we realized we made a mistake and wanted to reverse what was done. We were discouraged to find that a reversal was extremely expensive until we found Dr Wilson. We were amazed reading all of the success stories and loved that his heart was in it. He prayed with us beforehand which was a blessing!! Dr Wilson performed the reversal in Novemeber 2013 and one year later, I was pregnant. We now have a beautiful baby girl!! We are so thankful for what Dr Wilson has done and that he continues to bless all of these families like he has.

    • Nick and Jennifer, Virginia

    My husband had his reversal in January 2014 and we got pregnant after 4 cycles. Our beautiful boy was born in February 2015. We are now trying for #2. Dr. Wilson is the best reversal doctor with the most experience and I wouldn\'t have trusted anyone else with the job. We didn\'t know much about reversals at first and scheduled with a urologist that only performed 1 reversal a year. Thankfully I did my research before we let him cut into my husband! Also, the urologist cost more than Dr. Wilson\'s surgery, the plane ride, hotel and car rental put together.

    • Brandon and Chelsea Renninger, Texas

    My husband and I got married in 2012 and with the cost of Reversals we thought we could never afford to have one done thanks to Doctor Wilson he had a reversal in August 2014. We just found out we are pregnant, we are 10 weeks along and due in February! Thank you for making our dreams come true, we can finally complete our family!

    • Heath and Kristi, Florida

    We had four beautiful and healthy children when we decided to have a vasectomy. It didn\'t take much time for us to realize that we had made a mistake. I prayed a long time for either God to take the longing for more children away or for Him to open the door for us to have it reversed. After 5 years, I had lost hope. It seemed there was no way we could afford it and there was no guarantee it would work. My husband came to me and said he had found a doctor in Oklahoma who did the surgery for a very small price. Coming from him, that was a big deal. He is always skeptical of \"too good to be true\" offers. We had our procedure in May 2014. Three days shy of one year later and we had a new precious baby boy. We truly believe that God led us to Dr. Wilson and is blessing his ministry!

    • Shelton and Sharenda Robinson , Georgia

    My husband had a vacetomy 4 years prior to us getting married. We wanted a child together badly but didn\'t think this was possible because our insurance didn\'t cover it. I came across Dr. Wilson\'s practice and we did some research and decided to book the appointment with him. Dr. Wilson is heaven sent from God. What he\'s doing in his practice to make the vacetomy reversal affordable is a blessing. He prayed with me and my husband before the surgery and this really put us at ease. Exactly one year after the surgery my husband and I got pregnant and on December 22, 2014 we gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Dr. Wilson I thank God for you. Without you we wouldn\'t have our baby boy. Sometimes I look at my son and still can\'t believe it. To God be the glory. For any of you that are on this page trying to see if Dr. Wilson is the right doctor for you. Let me be the first to tell you he is the right person for the job. Dr. Wilson is very skilled at what he does. You won\'t be disappointed.

    • Greg & Bethany Heinrich, CO - Colorado

    My husband was previously married with two children and had a vasectomy. We came to Dr. Wilson in hopes to have the reversal so we could have children of our own. The procedure was very straight forward and he explained every step of the way. Most importantly, IT WORKED. I gave birth to a little boy we named August James on February 18, 2015. He is the light of our lives and we feel so blessed God led us to the perfect surgeon to help us obtain him.

    • Brian Skelley, wyoming

    I had a reversal on 6/29/2013 we were married on 9/14/13 and had our baby girl on 1/17/2015! if that isn\'t a successful story I don\'t know what to tell you I am very glad we found Dr. Wilson to do this procedure. me and my wife are planning on having at least 2 more children and it would not have been possible with out him! Thank you from the Skelley\'s

    • Tim and Sarah Harper, NC

    I just wanted to update... We had a reversal done in 2010 and recently found out we are pregnant with our 4th post reversal baby (#8 total!) due in January. I never imagined our family would grow this big. We have been so blessed and are immensely thankful we had the reversal done. Thanks Dr. Wilson!

    • Jose Alvarado, Florida

    I had my reversal in June of 2014 and 3 days ago my daughter Ani was born. I am very thankful to Dr. Wilson for providing exellent service with great results at the fraction of the local price. Thanks again Dr. Wilson

    • Corinna and Jamie Heesh, Puerto Vallarta Mexico

    We just referred you another client... we were incredibly pleased with your services, I believe it was in 2007 and so greatful for your low cost that made this affordable for us to follow our dreams. We now have two beautiful daughters Calissa born on February 25th 2010 and Chloe born on September 22nd 2011. Our family is complete.

    • Vaughn and Amber, California

    My husband and I married young, had two kids, then decided we were done. 8 years later, God revealed to us that our family was the biggest blessing in our lives and that it was incomplete. After doing some research online, we were dismayed at how costly a reversal would be and nearly gave up the hope of ever having more children. That\'s when we stumbled upon Dr. Wilson. God has blessed the work of his hands and in His mercy, has allowed us to continue building our family. We flew to Oklahoma at the end of May in 2014. Exactly one year later, we were gazing into the precious eyes of our two month old son. His name is Theodore and he is truly God\'s gift. Thank you Dr. Wilson for trusting the Lord with your work.

    • Rene, NY

    My boyfriend had a vasectomy 11 years prior to my meeting him. We wanted a child together and due to his lack of insurance, he didn\'t think a reversal was possible. I researched and found Dr. Wilson. In Oct 2011 we drove from NY to OK for the surgery. The entire experience was pleasant and Dr. Wilson was both efficient and personable. Three months later we began trying and in March of 2012 I became pregnant! We now have a beautiful little 2yo girl and are going to try for baby #2. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Wilson and, of course, God for bringing it all together. I absolutely recommend Dr. Wilson!

    • Gabriel and Meghan Reveron, Florida

    My husband had a reversal December 2013, 6 months later we found out I was pregnant. Our baby boy was born February 2015. Thank you Dr. Wilson for this blessing!!

    • Jennifer Weeks, Colorado

    My husband had a vasectomy in 2007. 7 years later you did his reversal in Dec. 2014...and 4 months post-op we got pregnant with a beautiful gift from God. She arrived January 2015. Thank you for using your God-given talent to bless growing families Dr. Wilson!!

    • Jerry and Julie , California

    Our precious baby girl was born in January 2015. The vasectomy reversal by Dr. Wilson was April 2013. We had mistakenly chosen vasectomy following the birth of our third child. We are deeply thankful for Dr. Wilson\'s expertise. Each new life truly is a gift from God and we are hopeful that our family will continue to grow!

    • Adrian and Angela Hawkins , British Columbia, Canada

    Dr David Wilson performed our surgery in June of 2011 my vasectomy was performed In July 2003. We conceived November 2013 but lost the baby in January 2014. But as of May 25 2015 we are pleased to announce that we are 13 weeks pregnant with our little miracle baby we can not thank you enough. God bless you Dr Wilson.

    • Shane & Stefani , Ca

    Dr. Wilson performed a vasectomy reversal in August 2014, we found out we were pregnant 6 weeks later. We just welcomed a healthy baby girl to our family 5/12/15! He is awesome! Thanks you Dr. Wilson for helping us to have our special blessing.

    • Misty Dawn Stevens, Idaho

    My husband got a vasectomy while he was a non believer. We already had two children. About 5 months after becoming a believer he started joking around about having more kids, he joked so much that I asked, \"what are you talking about-you can\'t have anymore kids?\" He commented, \"I feel like the Lord is telling us to have more kids,\" I replied, \"I\'ve felt that way for about a month now.\" Well two months later he got the reversal, three months later I was pregnant, unfortunately I had an early miscarriage, however I ended up pregnant again the very next month. Now we have a 4 months old girl. I\'m sure there will be more because we are going to have as many as God blesses us with. No birth control methods again ever. Praise God.

    • Jeff and Tonya Siege, NC

    My husband had a vasectomy in 1999 and Dr Wilson did his reversal March 2006. We found out we were pregnant Dec 2006. Our son was born Aug 13, 2007. Then we got pregnant again 2012 which ended in a miscarriage. Aug 2013 we found out we were expecting again. She was delivered 3/18/14. Dr Wilson said after 2years we had zero chance in getting pregnant due to scare tissue. But I\'m here to tell you God Is the only one in control BC our daughter was conceived 7 years later. If I can figure out how to post pictures I will.

    • Christa, California

    My husband saw Dr. Wilson in late Jan of 2014. It had been 2.5 years since his vasectomy in 2011. In August, 2014 we found out his reversal had worked! We just welcomed a baby brother for our son two weeks ago. Thank you Dr. Wilson for your affordable services which have changed our lives for the better. We can\'t even imagine a life without our newest member included. So thankful!

    • Matt and Lynn, Dover, Pennsylvania

    My husband got a vasectomy after the birth of our 3rd son, but God spoke to my heart and I knew what we had decided was wrong and arrogant. God should be the one in control, not us... so we searched and searched and eventually found Dr. David online. His cost was so low, it seemed too good to be true. Plus he was doing it for the right reasons. Long story short, we drove to OK in Jan. 2012 and had the surgery. We waited 3 months before trying and conceived soon after. I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl in Feb. 2013. It was a wonderful, calm natural birth. She is truly a blessing to us and everyone who meets her. We named her Grace, because of the grace God has shown us. Thank you, Dr. David for allowing God to use you. If we lived closer I would\'ve come over and hugged you! May God bless you, so you may continue your work.

    • Pete and Teresa Martinez, TX

    Well, we just added another \"WILSON SUCCESS BABY\" to our family! Dr. Wilson performed my husband\'s vas reversal in Oct of 2011 and by 2012 we were pregnant! We now have a 21 month old daughter Alora and a newborn daughter Lila thanks to the affordable procedure Dr. WILSON provided!!! We are so Thankful to God for Dr. WILSON and his team for helping us on our dream of having a family of our own!

    • Tricia & Jason, AZ

    Dr. Wilson performed a reversal vasectomy on my husband in January 2014. At the time, my husband had a vasectomy for 6 years and was given a 75% sperm patency within 6 months. Well, the following month I got pregnant, on the very first try on our vacation in Mazatlan, Mexico. We had a healthy baby boy born on November 18, 2014, weighing in at 7lb 13oz and 20.25 in long. Perfect and healthy in every way! God Bless you Dr. Wilson!

    • Angel and Ana Arvizu, CA

    My Husband had a reversal done on July 01, 2014 and on August 13, 2014 I found out we were expecting. I know the one who gives life is God but I want to thank Dr. Wilson for allowing God to use him in thi great way. Our healthy, baby boy was born on March 31, 2015 @ 36 weeks.

    • Christy, California

    My husband had his vasectomy in 2008. Dr. Wilson performed his vasectomy reversal in August 2014. The surgery was a success! At 39 I am pregnant with our 4th child. It took 8 long months. I am so happy I can post on this site. God bless you, Dr. Wilson. Through your skilled hands God breathed life back into our marriage.

    • Melissa and Darren, CO

    My husband had his vasectomy 11 years ago. We found Dr. Wilson online and on December 5th, 2013, we went in for his appointment. I really appreciated the prayer before the surgery. Our chances of pregnancy were fairly low. I’m grateful to say that only 5 months later we got pregnant, and our baby girl arrived in February 2015. I’m thankful for Dr. Wilson and his ministry. Thank you for helping our family grow.

    • Ashley and Rich, Indiana

    Dr. Wilson- We wanted to share our success story with your potential families. We came to see you in March 2013, 7 years post vasectomy. At the time of the procedure, you only noted live sperm on one side. We went through two counts and had over 69 million, with low motility and then a much lower count with better (but not great) motility. Nonetheless, we prayed about it and in March 2014, we were finally pregnant! Thanksgiving Day we welcomed our son, Maverick! What a blessing!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you for your commitment to God and the work you do!

    • Symone , TX

    My husband got his reversal done in December. We thought getting pregnant might not be possible because of his age. We adopted 2 years ago but we both have a desire to have another child. I haven\'t had a biological child in 18 years. We were already discussing adoption again. It only took 3 months....I\'m almost 6 weeks pregnant!!!!! He was supposed to do the sperm count this month. I think it\'s been verified!!!! We are so excited!!!! Thank you Dr Wilson!!!

    • Christopher and Kandy Peters, MI

    I had my reversal on Nov 8th 2012. Dr. Wilson was very kind and took the time to answer any questions I had. In August of 2014, we found out we were pregnant, and 2 weeks ago today on April 3rd, we welcomed our son into the world. Thank you Dr. Wilson.

    • Keith And Mary Ann, South Carolina

    My husband had his procedure done in June of 2013, by December we were expecting a beautiful little boy. This little bundle of blessing has been the greatest thing that ever happened to us and it\'s all because of Dr Wilson\'s practice. thank you for bringing joy to so many people.

    • Jennette & Aaron Anderson, Arkansas

    My husband had his reversal for 6 years. We had already had 3 kids, but my husband regretted the surgery and was wanting more! We went to Dr. Wilson in March 2014. I was pregnant 2 months later. And on Feb.12,2015 We had a beautiful, healthy baby girl! Thank you so much Dr. Wilson for your affordability and for doing what you do! The Lord has blessed your hands and in return we now are blessed once more! Thank you!!!!

    • Brad and Renee Scott, Alaska

    Hello Dr. Wilson, I hope this finds you well. My husband Brad and I came to see you for his reversal July of 2013. It has been 19 months of trying to conceive and we were just about to take the steps to adopt when February 7, 2015 we found out we were pregnant. I\'m now 14 weeks pregnant and think of you almost daily. Your commitment to helping families grow their families has forever changed our lives. We just wanted to say thank you for serving the Lord and using your talents to further His kingdom. If you ever need someone to answer questions to another couple considering coming to see you please feel free to refer them to us. To the couples that don\'t get pregnant the month they get home from your office, be patient, God has a perfect plan if you will trust Him. All our love and deepest gratitude, Brad and Renee\'

    • Christopher and Jenn steveson, fl

    Today we went to Dr. Wilson..... My husband and I were extremely pleased.. I was more worried than he was... Dr. Wilson is a man of God who not only prayed for us and our future. ...but he showed us that dreams and wishes will come true with prayer. I thank him and God for guidance And we will see what the future has planned. . Thank you Dr wilson ... The Steveson family

    • Tina and Mark Roberts, Hartshorne, OK

    OMG!!! What can I say!! July 2013 changed our lives forever!! My husband was 43, and had had a vasectomy for 16 YEARS. After two failed IVF cycles we decided that we would try the VR before more IVF. To our amazement (and Docs) he had live sperm on both sides. We were so excited. Here it is April 1st and I am 10 WEEK PREGNANT WITH MY FIRST CHILD! THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. WILSON FOR YOU HELP, GOD DOES GREAT THINGS THROUGH YOUR HANDS!

    • Keith & Lesley, IL

    This past Monday marked the 4 year anniversary of my husband\'s reversal. My husband already brought three beautiful boys into my life, but we wanted more. Dr. Wilson has been a huge blessing in our lives. We have him to thank for our son who will be 3 in July and because of him we were able to make the decision to try one more time to either complete our basketball team or see if we could get a little cheerleader in the mix. I am now pregnant again and due in September!!! Dr. Wilson is nothing but professional and extremely upfront and honest about the procedure and your chances of success. I will say that there is nothing fancy about his\'s very apparent he works with the bare minimum to provide this miracle to families at a reasonable price. This man has given us the chance to expand our family and I am forever grateful for him every night my little blessing gives my growing belly a kiss goodnight.

    • JIm and Gina , Colorado

    My husband had a vasectomy nine years before he had his reversal done in October of 2013. It took us 5 months to conceive, and now we are proud parents of a 2 month old little boy. We are a blended family so our baby joins the family of two boys (16 and 18) and a girl(14). They are so excited about our new addition. It truly was a wonderful experience and a huge blessing to our lives, thank you Dr. Wilson.

    • Anna and Shown, Oklahoma

    My husband had a vasectomy before years before we were married. After a year of marriage, we decided that we wanted children. My husband had his reversal in August of 2011. It had been 7 1/2 years since his vasectomy, so the chances of success were low. However, it took us less than 4 months to conceive. Sadly, I miscarried very soon into the pregnancy. However, we eventually got pregnant again and have a beautiful 10 month old son. We are also expecting another little boy in February. Dr. Wilson was professional and kind, and we have a wonderful experience with him. Both my husband and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

    • Clarence & Alexandria,

    2005 I had the vasectomy (before I knew better) 2010 I met my wife (knew better) 2011 we decided to have a reversal done.
    Keep in mind I had varicoceles and a time frame that drastically lowered my percentage for fertility
    We searched & found Dr. David Wilson online & questioned everything to be too good to be true (but it is that good)
    We were nervous & scared down to the moment, but these few things stand out to this day why this was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made…
    -I witnessed a living testimony so rare in its selflessness & good deeds in Dr. David Wilson all my fears went away as he politely prayed over us before the procedure.
    -My wife is happy.
    -& above all we bear one of the most precious human beings on this earth…A little girl that is gift to everyone she encounters.
    -Not to mention…we are giving birth to her little sister in a few days.
    This man is a blessing to the world! Too much praise online can seem easily unbelievable but I’ve witnessed the beginning, middle, & end of the decision making process & to have this man in your corner is a confidence I cannot put into words.
    Everyday we look into our daughter’s eyes, laugh, & see the joy she brings to those around her…we have no one more to thank than the hardworking, selfless, modest, humble, thorough, & skilled…Dr. David Wilson.

    • Steve & Laura Jordan, Montana

    Another Success! My husband had reversal surgery on Feb.14, 2014, 14 years after his vasectomy. We were so excited to find out that we were expecting in July and told our girls ages 16 and 14 on my oldest daughter’s 16th birthday. We had the ultrasound today and everything is looking great. We will be getting a little boy around April 8,2014. Is he ever gonna be spoiled. Thank you Dr. Wilson for following the path that God has for you. You truely are a blessing and I believe God is using you in a mighty way. Not only with the reversals but also by being a witness for the Lord. I pray that God continue to bless you and the ministry you have. Thanks so much for doing your part.

    • Kimberlee Neff, North Carolina

    In June 2013 my husband and I traveled to Oklahoma for the procedure with Dr. Wilson. It had been almost 8 years since my husband’s vasectomy so we weren’t sure if the reversal would work. Dr. Wilson was wonderful and the procedure went well. Several months later I found out we were expecting. Our daughter was born in August 2014. We are so grateful for Dr. Wilson. We wouldn’t have our beautiful daughter without him.

    • Jason & Sherri, Ontario Canada

    My husband got a vasectomy a few months after our second son was born, completely against my wishes (and they did it anyway!?) and our marriage really suffered as a result. Finally after 6 1/2 years he was convinced to get a reversal. We were blessed to find Dr. Wilson and get an appointment on 9/27/2013. It went remarkably well and he was very professional and friendly. And yes, he talks fast. The prayer before the surgery was what touched me most. I do believe that has much to do with his success rate especially for quick pregnancies or longtime vasectomies that most say won’t work. Anyway we were told the average time to get pregnant after that long was about 2 years, but after only 3 months not even trying I was expecting! 9/26/2014 our third son was born – a year to (almost) the day of our appointment. Now he just needs a playmate…
    I would heartliy recommend Dr. Wilson as first choice for a reversal to anyone. Many thanks for making this possible!

    • Katie, Florida

    My husband had a reversal Sept 2011. It was about 5 years after his vasectomy. It took us 2 years and one month to get pregnant, but I am now snuggling my vr miracle baby!! Dr. Wilson was amazing. He was kind and explained everything to my husband. He did a great job and my husband healed quickly. We are so thankful for Dr. Wilson and his ministry! You won’t regret using him for the reversal. He truly was a gift from God to help us fix a mistake!

    • Heath and Kristi, Florida

    Good Morning! We are just stopping by to report our good news. Dr. Wilson performed my husband’s reversal in May 2014 and we found out Sept. 3rd that we are expecting our miracle baby. This was the cycle that my husband was 3 months post-op and obviously everything worked as expected. Our ultrasound this week showed a cute tiny baby with a heartbeat measuring perfect for almost 8 weeks. We are so thankful to Our Lord for this blessing but also for Dr. Wilson and his ministry to families. What a blessing he has been to us as God’s servant!

    • Latika, Maryland

    I just wanted to say that Dr. Wilson performed my husbands reversal on August 20, 2013 and we found out that we are pregnant on September 10th 2014. It took one year! Thanks Dr. Wilson and God bless you:)

    • Roger and Teri, Florida

    My husband had his reversal in April 2013. It was a long trip to Oklahoma, but well worth it. Dr. Wilson was professional and right on time for his procedure. We are proud to announce that we are finally expecting our answered prayer. We are due in April 2015. Thank you Dr. Wilson for your expertise and wisdom in helping us achieve our hearts desire.

    • Clint Webb, Mississippi

    We had a baby boy. He is now almost 6 months old. Thanks Doc.

    • Kevin Jones,

    We had our reversal on March 21 2014. Today is Sept. 2 2014 and we are 6 weeks pregnant.Doctor Wilson is a great Doctor and has a good price.

    • Jake & Tiffany, Utah

    About 5 years after having my vasectomy performed I visited Dr. Wilson in November of 2011 to have it reversed. I had a lot of concern due to the low cost and ease of the procedure. I was even concerned after undergoing the procedure. In December of 2011 we found out that my wife was pregnant, but unfortunately miscarried.
    A year later we found out she was pregnant again. My wife delivered our third child and second girl just two weeks ago. I couldn’t be more please with the results and am thankful that Dr. Wilson offers his services for such an affordable rate.
    I would offer my recommendation to anyone.

    • Thomas and Laura, Montana

    Dr. Wilson performed the vasectomy reversal on my husband in 2011, after over 5 years of having his vasectomy. We were over the moon to find out that we were pregnant in March 2013. Our baby girl was born in December and we are trying to conceive our second! Thank you so much Dr. Wilson!!

    • Joseph and Elizabeth K, Wisconsin

    My husband and I traveled to Dr. WIlson’s office in February of 2013 to have his vasectomy reversed. We were right at the 3 year mark since the vasectomy so we were hopeful about having success with a reversal. The entire experience was amazing! Dr. Wilson was informative, superbly skilled and we couldn’t be more grateful. Two months later in April 2013 we conceived a baby boy who is now 7 months old! We are thinking of having one more little miracle next year and have Dr. Wilson to thank for even having the option of adding more to our family. My OB couldn’t believe we conceived so quickly after the reversal. After seeing Dr. Wilson in action I knew we were in the best hands possible.

    We recommend that anyone considering have a reversal should see Dr. Wilson, you will be blown away by the level of care, concern and skill this man provides!!! Not to mention amazing results.

    • Michelle, Wisconsin

    My husband had his vasectomy seven years ago after our second child was born. Years later we came to regret the decision and began looking into reversals but did not think that we could afford one. We came across Dr. Wilson, and decided to make the 13 hour trip from Wisconsin. My husbands reversal was on April 14, 2014 and we were given an 80% chance. I found out that I was pregnant in June, after only two months of trying! We could hardly believe it, it was a miracle. Thank you Dr. Wilson for helping make our family complete.

    • Tyler’s, Arkansas

    My husband had a vasectomy in 2007. After a year or so we knew it was a mistake. We had our boy and girl. We believed the lie that 2 was plenty. But we just started to pray about how to pay for it. I found Dr. Wilson while on a babycenter group. Many ladies recommended him. My husband had the reversal in July of 2010. We have a 2 more chikdren, a son born in Novmeber 2011 and a daughter in December 2013. Hopefully The Lord will bless us with many more.

    Dr. Wilson is an excellent man and surgeon. He talks fast, but no big deal. Just listen and if you didn’t understand just say so. If it weren’t for this man’s ministry we wouldn’t have our other two kids. I just pray God keeps this ministry alive and blesses thousands more. God bless!

    • Tim B, Iowa

    Hello, I have been meaning to come on here for awhile to mention how the effective the procedure was for us. I had a vasectomy in September of 2009 after my wife and I had our third child. We rushed into having the vasectomy and decided that we wanted another of our own. I found out about Dr. Wilson in January while researching the procedure. First opportunity to get pregnant after the January 25th procedure was March. In early April we got our positive pregnancy test and as of August 1st (today) my wife is just over 18 weeks pregnant and in 10 days we find out if it is a boy or a girl.

    • Christian Bassler,

    Dr. Wilson,

    I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I came to you in 2013 to reverse a horrible decision that I made following my divorce. Due to moving and some other outside issues I was not able to test when I was supposed to, finally Yesterday I fount out the results of my tests and they are awesome! I was really blessed to be lead your way, and I am so very grateful, both to God and to you for doing this as a personal conviction to help people right a wrong.
    Thank you so much Dr. Wilson!

    • Vicki,

    I’ve read many wonderful comments about you on and look forward to visiting with you. Through prayer, my husband and I will decide if VR is right for us and our family. God Bless!

    • amy,

    I really look forward to meeting with you. My husband has his phone consultation with you wednesday. We are soo excited about this, and I feel truley blessed to have came across your website.

    • Janine and Jeff Kyser,


    Thank you so much for doing my husbands reversal! You did his reversal in May. I just took a pregnancy test this morning and it was positive.

    Thank You So Much!

    • Antony, Maryland

    I had my reversal in July of 2009 after almost 12 years after my vasectomy. I am 45 years old, and we were afraid a reversal would not work. After travelling from Maryland for the procedure and meeting Dr. Wilson, our fears were alleviated, even before the procedure. In May of this year, my wife gave birth to our healthy baby girl.

    • Erica,

    Dr. Wilson,

    You performed my husband’s reversal on 7/29/11 and it was was a success. It took us a little longer than expected but we just discovered that we have a little one due Nov 14, 2013! Thanks so much for giving us this wonderful opportunity to be parents once again!

    Scott and Erica

    • Amber Phelps, Michigan

    More kids is what we wanted more than anything and more is definitely what we got thanks to Dr. Wilson!!! My husband had his surgery march 29th 2011, we welcomed a beautiful little boy into our family on November 8th 2012 and just found out we are expecting twins in October 2013!!!!! Success is an understatement at this point, Thank you Dr. Wilson for all you do!!!!

    • Laurie,

    We had our vasectomy in Sept 2011, I knew from the time we walked out of that office it was a mistake!! and in Aug 2012 we had the reversal done!! We were getting ready for our sperm count when I found out I was pregnant, but we miscarried at 7 weeks, Now we just found out we are pregnant again. Thank you Dr Wilson!!

    • Shaun Schraut, Minnesota

    My husband had his reversal done on Febuary 9th, 2013. Two weeks later we conceived and are due November 16th, 2013. We had no idea that this would happen so fast! We are so excited for our new family we are going to have! Thank you Dr Wilson if it wasn’t for God and you this wouldn’t have been possible! Much thanks!

    • Wayne & Stacey Coffey Sophia, North Carolina

    We had a reversal on May 02, 2012 and 11 weeks later we found out we were expecting, Our wonderful blessing arrived on March 28, 2013, we are still at hospital as we post this, we are so thankful for Dr. Wilson ans his commitment he has made to doing was he does! He is a true man of God and God has blessed him with this talent he has, put your trust and in God and live for him and all things are possible!!!! Thank you Dr. Wilson for your ministry you have and your willfulness to serve God the way you do, may God bless you deeply and richly!!!

    • David & April Mackey,

    My husband had his vasectomy reversal on May 1, 2012, after almost 8 years from having his vasectomy (prior to meeting me). We knew we wanted children together and Dr. Wilson was who we turned to. I am so overjoyed to announce that we are seven weeks pregnant, and are due November 18, 2013! To God be the glory, we are truly grateful!

    • Sheryl & Clint, Oklahoma

    Dr. Wilson,

    Sorry I am just now getting to you, but I wanted to THANK YOU for the precious blessing you were able to help us conceive. We came to your office in August 2011 and I am happy to report that as of March 12, 2013 we are the proud parents to a healthy baby boy. Words could never express the gratitude and indebtedness we have to you, without you we could have never completed our family. You are a blessing from above. I love the new office and wish you continued success in your practice.
    For anyone contemplating reversal, just know we have all been where you are. If you are looking for an affordable option, you have found the perfect physician for the job. His statistics speak for themselves. On a side note, while we were in your waiting room we met another couple (who I might add also had a successful reversal) whom we remain friends with today. It was nice getting to know other couples who were on the same journey as us. If you are contemplating going to Dr. Wilson, I can assure you that you will not regret your decision.

    • Larry & Kim, Texas

    First of all thank you Dr. Wilson.

    To anyone with second thoughts….I had my first attempted reversal in July of 2010, a little over 7 years since my vasectomy, through another doctor at a cost of over twice as much with zero success. Not having the confidence that returning to the same doctor would result in success I searched for another option. Dr. Wilson performed my second reversal on 11/15/11. We knew that the amount of time and an unsuccessful first reversal attempt drastically reduced our chance of success. Well, we welcomed a beautiful baby girl on 11/30/12. The day after my procedure I told Kim that there was no comparing the two procedures. The surgery skill of Dr. Wilson is many many times what he charges. Take it from someone who had the same procedure twice by different doctors.

    • Jamie and Floyd Davis, Georgia

    I am very relieved to hear all the success stories. My husband is on the waiting list for his surgery as we speak he is 8 years post his vasectomy. We are hoping that we get to share the same joy you all do.

    • Patrick and Jamie, Illinois

    Dr. Wilson-
    We live in the Chicago area and the reversal prices were 5k to 10k. In my research they had the same or you had a better success rate in reversals that where in my age of being 8+ years since my vasectomy.

    One thing that made me comfortable in choosing Dr. Wilson was reading these blogs, him having a waiting list (didn’t like it but it shows you are in demand), and that several of your patients are willing to be references to potential new patients and they willing to talk to them on the phone.

    My wife and I are very happy that we decided to travel to you and have this done. You performed the reversal in January 2013 and we received the call from the SA that was done last week. The reversal worked and my counts are normal. Thank you! If you ever have a patient need a reference, you can send them our information, we would be happy to talk to them. Say a prayer that we have a child soon. Thank you again.

    Patrick and Jamie

    • Wayne & Stacey Coffey, North Carolina

    Dr. Wilson performed a reversal for us in May 2012 and we have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy born in March 2013. We cannot thank him enough!!!. Had it not been for his services, we would not have been able to see our dreams come true. The reversal procedure in our area was out of our reach financially. Dr. Wilson and his staff are well worth the time, money and distance. We would recommend to anyone thinking of a reversal to expand their family!!!

    • Jay and Amber Kinder, Oklahoma

    We feel so blessed to have found Dr. Wilson. Because of Dr. Wilson my dreams of becoming a mother are coming true! I have prayed for years to find the perfect man to be able to have children with. I was blessed with the man of my dreams, only problem was he had already had a vasectomy. I had a friend who’s husband had a successful reversal using Dr. Wilson so I started looking into him. Dr. Wilson was amazing and his price was the most reasonable that I could find. We truly feel blessed to have found Dr. Wilson. He helped make our dreams come true!

    • Nicolle and Doug, Ohio

    My husband and I travelled to Oklahoma in April of 2012 from Ohio to have the reversal surgery. We were both apprehensive but hopeful. Dr. Wilson was very professional and was clearly a faithful man which eased our fears. The surgery was a success. We just welcomed a baby boy Anthony James to our family on Friday, April 26, 2013. We are so blessed!
    Thank you Dr. Wilson!
    Nicolle and Doug

    • Serafin, Kansas

    I had my vasectomy done 20 years ago, I am now 42. I had my reversal on 02/14/13, yes, Valentine’s day. The chances for success were lower for somebody like me because of the time between surgeries and my age, but we wanted a child and were willing to take the chance. It is now May 3, 2013 and the doctors confirmed that my wife is pregnant!!! It only took 2 months to the day to conceive. I can’t thank Dr. Wilson enough for doing the procedure. God willing, we will be blessed with our first child in January. Thank you so much.

    • Dustin & Jo, OHIO

    My husband and I had been married for 3 years and had 2 children when he had his vasectomy. We traveled to Oklahoma for his reversal in February of 2008. On New Years Day (2009), we found out we were expecting. Our sweet boy was born in September 2009. We conceived again and welcomed a beautiful little girl in November 2012. Thank you, Dr. Wilson, for enabling us to have the family that God intended for us to have. So thankful. :)

    • Nicholas Williams, California

    Dr. Wilson performed my reversal on March 11, 2013. We found out yesterday May 4, 2013 my wife is expecting! Thank you Dr. Wilson you are a miraculous man and you’ve made us so happy!

    • Carl and Kristel Todd, California

    My husband and I drove to Oklahoma from California to have the procedure done in early October 2012. We found out in February that we are expecting! What a miracle! Thank you Dr. Wilson!!!

    • Anonymous, Southeast

    First off I’m using an anonymous name because we plan to break the news of our reversal to our friends and family at the same time we announce our much anticipated pregnancy God willing. I have some very sharp friends and family and they would surely see this somehow. My wife and I traveled 1200 miles to get our reversal done on 5/10 and I have to say we couldn’t be happier with the Doctor and the procedure. He was very professional and his skill was evident throughout the experience. It was far less painful than my vasectomy in the first place. I felt no pain after the initial prick for the local anesthetic. I’m very thankful for that.
    The other part of it was I got to see a side of the doctor that seldom probably see. I won’t go into detail but I’ll just say he is perhaps the most humble, caring, and giving person I have ever met. Given my experience with doctors I was very surprised by that. He is the genuine article and we are blessed to have met him and thank him for making this possible for us. Highly recommended. Hopefully we will be back on here soon to announce another little one on the way.

    • Jason Havertape, Colorado

    Thanks be to God! He so instrumentally used the hands of Dr. Wilson! I had my reversal in January 2013. My wife found out she is pregnant on April 4th, 2013. Thank you!

    • Wade and Kim, Idaho

    After having three children, my husband and I were told by many that we had enough children. Sadly, we bought into this lie. My husband had a vasectomy in April 2007. Within a few months we started feeling like we had made a huge mistake. We prayed and did lots of research. We could hardly believe it when we found Dr. Wilson. My husband had his reversal in April 2010. He could not believe how fast he recovered compared to when he had the vasectomy. Dr. Wilson is a wonderful man. He prayed with us before doing the procedure. I became pregnant shortly after, but miscarried at 11 weeks. It was a very sad time, yet we were filled with much hope that God had blessed us with the gift of being able to have children again. We welcomed our 4th child (first reversal baby), Caleb, on February 7, 2012. We were blessed with our 5th child, Silas, two weeks ago, on May 1, 2013. I often get choked up when I look at our Caleb and think of how we thought we knew best on what God had in store for us! Dr. Wilson, we are so thankful to God for you and your work!

    • Lisa, North Carolina

    My husband was about six years post-vasectomy when we decided to get a reversal in late February 2008. Taking into cost and success rates into consideration, we chose Dr. Wilson and were thrilled with his services. By August 2008, we were pregnant, and in May 2009, our son was born. We now have a happy, loud, busy, brilliant, vivacious 4 year old on our hands. :)

    Can’t recommend Dr. Wilson highly enough!

    • Oscar and Erica, Kansas

    My husband, Oscar had a reversal done by Dr. Wilson, on February 14, 2013! We are please to tell you, after 3 months of trying to conceive, we have been blessed with a pregnancy! Our precious baby is due to arrive on January 26, 2014! We feel so BLESSED!! We are so excited! Our experience with the reversal was an extremely positive experience from the very beginning and we would recommend it to anyone! Dr. Wilson is truly a BLESSING!

    • Ronnie and Heather, south carolina

    we had our reversal done in august 2006. like many other couples we were skeptical and afraid to get our hopes up. after having been married for 6 years we had almost given up hope of ever having children. after doing tons of research we settled on dr. Wilson. confident that he was the most capable to do the procedure. we traveled from south Carolina to Oklahoma and have not looked back since! on Monday may 20th we welcomed into our family our THIRD reversal baby. our family is now complete. for the first time in our lives we are able to say that and mean it. thank you LORD and dr. Wilson for giving us the most precious gifts ever. we now have 2 beautiful girls and a very handsome little man. thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Ronnie, Heather, Kilee, Emmalea, and Logan.

    • Dwayne Bynum,

    14 years after my vasectomy, Dr Wilson performed my reversal on April 2, 2013. This morning my wife tested and found out she is pregnant, Thank you Dr Wilson for making it possible,

    • Phillip and Mandy, Oklahoma

    This all honestly seemed too good to be true. The pricing, how easy the process…..and I must say we were extremely nervous about the whole thing and how things were handled differently than expected as far as the process in the office on surgery day. I thought for sure it would not work. My husband had his reversal surgery on April, 5th 2012….almost 5 years after his vasectomy. I was pregnant mid August 2012….just 4 months later! Our blessing was born May 13th, 2013. We cannot thank Dr. Wilson enough for giving us another chance at parenting another child. Thank you!

    • Wade Tischner, Utah

    Dr. Wilson,

    My wife just told me that she is expecting our 7th child, we have 3 boys and 3 girls already, can’t wait to see which direction the pendulum swings. swings this time. Thank you so much for sharing your abilities and making them affordable, you’ve blessed our family. It has been 7 years since our last baby was born.

    • Marc&Samantha, California

    My husband and I are about 10 years apart, married almost two years now, he has two children from a prior marriage, 7&9 and after those children he though he was done so he got a vasectomy, then he met me and we decided we wanted one of our own, we explored many options here in CA, all of which we would have had to sell an arm and a leg to go through with and after months of research and message boards we decided to go with Dr.Wilson. We had to reschedule 3 different time (as all of you know, that means 3 months each time due to his packed schedule) so we finally made it in Feb 2013. Dr. Wilson said by years we had about 80% chance after the procedure only 65% due to no sperm on one side and only head on the other, well, June 2013 we are now 12weeks pregnant :-)

    • Wayne, Texas

    I will keep this short and to the point: Dr. Wilson did my reversal on 1/3/2013, and my wife found out she was pregnant on 5/19/2013. His office is new, very clean, and no other patients are there when you are. We spent a total of $3000 on the procedure, flight and 4 night stay. We made it a mini vacation, so a lot of our money went to the local restaurants and we went out drinking the night we arrived. This was one of the better money spending decisions I have made. I would recommend Dr. Wilson to anyone who knows they want to have a bigger family. Thank You Dr. Wilson.

    FYI: I had my vasectomy in early 2011.

    • Charlie and Jen Elliott, Maryland

    My husband and I drove from Maryland to Oklahoma in Dec 2012 to have our procedure done by Dr. Wilson. Dr. Wilson is very knowledgeable and precise at what he does! We had a great experience, in and out and no complications what so ever. The website answered all of our questions and we went in hopeful. 7.5 weeks after the surgery we found out we were expecting. I am now 22 weeks pregnant, expecting a little baby boy in Oct 2013. Thanks so much Dr. WIlson for giving us this opportunity to have another child at an affordable price! We feel so very very blessed! Thanks again!!!

    Charlie and Jen Elliott

    • Kim, Michigan

    My husband’s reversal was performed by Dr. Wilson on November 9, 2009. His vasectomy was performed in the spring of 2004. We happily conceived in March 2010, just 4 months (almost to the day) of the reversal! Our son Erik was born 8 weeks early but healthy in October 2010. We also recently had a surprise bonus blessing, our son Eli, who was born in May 2013.

    Thank you Dr. Wilson!

    • David, Georgia

    Awesome! We are so thankful for Dr. Wilson and his practice. I was 7+ year with my vasectomy, and had been given less than optimal hope from local doctors, was well as being price prohibitive. I found Dr Wilson through Internet research and decided to give it a shot. We just went to the OBGYN to confirm my wife if pregnant. Based off of calculations and ultrasound measurements. We conceived just 5 short weeks after our meeting with Dr Wilson. As a footnote, the OBGYN in a good size practice in Chattanooga, was familiar with Dr Wilson and has actually had several patients that had been patients of Dr Wilson. Thank you so much Dr Wilson for your work and making it possible for us to have a family!

    • Matt and Jamie, California

    My husband and I began the process of trying to find a vasectomy reversal doctor near us in 2010. We had recently committed to God that we would no longer be a slave to the lender but also knew that God was calling us to have more kids. We researched many facilities around us, all of which charged upwards of $7,500-10,000. We knew those costs were way beyond our means. After much research and prayer God led us to Dr. Wilson’s page. We couldn’t believe the price. Only $1700! After looking through his website, which was VERY informative, and receiving additional information from Dr. Wilson, we made our appointment.
    Although Dr. Wilson was 1,400 miles away from home we made the trip a fun adventure, a family vacation. Dr. Wilson was professional, kind, caring and compassionate. My husband was pleased with Dr. Wilson’s bedside manner and the way in which the procedure was done. After having the procedure we were given a 75% chance of conceiving and were told it could take at least 3 months but possible up to 6-12 months. 1 month later we were pregnant! We are now expecting reversal baby #2 in January!
    Thank you so much Dr. Wilson! You have made our dream of more children a reality. Our adventure to Oklahoma has become a beautiful party of our baby’s birth stories and we thank God for you and your ministry.

    • Derek and Jessica, Texas

    First of all I wanted to thank Dr . Wilson for his practice and ministry. God has truly blessed him. I had my reversal done in April 2013. I had my vasectomy done in 2007. My wife and I had prayed about having more children and we received confirmation. Upon arriving at Dr. Wilson’s office for surgery he shared everything we needed to know and what to expect and post op instructions. We knew God was going to bless us with a child we just didn’t know it would happen within 6 weeks after the surgery. Praise be to God!!!! My wife is now 7 and a half weeks pregnant and everything appears to be fine on the sonogram. Thanks again Dr. Wilson for being such a blessing and God using you for His kingdom purposes. Children are blessing from The Lord Psalms 127

    • Candace Kretzer, Oregon

    We had two perfect children, my husband was working, I was actively pursuing a nursing degree, and we had “fixed the problem” of having any future children in 2009, when my life began to spin out of control because God was in the backseat of my life and I was in the driver’s seat. In early 2010, I re-dedicated my life to Christ as the Lord (boss) of my life, and things just have not been the same since. In faith, I quit school to stay home with the children and even homeschool them. God worked a miracle in my husband’s job so that our decision to live off of one income was honored. And our marriage really began to blossom. But a part of me was so sad that I would never make any more beautiful children with the wonderful, godly husband I had been blessed with. On my birthday in 2010, my husband gave me a card that read “To the Mother-to-Be” on the cover. Inside, he had written, “God has heard your prayers and so have I.” One month later, he got a vasectomy reversal at your office. Thirteen months after that, I was pregnant with our third child. And now we have a wonderful little boy nearly 9 months old. He has brought unspeakable joy to all in our home, cultivated unselfishness and love in my other two children, and helped to heal damaged relationships. We went to a 21st birthday party tonight and hardly held the baby because so many young people were busily talking to him, making faces, and allowing his little toes to curl around their fingers. I have savored and rejoiced in every minute of his life – a life that nearly didn’t exist (in terms of human planning) but was planned before the beginning of time by the sovereign Creator. We named our son Malachi Jason – which, altogether, means “God’s Healing Messenger,” and it fits him perfectly. Thank you SO much for your wonderful ministry – for using such great skill for the glory of God. I will continue to pray for you and your ministry.

    • Henry and Monica, California

    I had my reversal done in November 2011, 5 years after my vasectomy. I am now 52 and have only one working player on my man team but thanks to Dr. Wilson’s skill and faith, we are now expecting! We just had our first ultrasound last week and are expecting in March 2014.
    I felt that I was in good hands as soon as I met with Dr. Wilson and this was confirmed every step of the way. To any man considering this procedure, I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Wilson, not just because his price was lower by far, but because he is good at what he does and cares deeply about helping his patients to father children again.

    • David Franklin, Alabama

    Hello everyone,

    I really have to share some awesome news. I had a reversal done on May 3, 2013 and my wife and I are pregnant as of July 27, 2013. The entire process with Dr. Wilson was smooth and I am highly recommending him to anyone that is thinking having a reversal. I know some of you may be thinking that these stories are made up or something butI am pproofthat they aren’t. If you would like to know more about my reversal or have questions I am more than willing to talk to you, just shoot me an email at

    Thank you Dr. Wilson for doing what God has called you to do, it is truly a miracle.

    God bless,
    David F.

    • Lenna and Robert, Florida

    My husband had his reversal preformed in April 2011. Almost two years to the day we found out we were expecting. Currently pregnant with our Baby Boy and looking forward to meeting him!

    • Valerie, Oklahoma

    Six years after my husband’s vasectomy there was still a longing in my heart for another child. His love for me lead us to Dr. Wilson’s office, yet both of us have been blessed by our new son. He had his reversal in Sept of 2011 and our son arrived in Sept of 2012. You never regret the children you have, only the children you don’t have. We have a large age gap with our children, but even that has been positive. Watching our older boys with their baby brother is so much fun. Their friend’s are jealous they don’t have a baby at their house and I have help at the grocery store or while I’m cooking dinner. We are blessed and thankful everyday for our family.

    • Pete Martinez, Texas

    My husband Pete and I cannot thank you enough for blessing our family with your amazing reversal skills at this very affordable price. We saw you in October 2011 and were pregnant only four months later! Unfortunately I miscarried twice due to female issues (had nothing to do with the reversal) and then finally in Sept. 2012 we were pregnant with our little girl Alora Marie who was born July 09, 2013. She is absolutely amazing and I get so choked up just thinking about what a miracle this whole process has been. You forever will be in our heart and we pray for you, your practice and your patients regularly. Praise God for you! ~ The Martinez Family from Texas :)

    • Robert and Joanne, Illinois

    My husband had decided to get a Vasectomy many years before we had met. When we decided that we were going to get married, we discussed our options for having a child together. My husband had found Dr. Wilson through an internet search. Dr. Wilson is amazing and very faith based, which we just loved. Dr. Wilson performed the reversal September 2012 and we have just given birth to our beautiful baby boy August 2013. Thank you for giving us the precious gift of a child.

    • Travis and Stacy, Michigan

    March of 2011 my husband had a vasectomy. I was so upset and the feeling that is was just wrong because I knew there were more children waiting to join our family never got better with time. So at about 18 months post V he brought up the idea of doing a reversal. Of course I was thrilled and on March 7,2013 (2yrs 4days to the day of the V) he had his reversal done. To our surprise on Sept 6th we found out we are expecting. We are thrilled and Dr. Wilson is absolutely wonderful for making it possible. I would recommend him to anyone.


    • Jack,

    Dr Wilson performed my reversal in Sept of 2012. My wife is pregnant and we are expecting a baby girl in sometime in late January of 2014. We are so very grateful for the service he performs and the conviction with which he does his work. I would highly recommend him if you are thinking of having this procedure. We are so excited for the arrival of our daughter and will always remember Dr. Wilson for making it possible.

    • Randi and Ashley,

    Dr. Wilson,

    Just another answer to prayer and notch under your medical belt \":)\"

    My wife and I researched for a reversal procedure that was not only affordable, but credible. I had a vas done nearly 8 years ago (presently 43 years old). After God moved a mountain or two, provision came our way and we scheduled a reversal in June.

    Dare I say “Whoo hooo! We’re 4.5 weeks pregnant!!”

    To those who are reading these testimonials…they are definitely real! Dr. Wilson knows what he is doing, bar none.

    Thank you, Dr. Wilson and blessings to you, your vocation and continued ministry.

    • Mike & Cassie Sebestyen, Virginia

    I had my vasectomy done after my first child in 2006 at the age of 23 after separating and ultimately divorcing my then wife. I met the love of my life a few years later and after getting married we decided to have a reversal done and try to have more children. My wife found Dr. Wilson online and we did our research and decided that this is where we wanted to get it done. On July 9th 2012 (my 30th B-day) Dr. Wilson performed the reversal and we found out last December that we were expecting. We had a 9lb 4oz baby boy on September 5th 2013. Hunter Michael.

    Thank you Dr. Wilson for giving us this amazing bundle of joy.

    Mike Sebestyen

    • Jason, Iowa

    My husband had his vasectomy done for nine years when we went to Oklahoma on February 4, 2011. We drove from Iowa during one of the worst snow storms Oklahoma has ever seen. It was a terribe drive, but we made it safely. My husband had the reversal done and three months later his count came back low, but it was there! We got pregnant, Due February 4, 2013 (2 years to the day of his reversal). What a true miracle. Ava Marie was born 7 lbs 11 oz on January 26, 2013. She is beautiful and perfect. Thanks you so much, Dr. Wilson for helping us. The rest was up to God. He is a good God!

    • Jesse Barajas, Nevada

    I had a reversal vasectomy done back in February 2013. At first I was very spectacle about setting up an appointment and putting money down with out having to speak with anyone. The web site looked more like a scam to me, but I went through with it. After meeting Dr.Wilson I mention to him about how it just didn’t seem to be a legitimate office. I researched the location and his license and checked out fine. I see knew changes have been done to the website, which is good to make more people comfortable choosing this procedure, As for myself I want to thank Dr. Wilson for a great procedure and the lord for blessing me with another child. Just found a out couple of days ago (10-8-13) that were expecting a lil baby boy!!

    Thank you!

    Jesse Barajas

    • Jeremy and Cammie,

    We had a reversal done in February 2012 with Dr. Wilson. Husband was just short of 9 years since original vasectomy. We had all but given up! He had a great count, good morphology but a little low motility. We consulted a fertility doc about IUI last week. I just took a test because I am 4 days late… POSITIVE! According to clear blue easy I am 4 to 5 weeks! If the DR would have done an exam we’d have been shocked! How fun! We are sooooo happy! Thanks Dr Wilson!

    • Robert Seal, Florida

    We had our vasectomy reversal done on January 10th of 2011, after finding the best Dr.for the job. It seemed like a long journey to get where we are today. After having several tests done and told we wouldn’t be able to conceive on our own due to low motility we stopped “trying”, thinking we’d have to have IVF done, we got pregnant. We are due May of 2014. An awesome time for us and we have Dr. Wilson to thank

    • Russell & Vanessa, BC, Canada

    My husband and I traveled internationally for his reversal with Dr. Wilson in early January, 2012. My husband was just over 9 years post vasectomy and Dr. Wilson was very open with us in regards to success rates at such a late date from the original surgery. We both knew that we needed to do the repair regardless of whether it was successful by our standards or not. Our results at reversal as well as 4 months out weren’t great, but we knew it was just a wait and see thing at that point. Unfortunately, my husbands job required a fair amount of travel for the for the 15 months after his reversal. About 4 months after leaving that job…we were expecting! I am almost 18 weeks pregnant. Our 11 and 12 year old are very excited and we can’t wait to welcome our baby.

    • Steve and Jacqueline, California

    My husband had his vasectomy 5 years ago. We read about Dr.Wilson for a year before we made the decison to make an appointment, we made the road trip at the end May 2013. We had a blast on the road trip and got married on our way home:) first couple of months we tried and tried and once we both relaxed and prayed about it we got pregnant. we went to OBGYN this week we are due August 12, 2014. we are so excited and greatful to Dr.Wilson. THANK YOU DR.Wilson!!! Steve and Jacquline Silkotch, California.

    • Christi, Tennessee

    In 2006 at the age of 25 my husband decided to have a vasectomy. Three years later we met and then married in September of 2011. Neither of us had any children from previous relationships. We decided in April of 2012 that we wanted to have a reversal and have a baby! I had researched the procedure and Dr. Wilson previously. The night we decided I pulled up his website and paid our down payment. As soon as I pulled up the calendar there was on open date in July! I couldn’t believe it! Four months later we made the 600 mile drive. In March of 2013, I was beginning to get discouraged so my OBGYN sent us to get a complete analysis of his sperm. My doctor said my husband’s results were absolutely perfect. He said they were by far the best he had ever saw on any couple he had that he was doing fertility work on. He could not believe he had a reversal done. I then went through 3 months of Clomid with Ovidrel injections monitored by ultrasound. In May of 2103, we finally got our big fat positive! We are expecting a baby boy in February of 2014. It was such a scary decision for both of us to put something so important into the hands of a doctor so far away. I truly believe this was the best decision we ever made. I feel like everything fell into place just like God intended it. I thank God daily for this precious miracle he has given us.

    • Wes & Kennedy, Oklahoma

    My husband had his reversal done in October 2012. We were very fortunate that Dr. Wilson was only a few hours drive away from us. My husband had his vasectomy in 2004, after 3 children, we were married in 2009 and we decided that we wanted children. We started saving and I stalked the calendar like a crazy woman! It was a very stressful time. I didn’t truly feel at ease until we were in pre-surgery with Dr. Wilson and he prayed with us. I finally felt relief. This was a long and arduous journey for us, and one we will never forget. Our dreams finally came to fruition when we got our BFP on September 26, 2013. We are due June 1, 2014 with our little miracle. I thank God everyday for Dr. Wilson and this miracle he helped make. Without him, we would never have gotten our Happily Ever After.
    Thank you, Dr. Wilson

    • KC & Paula, Wisconsin

    My husband was the first boy I had a crush on way back when we were in grade school and we are now in our mid 30′s. Our lives went in very different directions and he decided to have a vasectomy after he and his now ex-wife had their second child. Once we found that we wanted to spend our lives together, we decided we very much wanted to have children together. After a TON of research and saving, we found Dr. Wilson and decided to travel to Oklahoma for the surgery and hope for the best. Dr. Wilson, with his Knowledge and expertise, immediately made us feel we had made the right decision in our doctor! Along with performing the reversal, Dr. Wilson also fixed a problem that had occurred during the original vasectomy which had been causing the hubby quite a bit of discomfort. The reversal was performed in March 2013 and we were pregnant already in June 2013. Unfortunately, the pregnancy was ectopic so we had to have surgery and wait a few months to try again. We started trying again in November 2013 and we got pregnant that month. Our first baby together is now due August 2014. Many, many thanks to Dr. Wilson for this new miracle we are expecting!!

    • Ty, Colorado

    It worked! I had a reversal in November of 2012 and we just had our first baby appointment and got to see our perfectly healthy 2 inch long baby on ultrasound yesterday! Dr David was very pleasant and I actually really enjoyed the entire experience. We had wonderful conversation throughout the surgery and everything went very well. I had surgery in the morning, I went back to my hotel room for the rest of the day and I drove back home, 750 miles the next day. If you are considering a reversal don’t hesitate to use Dr David.

    • Serafin, Oklahoma

    I met the love of my life and we were married. We both wanted children but I had had a vasectomy many years before. We researched and found wonderful reviews about Dr. Wilson so we decided to go ahead with the reversal. We weren’t sure it would work and Dr. Wilson made it clear that our chances were greatly diminished since my vasectomy had been done 20 years before and I was now 42. I had my surgery on Feb. 14th 2013, yes, this was my Valentine’s gift to my wife. Not long after, we found out that my wife had gotten pregnant on April 1st, yes, April Fools Day of the same year. On Jan. 9th 2014,our little miss Sophia was born happy and healthy. I know our results aren’t typical but we are greatful for Dr. Wilson’s faith and skill. With his help our prayers came true. Thank you so much!!!

    • Dave and Wendy, Colorado

    I was listening to EWTN a lot at work and at one point they were talking about vasectomy and tubal ligation reversals. I felt like God was talking to me, but didn’t think Dave would go for it. After much prayer Dave agreed! I looked up vasectomy reversals and a friend suggested looking at One More Soul. Dr. Wilson was listed so we contacted him. In June 2006, we traveled nervously from Upstate NY to Muskogee, OK for the reversal. Afterwards, I learned as much as I could about Natural Family Planning. Dave and I tried for a baby for 4 years after the reversal. As we grew older and about to give up, in God’s perfect timing our daughter arrived in April 2011!!! We named her Zoe which means life! She has brought new life to our family for sure! Thank you so much Dr. Wilson!

    • Ryan Seale, Alabama

    I had my reversal performed in February 2010 by Dr. Wilson. Today 1/31/2014 my wife is pregnant!!
    We could not be any happier with the decision to use Dr. Wilson. I had kind of given up hope, but I continued to pray and God answered my prayers. I had felt guilty for some time not being able to get my wife pregnant. We are so excited right now. If you want a great Dr. was an excellent success rate, choose Dr. Wilson.
    His outlook and willingness to help families be created is a true testament of how special this man is. An unbeatable price on something that is priceless is rare to come across. Thank You So Much!!

    • Mars, California

    I had vasectomy in 2003 because I did not expect my first marriage to end in divorce. When I remarried, my wife and I looked at the cost of reverse vasectomy and we were discouraged to find out it would cost us at least $12,000 in California. We found out about Dr. Wilson and got my vas reversal in March 2012. My wife conceived in February 2013. We now have a healthy boy.

    • Amanda, Oklahoma

    After having two children we decided we were done. My husband had a vasectomy in 2008 and 5 years later I couldn’t get it off my mind about wanting to have another child. I fasted and prayed about this. 3 months later my husband came to me and mentioned wanting to have another child. I knew my prayer had been answered. We researched and found out about Dr. Wilson. Our appointment was in August 2013. We tried conceiving in October and it didn’t work. We tried in November and it did…2 months after the vasectomy reversal! I am 14 weeks pregnant and we are due in August 2014 :) Thank you so much Dr. Wilson for the prayers and a successful surgery.

    • Bridget and Michael, Pennsylvania

    We had come to you in March 2013 to get a reversal.
    The whole experience was wonderful,  and with great faith we had high hopes that it would be successful!  We then got married in September 2013 and only started trying in late December.  My FIRST ovulation cycle we tried I got pregnant!!! I am 2 1/2 months pregnant now and we are in such joy of this miracle!  We truly thank you for this life experience! You do such great work and it was truly a blessing to have met you! Thank you so much again!  Here is a picture attached of my first ultra sound!
    Blessings to you!
    Bridget and Michael

    • Christy and Patrick, Alaska

    Dr. Wilson,

    My husband and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We came to you March 28, 2013 to reverse a horrible decision that my husband made at a very young age. This morning, we found out that we’re expecting our third child, due on Halloween of this year. We have been blessed, and I am so very grateful, both to God and to you for doing this as a personal conviction to help people right a wrong. Thank you so much Dr. Wilson!


    • Oscar & Erica, Kansas

    My husband and I had 3 healthy daughters when we made a stupid decision for my husband to have a Vasectomy in February 2008. (just 1 month after my 3rd daughter was born) We regretted that decision almost immediately. We wanted another child so bad but feared that we would never be able to afford a reversal. That was until we found Dr. Wilson! We made our appointment for Valentine’s Day 2013 (just one day shy of the 5 year anniversary of the vasectomy) Not only was Dr. Wilson affordable but he was only 7 hours of driving away! I felt all along that this was something that was totally meant to be! We went and had the reversal done and it was absolutely a GREAT experience all the way around! We could not ask for a better experience. We did everything right and were absolutely confident in God’s plan for us. We started trying to have a baby as soon as we could and just 3 months after the reversal (May 18, 2013) we found out that we were expecting! (Due January 25, 2014). Our sweet, miracle baby girl, Mylah Grace, was born January 15, 2014! We spent our 1 year reversal anniversary (February 14, 2014) with our baby girl in our arms!

    We would highly recommend Dr. Wilson! A great doctor-a true gift from God!

    • Kody , Washington

    In 2009 I made the worst decision of my life when my wife at the time talked me into a vasectomy. It doomed my marriage and my life. My marriage was over within a year. I looked around to get a reversal but with the costs being $10,000+ I never thought it possible. I got remarried in 2013 and when we found Doctor Wilson last year I thought it was too good to be true. We looked for all the information we could find on him. I want to tell you that it is true. Doctor Wilson is a gift from God and we pray for him every week. His office is real and immaculate. Doctor Wilson is by far the most competent and confident Doctor that I have had the privilege to meet in my 38 years. You may read on the internet that his bed side manor is not very nice but that is not true. He does talk very fast and you have to pay attention. He is a very skilled and gifted man. When I had a vasectomy in August 2009 it was very painful. In December 2013 I went and got the reversal. Doctor Wilson’s technique was amazing and not as painful as I thought it would be. I flew home the next day. I don’t recommend flying the next day. It wasn’t easy but because of money I needed to. There is a great pharmacy next to his office and you can stop in there before your surgery to pre fill out your information with them. After your procedure you can drive threw and pick up what you need. This was very helpful because I had to go alone. Stop off and get some food threw a drive-thru. At the hotel ask for a room next to the elevator and ice machine. You are not going to want to walk around. I used ice and it was helpful for me. It’s been 2 months and my wife is pregnant. We are amazed!!! We were thinking it would never happen and if it did happen that it would take 4 months to a year. My wife and I are so happy. Thank you Doctor Wilson for giving me my life back. I can’t wait to post pictures of our baby due in November 2014.
    Kody and Mandy

    • The Strohs, Illinois

    David and I married in December of 2012 and wanted very much to have a baby together. David had been married once before and already had two children. After his second son was born, he had a vasectomy in May of 2008. In order to have a baby together we decided to try IVF. We went through two rounds of IVF with no success and leaving us $20K in debt. At that point we started researching vasectomy reversals and found out that in the Chicago area a reversal would cost us about $15K out of pocket. We were devastated because our funds were limited and we were reaching our mid 30′s so time was running out and so were our options. Then we found Dr. Wilson’s website and we had hope again. Dr. Wilson offered us hope for a price we could afford. We traveled 10 hours from Illinois to have the procedure done in June 2013. After five months of trying we had a sperm analysis done in November of 2013 and things didn’t look good. All David’s levels were low but Dr. Wilson didn’t give up and told us to give it a few more month and have an analysis done again. Well, David’s sperm must have just needed a little more time because I got pregnant in January 2014 and we are expecting in October 2014. We are very thankful for Dr. Wilson and helping us complete our family. For those who are worried, don’t be. Dr. Wilson is the real thing. Remember, sometimes when there seems that there is no hope left, fate steps in. Anything can happen!

    • Steve, Pennsylvania

    My husband had his vasectomy in 2003. After years of wondering if we made a wrong decision, we finally came to the conclusion that we needed to reverse it. He had his reversal July 3 2013, and we found it it was successful, new baby due in October!

    • The Maples, Tennessee

    My husband had a reversal with Dr. Wilson in April 2012 (.. 22 months later and we are pregnant–God is good!! THANK YOU Dr. Wilson! Some days we struggled but it is all worth it in the end.

    • Seth Hudler, California

    Hello, we made the worst mistake about 4 years ago. We believed the lie other say that two kids was enough. We have a ten and a six year old. My heart long for another baby. Here in California reversals cost 10,000 to 15,000 . No way can we afford that. Thankfully we found Dr.Wilson. It was a answer to our prayers! We drove from California to Oklahoma! We made it a vacation and even took our two kids. . It happens that our reversal was scheduled June 20,2013 which was our ten year Anniversary! Well it was worth it. Today I am 12 weeks pregnant !!! Baby is due Oct.4,2014 we our feeling so blessed and so thankful! God is Good.! ! Thank you Dr.Wilson !

    • Bethany, Virginia

    We had 4 children and when the littlest was close to 2 we longed for another baby. We prayed about it and saved up money. A friend told us about Dr Wilson and he was only 3 hours away from us at the time. We took the kids with us on a little mini vacation and daddy had the reversal done. Very quick and he recovered quickly as well. It took 10 months and I was pregnant. We had a beautiful daughter on 11-11-11. We thought maybe God just gave us her as a one time gift and were shocked when I got pregnant again at age 38. We now have a beautiful baby boy born this year 2-9-14. Thank you God for making this happen and thanks to Dr Wilson for making it an affordable option for us. We now have 6 amazing children. We can’t imagine life without these last 2. We are so glad we made this decision.

    • Brandon & Candace, Iowa

    My husband had a vasectomy 6 years ago prior to us meeting. We’ve wanted a baby since we married in 2011, but prices for reversals in our area were out of our reach. We found Dr. Wilson on the internet and booked our appointment for 3/26/14. He is a wonderful doctor! My husband recovered very quickly. We found out on 4/22/14 that we are already expecting. Not even 4 weeks after the surgery! Thank you so much Dr. Wilson for making our dreams come true :)

    • Christin, Texas

    We got a reversal done in March of 2013 and I found out I was pregnant in august of 2013 . On April 18,2014 I gave birth to a healthy baby boy and we could not have done this without coming here and how affordable it was. Very pleased ;)

    • Brad and Amber Nelms, Mississippi

    My husband and I went to Dr. Wilson in June of 2007. He had undergone a vasectomy after our 2nd son was born in 2000. We have since had 2 post-reversal babies. They are 3 and 18 months old. Finding Dr. Wilson was the answer to our prayers. He is professional and skilled. Our family is finally complete. Thank you Dr. Wilson!

    • Leroy & Amanda, New Hampshire

    My husband had a vasectomy in 2006, only a week before we started dating. We were married in October 2010, knowing we wanted to try for a baby of our own. After a long process of research and saving, we took the 1600 mile trip to see Dr. Wilson. The procedure was fast, well explained and we were made well prepared for post procedure pains. My husband recovered well and was back to work earlier then expected. His vasectomy reversal was done in March of 2014 and we are thrilled to just find out we are pregnant, after only 2 months of trying!!!! We are forever grateful to Dr. Wilson for giving us this amazing gift!!

    • Kevin, North Carolina

    Vasectomy was in June 2009, reversal was in Jan-2013.

    When I had the vasectomy we were sure we were “done”. We had talked about the vasectomy for years and we felt it was right. After a few years and many prayers, we realized we made a mistake. And thinking that we could not be able to correct the vasectomy was a sad realization.

    Having Dr. Wilson do the reversal has been a wonderful blessing. (It was much easier than the vasectomy- it was uncomfortable but not painful). His dedication, experience, compassion, and strong belief in God, are all reasons we choose him instead of choosing a closer doctor. It was when he prayed for our future children on the day of the procedure, that we realized we picked the right man to do this.

    We are happy to report a healthy baby boy born on April-2014.

    Thank you Again!

    Thank you again for what you do Dr. Wilson.

    • Wade and Melissa Nichols , Minn.

    In December of 2006 after three children I decided to get a vasectomy. My wife reluctantly went along with it. We went through some very difficult marriage troubles and I had a drinking problem. In 2010 we got our lives right with God and our marriage re blossomed. But there was something missing and my wife desired to have another child. I was resistant at first. Price was a big issue plus pain and time and not really sure if I wanted more. God continued to work in us and through the generosity of an aquiantence of my wife we found Dr. David through research on the internet we came to chose him. Fast forward to now. June 1st 2014. I am napping next to our new beautiful baby girl! PTL for miracles!

    • Zach & Helen Brillhart, Ohio

    Zach just had his reversal done May 6, 2014. We were given a 70% chance of live sperm return and 56% shot at pregnancy. I just missed my period and tested positive ! We’re pregnant ALREADY! God led us to Dr Wilson, and it was His plan for this to happen, no doubt! Were so excited. Thank you Dr Wilson. God heard our prayers!

    • Jeremy and Emily, Oregon

    It had been over 10 years that my husband had his vasectomy. His reversal was Oct 31, 2013:) April 1st I found out I was pregnant it’s a miracle. The doctor himself stated it’s been a while and maybe we want to consider other options but that he was still willing to try….we could not thank you enough god bless.

    • Jennette & Aaron Anderson , Arkansas

    My husband was fixed for 5 years. On March 10, 2014- my husband had his reversal done with Dr. David Wilson. Well today on June 9, 2014 I found out I am pregnant! Thanks to the Lord Jesus and Dr. Wilson!!! Only 3 months after the surgery. I am so happy to be posting on the success stories, instead of just reading them!

    • Patricia and Keith Howard, Mississippi

    Hello Everyone,
    My name is Patricia and my husband and I have been married for six years come this November 2014. My husband had a vasectomy during his previous marriage, but once we were married he opted to have his vasectomy reversed so that we could be blessed with a child together. I searched on the internet for months, comparing prices, reading the good and bad, all while praying to God to send us the Right doctor. Then in 2013, I came across Dr. Wilson, I read his entire website, because this was a life changing procedure for my husband as well as myself. Then I read the reviews, I kept trying to find a bad, negative or in different comment, so that I could weigh them against the good comments and make the best choice. But I didn’t, and still haven’t found any negative comments. Therefore, I can only speak about our experience, my husband received his vasectomy reversal on April 24, 2013, everything was explained to us in detail by Dr. Wilson. My husband was awake during the procedure, but didn’t feel a thing, I was able to be in the room with him, as well as walk back and forth in the waiting room. The atmosphere was very pleasant and spiritual. My husband being a pastor, we didn’t mind at all. What we found interesting is that Dr. Wilson, presented himself and his office in the manner of which he speaks about on the website. we didn’t have to figure out if this was the same doctor as the one portrayed on the internet, he knew the Lord, talked about the Lord, and had an atmosphere that lead you to believe that he knew the Lord. On May 21, 2013 I took three pregnancy test, just from mere excitement, and all three were positive 27 days later. We were given a 78 to 80 percent chance of getting pregnant, and my husband vasectomy was seven years old. I can only speak from experience, Dr. Wilson knew exactly what he was doing, and he did it professionally and I would highly recommend him to everyone who wants to have the chance of having a beautiful blessing like we did.

    • Travis & Stacy Mau,

    Dr. Wilson,

    You did my vasectomy reversal on June 4th 2010 and I am very excited and happy to let you know the surgery was a sucess. It is July 22nd 2010 and Stacy is three weeks pregnant already! Words can not explain how happy we are and we can not thank God and you enough for this blessing!

    • Rob and Kate, Illinois

    Dr. Wilson,

    I had many reservations about choosing a doctor so far away (from Chicago area), from a website, and that offered the lowest price to perform the procedure. Everything seemed to be too good to be true. A year after visiting your website, I finally had an appointment. My wife and I decided to make a mini-vacation with our 3 girls and do a road trip. Everything went as smooth as I could have expected. After the procedure, you told me that the sperm you saw weren’t in the best condition, but that we should give my body some time. It had been a little over 3 years since my vasectomy, so I knew my chances of success had dropped a level. We were going to wait a few months and then get tested for a sperm count. This became unnecessary as my wife became pregnant the second month after the surgery! You performed the surgery on March 8, 2010, and we will have our new baby in January 2011!

    Thank you for your service! What you are doing is for the glory of God and the results of your service are eternal. We are so grateful.

    Rob and Kate

    • Rebekah Cline,

    Yes Dr. Wilson is WELL worth traveling for!! =0) My hubby had his surgery in Sept of 2009 and although we are not pregnant yet his SA report came back that surgery was a SUCCESS!!!! So I am looking any month to be pregnant!!

    • Timothy Garrett, New York

    I live in NYC I looked in the city and the procedure cost $6,500 at some places and I started to give up hope! I Then Dr Wilsons site was found. I read up on him and his belief in God is what sold me. Spent $137 on two nights at a hotel. $145 dollars on a rent a car. $385 dollars on air fare $1500 hundred dollars for the procedure! and still saved $4,433 dollars. but the end result priceless! I was suppose to have written this letter a long time ago but I have been busy changing, chasing and playing with my 10 month old daughter thanks to Dr Wilson! Yes YOU HAVE FOUND THE RIGHT MAN!

    • Jackie,

     just wanted to write and say what a blessing it was to have found you! My husband had his reversal done with you back in August of 2008, and we have just been blessed with the birth of a beautiful baby girl on February 18, 2010! Finding your website, and the fact that the cost was so reasonable is the only way that we were able to reverse the vasectomy and restore my husband’s fertility! Words can’t even express how much joy this little girl is already bringing to our lives, and the lives of our three other children! Thank you again!

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